Five years imprisonment awaits a teenager who terrorized outdoor restaurants in Manhattan while livestreaming himself as a suicide bomber. 

Malik Sanchez (age 19) entered a guilty plea to lying and mislead information on Friday at Manhattan federal Court. This was in connection with the Flatiron incident of February. 

He shouted ‘Allahu Akbar! Sanchez told the two terrified women that he would blow them up in two minutes.  

Next February, he will be sentenced. 

On February 13, the internet pest uploaded a YouTube video in which he loudly declared that an explosion was imminent near a table at which two women were eating. 

Malik Sanchez, 19, has pleaded guilty to terrorizing outdoor diners at a Manhattan eatery earlier this year

Malik Sanchez (aged 19) has pleaded guilty for terrorizing diners outside a Manhattan establishment earlier in the year

A livestreamed video showed him approaching an outdoor seating area in front of the restaurant saying 'Let's enhance their meal'

He approached an outside seating area and said, “Let’s improve their meal.”

He suggested, as he stood near the table of his diner and said “Let’s improve their meal.”  

Prosecutors said Sanchez loudly said: ‘Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. “Bomb explosion in 2 minutes, two seconds” He yelled, “I take you with me. I will kill you all.”

They quickly got up and ran with many diners nearby.

‘Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Two minutes for bomb detonation. All you are killed when I bring you along. All of you are dead right now. You are all mine for Allah. F***, f*** that s***. I’m gonna Allah. I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna f*****g do it for Allah. I’m gonna do it, for, Allah, Allah, Allahu Akbar, Come on. He said, “I do it,” bomb now bomb now. 

Sanchez can be heard laughing as he is being egged on live by video viewers – some even giving him tips for cash. 

He then loudly stated that a bomb was about to go off near a table where two women sat

He loudly announced that the bomb was near to a table at which two women were sitting.

The two women appear startled, gather their belongings and fled inside

They appear bewildered and gather all their possessions before fleeing inside.

He replied, “Yo all of them scattered,” ‘Holy s*** boys. That was f***ing five stars. This was five stars. 

One person dialed 911. Sanchez had not been found by police when they arrived on the scene. However, he left a video of the incident online. 

The clip was removed by his channel. However, it is still available in other reports.  

Malik Sanchez allegedly made a hoax bomb threat against a Manhattan restaurant, which frightened innocents and caused chaos. Audrey Strauss from Manhattan U.S. Attorney stated this during a May court hearing. 

Sanchez posted a variety of videos that are disturbing, which he uploaded to YouTube.

The women didn't spend any time waiting around to see what would happen and ran inside

They didn’t wait around for the outcome and they ran.

He could also be seen shouting at two young women as he’d ‘incel-rage’ on another video taken earlier in the year. Also, he was filmed shouting anti-Semitic words at two young African women walking near Washington Square Park. 

Elliot Rodger was also a supporter, as he is believed to have started the incel movement. This acronym is for “involuntary celibate,” and refers to men who feel they are not attractive enough to have a partner. Rodger murdered six females, two of them from California’s sorority houses. 

Sanchez claimed Rodger’s victims should have been run over by trucks and struck by trucks. These people deserved to die.  

Sanchez describes himself as an “involuntary Celibate” or an “incel”, a group predominantly online of men who feel society unfairly deprives them of sexual and romantic attention.

The women got up and ran away from from the table where they were sitting

They ran from the table, where they were sitting.

Four other individuals in the seating area nearby also grabbed their things and ran away

The four other people in the area grabbed their stuff and fled.

The women ran inside the restaurant to escapeSanchez's harassment

They ran into the restaurant in an attempt to flee Sanchez’s harassment 

The prosecution noted that at least five attacks were carried out by Incels in America and Canada between 2014 and 2015. This resulted in 28 deaths. 

He often insults young women and strangers on the streets in many of his videos. 

Sanchez can often be seen following his subjects over several blocks. However, he will also continue to track his subjects. This is thanks to YouTube viewers who have donated money so that Sanchez could carry out more acts of irritation.

In the past, he had been charged with scaling Queensboro Bridge as well as pepper spraying at most five others during livestreamed stunts. 

Sanchez was found guilty of disorderly conduct after scaling the bridge, which he had livestreamed last summer.  

Clay Kaminsky (Federal Defender) said Sanchez was “an attention-seeking, 19-year old” who needed help. 

Sanchez pleaded guilty Friday to carrying out a hoax bomb threat on Valentine's Day weekend - he will be sentenced in February

Sanchez, who pleaded guilty to the conspiracy to set up a bomb hoax on Valentine’s Day Weekend, was sentenced Friday.

Three weeks after his arrest in April, Judge Colleen McMahon placed him into home confinement. She stated that she had seen the footage.

McMahon stated, “The first thing that I thought was, This is a child who needs to see a psychiatrist. This is someone who needs mental healthcare counseling.”

“I saw the crime. He videotaped the crime and posted it online. It is disgusting. This is disgusting. It is juvenile, puerile and it’s absolutely disgusting,” she said.

“Anyone thinking that what I saw was funny should seek mental health treatment. 

He could be sentenced to up to five year imprisonment for the plea he made.

At his May hearing, a lawyer stated that it was likely any sentence in prison would be measured over months and not years.