Journalist claims that Maradona was not buried “without his heart to stop fans from taking it”

  • Nelson Castro, journalist and doctor claims Maradona had his heart removed before he was buried
  • According to him, a plan was devised that would have allowed fans to steal the organ.
  • Castro stated that Maradona was buried with his heart removed to preserve it
  • Maradona was laid to rest in a private service beside his parents. 
  • Experts could also study the procedure of removing the heart. 

According to top journalist and doctor Diego Maradona, the football icon was not allowed to be buried with his heart disease to stop fans from taking it.

Nelson Castro, 66, a doctor and writer from Argentina hosts a political debate show on TV channel Todo Noticias called ‘El Juego Limpio’ – which translates to mean ‘Fair Game’.

Castro also spoke on another program, “La Mesa de Juana Viale”, about his new book, “Diego’s Health”, in which he focuses on Maradona’s former footballer.

Castro made the claim during Castro’s appearance on The Tonight Show. The football legend was placed to death without the ability of his heart.

Neslon Cruz, 66 (pictured), is a writer and doctor from Argentina. He claimed that Diego Maradona, former footballer, had been laid to rest without the diseased heart in order to keep fans from trying his body.

Diego Maradona (file image from 2007) died in his sleep on November 25, 2020, after suffering cardiac arrest

Diego Maradona (file photo from 2007) passed away in his sleep after suffering cardiac arrest on November 25, 2020.

Instead, he stated, that his body had been buried at a private funeral near his parents at Jardin de Bella Vista Cemetery in Bella Vista (Buenos Aires), where it was placed without his heart. 

Castro stated that the access to all medical records was a team effort and was very extensive. He also said that Maradona was extremely sick and it was remarkable that he lived for so many years.

While Maradona had a strong body that could withstand a lot, as an expert in heart disease, Castro said ‘other people would have died’, local media outlet Infobae report.

He said, “The problem is that the man never desired to recover properly.”

Castro made the claim about Maradona's heart while speaking about his new book 'Diego's Health' (pictured)

Castro spoke out about Maradona’s heart in his latest book, ‘Diego’s Health’.

Pictured: Thousands of people take to the streets in Buenos Aires on November 26, 2020, to pay their respects to Maradona following his death

Pictured: Thousands take to the streets of Buenos Aires, November 26, 2020 to pay respects to Maradona after his passing.

He claimed that the group of Gimnasia hooligans had planned to “break in and extract” the heart prior to the body being buried.

Then he said, “This did not occur because it was expected that there was an attempt to steal his heart,” and that ‘his heart was removed before any such plot could possibly be executed.”

He stated that it had been removed to allow for more research into the causes of Maradona’s passing.

Castro stated that Maradona’s body weighed in at half a kilogramme, whereas a typical heart weighs 300 grams. Other factors like heart disease and heart failure caused him to have a large heart. 

Diego Maradona, who suffered cardiac arrest and died peacefully in his sleep, was killed on November 25, 2020.

After his death, his body was taken to Argentina’s Presidential Palace with his three playing shirts, and an Argentina flag over it.