Marcus Rashford MBE, the star surprise of Aldi’s Christmas advertisement featuring Kevin the Carrot is Marcus Rashford. 

Marcus Radishford, Manchester United’s striker plays the role of Marcus Radishford. This TV spot is tied in to Aldi’s festive campaign to give 1.8million to families in UK need during the holiday period. 

The A Christmas Carrot advertisement for this year is a vegetable retelling Charles Dickens’ famous story to the sounds of Fairytale Of New York instrumental by The Pogues. Ebanana Scrooge plays the bitter, cold-hearted villain who loathes holidays. 

Marcus shared his story about growing up in poverty and got a MBE yesterday from Prince William.  

Marcus Rashford makes a surprise appearance in Aldi's Christmas advert, playing 'Marcus Radishford,' a radish who is 'always helping kids.' The campaign was created in partnership with Neighbourly. Aldi will donate 1.8 million meals to family in needs this festive period

Marcus Rashford surprises us with a surprising appearance in Aldi’s Christmas advertisement. He plays ‘Marcus Radishford’, a radish who ‘always helps kids. Neighbourly was a partner in the creation of this campaign. Aldi will provide 1.8 Million meals for families in need during this holiday season

In the adorable spot, the Spirit of Christmas visits a new character, called Ebanana Scrooge, in a retelling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, pictured

The adorable spot features the Spirit of Christmas visiting Ebanana Scrooge (a character called Ebanana Scrooge) in an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. 

It was shot on Christmas Eve and shows the Grumpy Banana walking down the street, smashing snowmen on the way back. 

Ebanana is a bitter person who resents Christmas because he was left alone on the plate after everybody preferred mince pies.  

Ebanana wakes up suddenly as night falls. The Spirit of Christmas looks very much like Kevin with a beard. 

In order to prove that Christmas is magical, the spirit leads Scrooge along on a festive journey. 

Rashford, who received a MBE yesterday, pictured, said he was delighted to take part in the campaign

Rashford was thrilled to be a part of the campaign yesterday and received an MBE. 

Ebanana is told by him that Christmas spirit revolves around ‘peas, goodwill and joy. 

Marcus’ cartoon debut is when Ghost presents him as Marcus Radishford. He’s a ‘always helping children’.

A tuxedo jacket is worn by the radish. He can be heard saying “Merry Christmas Kevin!” and putting the vegetable in a basket with two peas. 

Ebanana is then taken by the Spirit of Christmas to Aldi Christmas Market. There they enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner with salmon, turkey, and pigs wrapped in blankets. 

While hovering above the table they meet the gingerbread families that appear in Aldi’s sponsorship ads for the Great British Bake Off. 

They are seen sliding down cake’s icing on sleighs. One of their children has broken an arm. Spirit of Christmas brings back the smiles of everyone. 

Ebanana continues his journey, flying over snowmen that he had destroyed, but before the Spirit of Christmas drops him in the face of an evil-looking, snowman. 

This villainous character finds his way to bed and realizes the pain and suffering he caused others. 

The advert was aptly named 'A Christmas Carrot; and stars Ebanana Scrooge. In the original Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is the character who hates Christmas

This advert is appropriately titled “A Christmas Carrot” and features Ebanana Crooge. In the original Christmas Carol, Ebenezer Scrooge is the character who hates Christmas 

Ebanana appears at Kevin’s home and offers to bring dessert. 

Holding out a plate of Christmas pudding, he exclaims, “Merry Christmas Everyone!” 

He adds, “This is for pudding” with me,” with sheepish smile. 

Ebanana also claimed that he rebuilt the snowmen he had destroyed the previous day. 

In the advert, the banana, pictured, is awaken by the Spirit of Christmas on the eve of Christmas Day

The advert shows the Spirit of Christmas awakening the banana on Christmas Day.

The Spirit of Christmas takes Ebanana on a journey to show him the magic of Christmas, pictured

Ebanana embarks on a Christmas journey with The Spirit Of Christmas. 

Ending the advert is a touching message that says: “To be happy you must be kind.”

Marcus Rashford, MBE said that he relied on the local food banks to provide Christmas dinner for his family. 

‘To this date, I recall queuing outside that structure with mum. Mom felt embarrassed she might be recognized. It is with that in mind that I’m delighted to lend my support to the Aldi campaign,’ he added. 

“For children growing up in similar circumstances to mine, this is not a time for expectation. Add the effects of the pandemic, and they should have a Christmas dinner.

Aldi released their Christmas advert in partnership with Neighbourly, which links businesses to charitable organisations in local communities, in order to donate their surplus food. 

Steve Butterworth is CEO of Neighbourly. He said: “We are delighted to support Aldi’s year-round food distribution programme, and their promise to give 1.8 million meals for Christmas. 

The pair fly across the town to Aldi's Christmas Market, pictured, where they hover above a Christmas feast

They fly to Aldi’s Christmas Market. 

The Gingerbread family Aldi usually use to promote the Great British Bake Off also make an appearance in the advert, pictured

The advert features the Gingerbread family Aldi who promotes the Great British Bake Off. 

He said that the donations would help record numbers of families in the UK, during the expected busiest year for charities and causes locals.  

Sean McGinty, Marketing Director at Aldi UK, said: ‘Christmas is a time for hope, and we’re privileged to be working with Marcus, who is one of the most inspirational young people in the UK, having done so much in the past 18 months to help provide free school meals for children.

‘At the same time, it wouldn’t be the festive season without Kevin the Carrot on our TV screens, and we’re thrilled to be bringing him back for the sixth year for his many fans, in what we think is his best Yuletide performance yet.

He added, “We hope that our campaign will remind everybody of the true meaning Christmas,” 

Yesterday, Marcus Rashford was awarded his MBE by Prince William. 

After his nightly journey, Ebanana lands in his bed and reconsiders how selfish he has been, pictured

Ebanana returns to his bed after his nightly adventure and reminisces about how selfish he is.

The next day, Kevin and his family are readying to celebrate Christmas, but are interrupted by a surprise guest, pictured

Kevin and his family prepare to celebrate Christmas the next day. But, they are interrupted by an unexpected guest.

Ebanana has had a change of heart and arrives with a Christmas pudding, thanking the family for 'pudding' up with him

Ebanana had a heart change and arrived with Christmas pudding. He thanks his family for sharing it with him 

As his mother Melanie Maynard, a proud grandmother, watched, the Duke of Cambridge presented him with the award.

He was recognized for his effort to provide free food vouchers for more than 1.3million kids during summer vacation.

The striker, speaking after the Windsor Castle investiture ceremonies, said that he was going to give his MBE his mother, who raised him along with his four siblings.

The advert ends on a heartwarming message, saying that for people to be happy, they need to be kind

This advert concludes with a touching message: To make people happy, one must be kind.

He stated that although it seems there is a lot happening, he explained that he was trying to provide the same opportunities for children as I had when I was a kid. If I had, it would have made my life easier and given me more choices.

“I just give them the chance and they should have it. What child does not deserve? It’s an offense for me to not give them books or meals.

“And if all of us can come together and make small changes – these are small but significant changes that reap the benefits – then I see a future generation as very special.