Mariah Carey said that the dysfunctional family she grew up with would ruin Christmas for her. 

She spoke candidly to The Mirror about how she wanted the holiday to be ‘perfect,’ even though her family might make it hard. 

She was 52 years old and said that she always wanted Christmas perfect. But not my mother. My mom would make it enjoyable. 

Sad: Mariah Carey, 52, has admitted that her dysfunctional family would 'ruin' Christmas for her as a child

Mariah Carey (52), has admitted to her family’s dysfunction that she would ruin Christmas as a child.

‘But we didn’t have a lot of money, so sometimes she would wrap up fruit because it was all she could afford. It was like I said, “When my time comes, it won’t happen to me.” “Every year Christmas is perfect for me.” 

She also said that Aspen is her favorite place to spend Christmas because of the snow. But she does like New York. 

Speaking on how her new Christmas song Fall In Love At Christmas compares with her older track All I Want For Christmas Is You she said: ‘It’s not a battle or anything like that. All I Want for Christmas Is You was the first Christmas song I wrote. It is my favorite Christmas song. It might be, but all Christmas songs are my favorite. Music and music making are my passions. 

Mariah is the mother of 10-year-old twins Morocco and Monroe and has been dating Bryan Tanaka since 2016. 

'I always wanted Christmas to be perfect': In a candid interview with The Mirror , she told of how she would want to make the holiday 'perfect' but her family would make it difficult

“I have always wanted Christmas perfect.” She shared her thoughts with The Mirror in a candid interview.

A series she has with Apple TV+ is also in production, and it will feature a festive setup. It will be joined by guests like Khalid. 

She may have been called the Queen of Christmas, but she insists that she did not choose the name and she believes it should be given to the Virgin Mary.   

Zoe Ball Breakfast Show host, Zoe Ball Singer explained that the singer was not a fan of that.

“I am someone who loves Christmas. I was fortunate to have the chance to write All That I Want For Christmas Is You.” There are many other Christmas songs. 

“And, let’s be honest, everyone’s faith is as it is.” Mary, however, is my Queen of Christmas.

Not good: The singer said: 'I always wanted Christmas to be perfect and looked forward to the holidays, but I had this incredibly dysfunctional family that would ruin it. Not my mom.'

It’s not good. The singer stated that she wanted Christmas to be perfect, and loved the holiday season. But her dysfunctional family would destroy it. My mom. 

Then she said, “So over the summer I started to write Fall In Love At Christmas. While we were visiting Atlanta to make the Butterfly Lounge, we started doing different types of music. Then we thought, “Oh, it might be cool for us to perform a Christmas song.”     

Zoe, Host Zoe mentioned that the twins were present in the video and sweetly said: “It’s so wonderful to see Monroe & Moroccan in the Video. The fact that they are still carrying out their daily business in this video is also a great thing.

Mariah: “I love this because my son loves it, he I mean – my daughter does too – but I do know that my son likes some Christmas songs that I wrote and others that he thinks are great. It makes me happy.

Mariah asked her son what was the best, most extravagant, and sparkliest Christmas decoration she had in her home.  

She said, “Wow. Rocky, can you give me some? What do you consider the best Christmas decorations? What about a large tree that you place in your living room?

Rocky, a youngster from Colorado, agreed and added that he liked the lights strung around his house. These lights are great, and the whole house is very sparkly.

Anticipated: She also has a series with Apple TV+ coming out, which will have a festive set up and will include guests such as Khalid

Anticipated: A series she has with Apple TV+ is also coming out. It will feature a festive setup and include guests like Khalid