According to court documents recently obtained by from the courts, Marilyn Manson threatened his family with sex assault and sex traficking.

The rock musician even told Westworld actress and ex-girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood he would ‘f**k’ her eight-year-old son, she said in a declaration to the court.

“I took his threats seriously,” she replied.

Manson’s threats forced Wood (34) to set up bullet proof windows, steel doors, and security fencing around her Los Angeles residence, she explained to a judge.

“I am interested in attack dogs, security guards at nights,” she said.

Wood’s allegations were made against Manson (52), in an ex-partner Jamie Bell’s court fight over custody. The case has been unreported until now.

Evan Rachel Wood accused ex-boyfriend Marilyn Manson (pictured together in 2006) of threatening her son and making her fear for her and her child's safety in court papers unearthed by

Evan Rachel Wood accused Marilyn Manson, her ex-boyfriend (pictured together in 2006), of making him fearful and threatening her son’s safety. Court papers discovered by reveal this accusation.

The actress filed a court declaration as part of her ongoing custody battle with ex Jamie Bell (pictured in 2012) over their son Jack

Evan Rachel Wood and her son Jack in 2017

As part of the ongoing custody dispute between Jamie Bell and her actress, she filed a court declaration (pictured left in 2012) regarding their son Jack (pictured right in 2017 with Wood).

In a March declaration, she stated that “I just recently learned” that Manson was involved with human trafficking as well as the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors.

“These recent developments combined with the criminal investigation are making me very worried about my child’s safety in Los Angeles.

Bell stated that Wood was moving from LA to Nashville because she wanted to be with the boy. Wood claimed she left California for Manson’s fear and the slower pace in Tennessee.

Wood refers in her papers to Manson, describing him as “the alleged offender” and confirms that she will be giving evidence against him at court.

Wood declared that the alleged offender made him extremely nervous. Wood said that he has caused me severe and traumatic emotional and physical injuries. He is likely to seek revenge against me and my son for allowing me to testify.

“The alleged offender was very violent in my experiences and made it abundantly clear that his goal is to ruin my entire life.”

One of Manson’s other alleged victims, she said, recorded him saying that pictures of her children were going to their mailboxes. He also had their social security numbers. 

‘I’ve got everything, they’re f**ked, and they’re going to be f***ing destroyed,’ he is said to have told the unidentified woman.

Wood was one of several women to speak out earlier this year about the alleged abuse she endured when dating Manson

Wood is one of many women that spoke out in January about the abuse she was subject to while being with Manson.

Manson's former fiancée and the Westworld actress (pictured in 2021), named him as her abuser for the first time in an Instagram post in February

Manson’s former fiancée and the Westworld actress (pictured in 2021), named him as her abuser for the first time in an Instagram post in February

He claimed that he knew all about the people responsible for his troubles. ‘I know where they live, where their f***ing kids go to school, where they work, their parents…’

Wood claimed that she was repeatedly threatened with the death after making Manson’s allegations in February.

The messages stated that if you take Manson from us, we’ll take our lives. Others said: ‘We know where you f***ing live,’ and ‘I’m about crazy enough to come kill you myself.’

She stated that she could not stress enough the fact that “it isn’t just the accused offender” who represents a threat to our safety.

“It’s the mixture of the alleged offender with his network of fanatics who, like him are extreme Satanists.

Manson is a Nazi, she claimed.

The alleged offender had a network of supporters that helped him abuse and kidnap people. This included cutting and binding people and forcing them to drink blood.

Bell, aged 35, applied for joint custody to Jack in court after Wood’s “unilateral” decision to move from Los Angeles, California to Tennessee.

Bell of English descent stated that Evan’s story is not plausible in an LA court motion.

“I don’t really understand the situation. Evan claims she has received death threats and Jack isn’t safe under her care. Or they may not be true, and she withholds our son from us for reasons other than her own.

Wood made the allegations in a court papers filed in March in her custody battle with Jamie Bell that has never been reported until now

Wood made the claims in court papers that she filed in March during her custody battle against Jamie Bell. The documents were never reported.

The 34-year-old actress told the court she had moved to Nashville, Tennessee from Los Angeles because she feared Manson, after Bell accused her of trying to keep his son away from him

After Bell had accused her of trying keep Bell’s son from her, the 34-year old actress said she moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, Tennessee.

Wood further claimed that she believes Manson 'presents an imminent risk of harm to me and the people I love,' including her son, in the LA area

Wood stated that Manson poses a ‘imminent risk of harm’ to her and those she loves, including her son. 

He added that ‘As an actor I am not stranger to threats and many people whom I know have had to take security measures’.

“I have not received any indications from Evan that she even has a security guard.”

Wood and Billy Elliott Star Bell first met in 2005. After Manson left her, they rekindled their relationship. 

According to people, they were married in 2012. However, Bell stated in his motion that the couple never officially got married.

Manson’s claims of human trafficking and sexual abuse are under investigation. Wood is one of more than 12 women who have accused Manson of sexual abuse.

Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco filed a federal lawsuit in April claiming he locked her in a freezing room for four days, whipped her and tortured her with electric shocks.

Phoebe Bridgers, the singer claimed that as a teenager she went to Manson’s home and saw one room. He called it the ‘rape room’.

Others said he would keep them locked up in a tiny, soundproof enclosure made of glass in his house that he called the Bad Girls’ Room.

According to the victims, he claimed that he had used the space for psychological torture and solitary confinement.

Wood (right) in February publicly accused Manson, her ex-boyfriend, of grooming her for sex

Wood (right), who publicly accused Manson, Manson’s ex-boyfriend in February of grooming Wood for sex reported earlier this month that Manson sold his Hollywood Hills home  (pictured) - that allegedly featured the 'rape room' - for $1,835,000 reported earlier this month that Manson sold his Hollywood Hills home  (pictured) – that allegedly featured the ‘rape room’ – for $1,835,000

LA County sheriff’s Special Victims Unit officers raided Manson’s West Hollywood home on Monday. They confiscated hard drives and media storage devices. Manson — real name Brian Warner — was not home at the time.

Wood made Manson’s claims in an Instagram posting in February. She wrote, “He began grooming me as a teenager and horribly abused me for many years.”

“I was brainwashed, manipulated and forced into submission.”

She stated that she was done living in fear of reprisal, slander or blackmail.

“I’m here to expose the dangerous man, and all of his industries before he destroys more people’s lives.

She said, “I stand alongside the many victims that will not continue to be silent,”

Manson called Wood’s claims “horrible distortions” of reality. However, despite Manson’s denials the record label dropped Wood. Wood was also removed from AMC’s horror anthology Creepshow shortly after.

In the court papers, Bell — who is now married to actress Kate Mara — said he knew Wood had moved to Nashville with Jack while he was making a movie in New Mexico last fall. 

He was to be flown back to LA by her on the 18th of December last year, so that he could celebrate Christmas with his dad.

Bell said on December 19, that she texted Evan, asking if Evan was okay. She replied that they had.

“But this is not true. Jack was never put on a plane…Evan had me believe, for four days, that Jack was in California when in fact he was still in Tennessee.

“During the four days I could not connect to Jack via FaceTime, even though I attempted every day. Evan’s mother was not available to me when I reached out because Evan had become suspicious and I was concerned about Jack.

Marilyn Manson and Esme Bianco on the Rock Show on Xfm in London in 2009

Bianco is best known for playing the prostitute Ros on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones actress Esmé Bianco filed a federal lawsuit in April claiming Manson locked her in a freezing room for four days, whipped her and tortured her with electric shocks. Bianco claims that she suffered physical and emotional abuse during her relationship with Manson between 2009 – 2011.

The LA County Sheriff's Department raided Marilyn Manson's (pictured in 2019) home after more than a dozen women made allegations of physical and sexual abuse against the rocker

Marilyn Manson’s house was raided in Los Angeles County by the Sheriff’s Department after several women filed allegations against him of physical and sexual abuse.

Wood wrote Jack an email on 22 December stating that Jack and she would remain in Nashville “for the immediate future.”

“As you’ll soon discover, I’m a material witness in high-profile criminal investigations that are likely to be made public in the near future,” she said.

“I was advised Jack’s safety and mine are at stake and it would be in our best interest to stay in Nashville.”

Bell was told by Bell that she would do everything possible to help him if he needed to travel to Tennessee for his son’s visit. She ended the message with the words “Shine on.”

She said in a subsequent email that Jack should not be allowed to stay at your home because of the danger he poses in Los Angeles, where the perpetrators are located not far from you.

Wood declared that Jack was not allowed to be in LA when the Manson case was being covered. However, ‘due contractual obligations,’ Wood had to be present from May to December in order to film Westworld.

She expressed her desire to be as financially independent as possible in order to stay at home and care for Jack when the show is over.

Bell was frustrated by her custody fight, she said. “However, Jamie is frustrating with me for not understanding how the criminal investigation affects our safety.

Manson, according to her, “presents an imminent danger of harm to myself and the people she loves, including our son.”

“This is because Jack and me are in Los Angeles/Hollywood where the alleged offender lives with his group of extremist Satanists.