Mark Cavendish burglary horror: Peta Todd, a model and Olympic cyclist was attacked by knife-wielding thugs at their home. They were infront of their children and their panicked toddlers. The gang then fled with designer watches and a case.

Mark Cavendish was an Olympic cycling cyclist who had just come out of a horrific crash in which he suffered severe injuries and ended up in ICU.

The athlete, 36, and his model wife Peta were set upon by four armed thugs in a planned raid at his house in the Ongar area of Essex.

They watched their parents being attacked and threatened, and were terrorized by it. Their children have since been ‘extremely shaken’.

The burglars stole a Luis Vuitton luggage and two expensive watches, but none of the members were seriously hurt.

Olympic cyclist Mark Cavendish has been beaten up and robbed at his home as he recovered from a horror crash that left him in intensive care

Olympic cyclist Mark Cavendish was robbed and beat at his house after he had been in a terrible crash which left him with life-threatening injuries. 

Mark Cavendish and Peta Cavendish are pictured at The Millies, Guildhall, in London, in 2016

Peta Cavendish (Mark Cavendish) and Peta Cavendish were pictured in London’s The Millies Guildhall in 2016.

The athlete, 36, and his model wife Peta Todd were set upon by four armed thugs in a planned raid at his house in the Ongar area of Essex. Pictured: One of the watches stolen

In a raid planned at the house of Peta Todd and her model husband, the 36-year old athlete was attacked by four armed thugs. Pictured: A stolen watch 

Their children watched on in terror as their parents were attacked and have been left 'incredibly shaken' by the incident. Pictured: Another of the watches robbed

They watched their terrified parents being attacked, and were left “incredibly shaken” by it. Photo: A second watch was robbed 

The Tour de France winner also watched as the thugs took a Louis Vuitton suitcase from the family

The Tour de France winner also watched as the thugs took a Louis Vuitton suitcase from the family

Mr Cavendish said: ‘As I’m sure you will understand, this incident has left our family extremely distressed – not just myself and Peta but our children as well, who feared for their lives and are now struggling with the after-effects.

‘No one should have to experience the sort of violence and threats made against us, let alone this happening in a family home – a place where everyone should feel safe.

“The goods taken were only material goods. Our priority right now is to ensure that we as families recover from this incident, which will take time.

“We’d like to thank Essex Police for their prompt response, professionalism and dedication to the investigation.

At 2.35 a.m. on Saturday November 27, police received a call. Police have yet to make any arrests.

The Tour de France cyclist had been recovering form a horror crash earlier in the year

A Tour de France cyclist is currently in recovery from a horrific crash that occurred earlier this year.

Detective Inspector Tony Atkin said: 'This was undoubtedly a targeted incident at the home of a celebrated British Olympian, who at the time was recovering from significant injuries resulting from a crash whilst competing, which was well publicised'

Tony Atkin, Detective Inspector, stated that this was undoubtedly an intentional incident at the residence of a well-known British Olympian who was currently recovering from serious injuries from a collision while competing. This was widely publicized’

Tony Atkin, detective, said that this was undoubtedly a targeted attack at the house of an Olympian from Britain. He was at the time recovering from severe injuries from the crash while competing. This was widely publicized.

“Our investigation continues at an accelerated pace. We are following many lines of inquiry in our pursuit to find those responsible.

Cavendish, Mr., and his wife, were attacked and threatened at their home by their young children.

“Remarkably, they are now in recovery, but the traumatizing effect will continue for a very long time.”

“Today we release images of people who were captured by CCTV on fleeing the scene. We urge everyone to contact us immediately if they recognize them.

“We will also release images of the luggage and 2 watches, which were both stolen in the incident.”

“It seems likely that these people stole the items in order to make large-scale offloads. If you are offered them, please contact us. They are theft property.

Please contact us immediately if you were given these items. This incident will cause great concern among the community.

“There will still be visible policing presence within the area, as we continue our investigation in the following days.”

Police claimed that the burglars had been armed, but they refused to reveal what.