A British Army officer married to a woman abused her while she was learning the piano. This is what a court martial found.

According to Staff Sergeant Dean Foster, he complimented the performance of the female at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in Berkshire and said that she looked ‘fit’. He then walked up behind her and pressed his groin against it.

The married soldier, whose wife was pregnant at the time, then allegedly kissed the woman’s cheek, leaving her feeling ‘scared’ and ‘uncomfortable’ as she continued to play.

After the encounter The incident in which Foster gave the woman an illegal glass of wine was the reason the officer cadet, who can’t be identified for legal reasons, complained to the commanders at Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire.

She was left “devastated” when she learned that the instructor was only going to discipline her for drinking and not for having sex with anyone.

After reporting Foster’s behaviour to the military police, she decided to file a complaint. SSgt Foster then was arrested for sexual assault. Foster denies being charged with sexual assault.

Staff Sergeant Dean Foster (pictured) allegedly told a trainee officer at Sandhurst military academy in Berkshire that she was 'fit' and sexually assaulted her as she played the piano

According to reports, Staff Sergeant Dean Foster (pictured), told Sandhurst’s trainee officer that she was fit and sexually assaulted while playing the piano.

The court heard the woman was on her way to play the piano, as she often did, when she received a WhatsApp message from SSgt Foster asking to meet for what she thought would be a conversation about her welfare.

She arrived in an ante room where there was a piano and began to play. SSgt. Foster then entered the room. He sat beside her on a sofa. The court was informed.

He poured a glass of wine for her and set it down on the piano before she stopped playing and sat on a nearby sofa to have a conversation, during which the instructor allegedly became ‘unhappy’ and mentioned his pregnant wife.

Instructors at Sandhurst cannot drink alongside officers who are in training. The court martial was told.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael Culver was the one who prosecuted her. He said that she returned to playing piano after having a conversation. He complimented the playing of her and added “I really fancy” to it.

“He stood next to her, pressing his right hip against her right hip. He then turned around and moved over to her other side.

The married soldier, whose wife was pregnant at the time, allegedly kissed the woman’s cheek as she continued to play at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (pictured) in Berkshire

“After pressing his left hip against hers, he kissed her on the left side before moving off and sitting down.

According to the woman, she felt it was ‘completely inappropriate’ for SSgt Foster to give her wine. Then he started talking about his wife.

She stated that he appeared agitated, and said something about his wife’s pregnancy. He seemed unhappily.

“I didn’t want him telling me.” [about that]Because he was an instructor, and I was a cadet it seemed completely inappropriate.

“I didn’t expect” [him to give me wine]Since I was unaware he was carrying it, it was uncomfortable for me because it didn’t seem professional.

Also, she told the court that SSgt. Foster made a snide comment about her younger sister (whose photo he’d seen before) being pretty.

She stated that she was younger than me and thought the idea of her being a ghost is very creepy. He added that he thought I was fit.

The officer cadet returned to the piano after their conversation. SSgt Foster then approached her and allegedly sexually assaulted the officer cadet.

She stated, “He approached the piano from my right side. He then got very close to me and his groin was pressing against my right hip.

“I was still piano playing – I felt very uncomfortable. I didn’t know how to deal with it so I ignored it and continued playing. It was easy to ignore and he would go away.

“Then, he went around the back and went left to do the same thing on the right-hand side. He was making me feel so uncomfortable that I refused to recognize it.

After the encounter, during which SSgt Foster poured the woman an illicit glass of wine, the officer cadet complained to commanders, Bulford Military Court (pictured) heard

The encounter ended when SSgt Foster gave the woman an illegal glass of wine. Bulford Military Court heard the complaint.

“Then, he kissed my left side and it lasted for quite a while.

‘I was afraid, I didn’t want him to do that, I didn’t ask him, and I wasn’t sure why. I felt so uncomfortable.’

According to an officer cadet, she initially didn’t complain about the Royal Military Police because she believed the matter was being handled internally at Sandhurst.

However, she was surprised to hear that they would only discipline him for drinking and not because of the alleged assault.

She shared that: “I felt very let down and was quite devastated.” [when I found out he was just being disciplined for drinking]The chain of command was not something I felt comfortable with.

SSgt Foster has denied one accusation of sexual assault. He claims that the woman made it up because he refused to hug her and she was worried about being in trouble drinking with him.

British Army officers receive training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, where Prince William and Harry, Dukes of Sussex, are among others. 

The trial is continuing.