Married father-of-2 stalked and molested a woman “to teach her lessons” after she called him to tell him that he had created a fake Facebook page in order to cheat on his wife.

Adam Kelly, 35 years old, is a self-confessed serial sex abuser who pretends to be someone else in order to find a mistress.

He became furious when the victim called him out after she had received a pornographic image of him.

Kelly waited for her after she was done with work and then ambushed the woman near Burnley, Lancs. Before dragging her down by her hair, he forced himself upon her and said: “If I hear anything you will be raped again.”

Kelly was first to know about the ordeal. Kelly eventually encouraged her to speak out, then she confided in Kelly’s family and called 911.

Kelly, who was seen lurking behind the scenes with his pants undone and carrying a condom at his ready for action in the minutes before the rape was revealed by inquiries.

Self-confessed sex addict Adam Kelly (pictured), 35, pretended to be someone else online in the hope of finding a mistress

Adam Kelly, 35, a self-confessed serial sex abuser and entrepreneur who pretends to be someone else in order to find a mistress.

In revenge Kelly (pictured) lay in wait for the woman as she finished work then ambushed her near an alleyway. He dragged her to the floor by her hair before forcing himself on her telling: 'If you say anything I will rape you again'

Kelly, in revenge (pictured), waited for Kelly as she was finishing work and then ambushed Kelly near an alleyway. Kelly dragged her by her hair to the ground before telling her: “If you tell me anything, I will rape again.”

At Burnley Crown Court, Kelly was jailed for 16 years after he was convicted of rape

After being convicted for rape, Kelly was sentenced to 16 years in prison at Burnley Crown Court

He was sentenced to 16 years in prison at Burnley Crown Court after being found guilty of rape. While he acknowledged having a sexual problem, he did not commit any crime. There were no prior convictions.

Kelly was a fat, overweight man who contacted his victim without warning in 2015. Kelly used an account that had a false profile picture and used it to contact the victim. Kelly sent photographs to his victim of his genitals, but his victim discovered Kelly was his sender. Kelly refused his advances.

Kelly started to lurk outside her office to observe her movements. After establishing the path she was going to take home, Kelly waited in an alleyway for her before attacking her.

If the woman told anyone, he said he’d rape again. According to the woman, he said that he felt like a victim of sex and had lost control over her life.

I tried to ignore it, and thought that it would never happen again. It took me many years to get over my anxiety and depression. I finally confided in my family members and police.

Kelly (pictured) had contacted his victim 'out of the blue' in 2015 using an account with a fake profile image

Kelly (pictured) had reached out to his victim “out of the blue” in 2015, using a fake profile picture and account.

“It was one of the worst things I have ever experienced. This made me feel as though I was being tried. It was so heartbreaking to be accused of fabricating the worst things that have ever happened.

“It was overwhelming, intense, and heart-breaking. It is difficult to express it in words.

He was found guilty and my life will not return to normal. Although I feel glad I came to court to stop him doing it again, I am still broken and will never be the same.

Kelly was sentenced by Judge Sara Dodd. She stated that her trousers had been undone and she had a condom. You said to her that she wouldn’t say anything about her past until she had learned.

He said he would rape the woman again if she told anybody about what had happened

In a statement the woman said: 'I felt like I lost all control over my life after the attack'

The man said that he would continue to rape her if the victim told anyone about it. According to the woman, he said that he felt like he had lost control of her life following the attack.

“It is clear that your criminal activity has resulted in severe mental harm.”

Kelly was also prohibited from speaking to the victim by a restraining or and must sign the sex offender register for life.

Following the case, Det Con Lisa Bennett from Lancashire Police stated: “Kelly’s ofending has had profound effects on the victim’s life. I first and foremost want to praise her bravery throughout this horrendous process.

Kelly lied throughout the entire case and forced the victim to live it again by taking her case to court. This man is manipulative and wicked.

I welcome Kelly’s sentence from the Judge. It reflects Kelly’s seriousness. The notification requirement will provide additional protection for the public from Kelly’s abhorrent behavior once he has been released.

“I wish other victims would have the courage to speak up – regardless of how far back the crime occurred – and know that they will be heard, believed, and that the Lancashire Police will try everything possible to bring this offender to justice.

“I want to express my gratitude for all of the work that I did on this very complex case. They and our CPS colleagues’ hard work led to the sentence being given to an amoral sex offender.