After Lewis Hamilton’s win, Max Verstappen’s glamorous girlfriend shared their joy via Instagram. 

After controversial race directors’ decision to let some lapped cars overtake safety cars, Verstappen (24 years old) won the Abu Dhabi title and the World Championship. 

It set off a 1-lap drag race between Hamilton (36) and Verstappen (13), which ended in a defeat for the British racing star.

While some racing fans reeled over the decision – and Hamilton’s Mercedes team was considering taking the issue to court – it was a night of celebration for Verstappen and Piquet, who celebrated ‘her world champion’ on social media as they partied the night away with friends.

No stress here! Kelly Piquet, girlfriend of new Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen, shared her joy on Instagram last night following her beau's controversial win

There’s no need to stress! Kelly Piquet is the girlfriend of Max Verstappen who was recently crowned Formula 1 World Champion. She shared her happiness on Instagram following his win.

His No.1 fan! Verstappen rushed to embrace girlfriend Kelly Piquet following his win

His number one fan! After his win, Verstappen ran to hug Kelly Piquet.

Brazilian model Kelly, 33-year-old, is the daughter and former girlfriend of Daniil Khvyat. 

One touching video was of Verstappen’s leap over the barrier to embrace Kelly. He then planted a kiss on Kelly in front all of her eyes. 

Also, she shared an image of Verstappen jumping on to the shoulders of his teammates and being carried through the crowd. 

Kelly was born in Germany, 1988. She is the daughter Sylvia Tamsma and Nelson Tamsma.      

Soaking up the atmosphere: Kelly shared a clip of a jubilant Verstappen being lifted up on the shoulders of his team and carried through the crowd

Soaking up the atmosphere: Kelly shared a clip of a jubilant Verstappen being lifted up on the shoulders of his team and carried through the crowd

Time to celebrate! Kelly and Max, centre, partied with Dutch driver Stan Pex

Celebrate! Kelly and Max, centre, partied with Dutch driver Stan Pex

Letting loose! Verstappen, right, was joined by friends at a club in the hours after the race

It’s time to let loose! In the hours following the race, Verstappen was joined at a club by his friends.

Unsolicited victory for Verstappen at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: 

Lewis Hamilton won the whole race. After passing Max Verstappen Red Bull driver, Hamilton took complete control. But the safety car at the end of the race gave the Dutchman the chance to take the title from British driver.

Hamilton seemed to be enjoying a comfortable eighth championship cruise, until Williams driver Nicholas Latifi collided with Mick Schumacher in an altercation just five laps before the Grand Prix ended.

Initially, a virtual safety car was called. Red Bull and Verstappen used this opportunity to pit for new soft tyres. Hamilton couldn’t help but keep his track position and avoid the deteriorating hard tires.

Race Control called a safety car, which gathered the rest of the field, and almost ended Hamilton’s lead.

It looked for a while like the race would finish behind Verstappen and Hamilton, separated by five back markers. But, on the penultimate lap, race control permitted the lapped cars pass the safety vehicle.

Verstappen was able to pass Hamilton in the final lap. He could make the most of his soft tires and racing knowledge, and execute an incredible pass to win his first World Championship.

She spent most of her childhood living in the south of France before the family moved to Brazil when she was just 12. 

When she was 15 years old, she went back to France and spent another year there before moving to England to attend a boarding college. 

She returned to Brazil two years later to complete her senior school year.

It wasn’t long before she moved to the US, attending Marymount Manhattan College in New York and majoring in International Relations.  

In college she did an internship in fashion, and worked at Vogue Latinoamerica. Bergdorf Goodman. KCD PR agency. She also wrote a column for Marie Claire. 

Tears of joy! Kelly Piquet wept as she learned her boyfriend had won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Weeps of joy! Kelly Piquet wept after learning that her boyfriend had won Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Max's girl! The racing driver ran over to hug Kelly in the moments after winning the title

Max’s girl! Kelly, the winning racing driver, ran up to Kelly and hugged her in those moments.

A hug that means the world: Brazilian model Kelly beamed as she hugged Max after the victory

After the win, Kelly hugged Max with a hug that meant the world.

Sealed with a kiss: The couple packed on the PDA as they celebrated in front of the cameras

Seated with a Kiss: As they celebrated before the cameras, the couple smuggled on their PDA.

Alongside this, she built up a career as a model, posing for brands including PatBO and Lucas Boccalão, and walked the catwalk in a number of fashion shows. 

Glamour Russia interviewed her and she said: “Growing in this world, seeing very closely what it takes for someone reach such a top level, I can only attribute racing to passion. 

Kelly, who has worked in motorsport PR and social media for Formula-E since 2015, clearly has a thing for Formula One drivers; the stunner previously dated Russian racer Daniil Kvyat, with whom she shares a two-year-old daughter, Penelope Kyvat. From January 2017 through December 2019, the couple was together.

Kelly and Verstappen have been in love for at least a year. Kelly made public their relationship on January 1, 2021.   

Proud girlfriend alert! Kelly reposted a string of Instagram uploads celebrating the win

Not a proud girl alert Kelly reposted several Instagram photos celebrating her win 

She has posted snaps of Brazil, Monte Carlo and Russia in the past few months as she traveled the globe with her boyfriend. 

Others show her admiring Max. Her birthday gift to Max reads: “Happy Birthday to my love.” Everything about you and about me is wonderful, and I’m so proud to be your wife. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Max is said to have only seen Nelson, his father-in law, a month before the photo was shared by the model on Instagram Stories, where she wrote: “Finally, they meet.” 

She also spoke out earlier in the year about her concerns for her boyfriend’s participation in races.

Emotional moment: Kelly wrapped her arms around Max as he posed with the trophy

Kelly wrapped Max’s arms around her as Max posed for the trophy

“It is of course mixed emotions,” she explained. While I am always excited to be there for him, I also worry that things will go well and that nothing happens that could cause injury. 

“The risk is not always the first thing I think of, but after this year’s two major accidents, I feel much more anxious.”

They were able to forget all their fears and take home Verstappen’s win last night. 

Verstappen stated after winning: “It just summarised the entire season which was completely unpredictable and wild.”   

Happy couple: Cheering Max on is his glamorous Brazilian model girlfriend Kelly (pictured together), who previously dated Daniil Kvyat for three years

Happy couple: Max and Kelly, his beautiful Brazilian model girlfriend (pictured together) are cheering Max. Kelly was previously with Daniil Kvyat three years ago.

Doting mother: The bmodel is the daughter of three-time F1 world champion Nelson Piquet and previously dated Daniil Kvyat, with whom she shares a two-year-old daughter Penelope

Beloved mother: This bmodel, who is three times F1 world champion Nelson Piquet’s daughter, previously dated Daniil Kuvyat. Penelope has two years of her own daughter.