McDonald’s worker shares her ‘favorite’ secret menu item every time she orders

  • McDonald’s employee shared with us her favorite iced frappe recipe that’s not listed on their menu 
  • An Aussie worker ordered a Chocolate Frappe with mixed Oreos 
  • She made TikTok viral video naming the drink her “favourite” 

McDonald’s employee reveals her secret menu item that she order every single time.

An Australian employee posted a TikTok video and shared that her favorite drink was a Cookies and Cream frappe.

The worker used blended Oreos to create a chocolate frappe that was not topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 

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The Australian employee shared a now-viral video on TikTok and said her go-to drink is a cookies and cream frappe

Unlike a regular chocolate frappe topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, the worker added blended Oreo pieces to recreate the cookies and cream taste

This Australian employee uploaded a TikTok-viral video and shared that her favourite drink is a cookie and cream frappe.

Customers can request the modified drink by simply asking for a Chocolate Frappe with Blended Oreos. 

This short video is part of an ongoing series in which McDonald’s workers answer questions. 

Since then, the frappe video with caption “My favourite thing to drink” has been seen more than 38,000 time.

One person commented, “I just got it, it’s amazing,” 

Another worker stated, “As a Macca employee, I can assure you that this drink has been made and tastes amazing.”

The unique order received praise from hundreds, but others thought it was the “best thing” to order from McCafe’s drinks menu. 

An earlier McDonald’s employee revealed an untold truth about McDonald’s onion use.

Earlier this year another McDonald's worker revealed a lesser-known truth about the fast-food giant's onions

In the short clip, the employee said sliced onions and dehydrated onions are used in the burgers

An earlier McDonald’s employee revealed an untold truth about McDonald’s onion consumption. 

TikTok user ‘Macca’s Myths’ said sliced large onions and dehydrated onions are used in the burgers. 

“At Macca’s we have two kinds of onions. Employee wrote that the large onions had been chopped up and dried onions.

According to the TikToker, the onions must be soaked in water overnight and covered with a lid before being draining the next day.

Daily Mail Australia has learned that the dehydrated onions used in Big Macs, hamburgers or cheeseburgers are made from locally-sourced ingredients.

In just four days, the video was viralized and received over 271,000 views.