Jimmy Antram is 26 years old and has visited many parts of the world, including Hawaii, Bali, Perisher ski slopes, and Hawaii. 

However, it was from the perspective of his mother.

Niki Antram spent many years traveling around the globe, Jimmy still clinging on to her shoulder. 

She had already planned their next adventure – a trip to Canada – when Covid struck and international borders closed.

Although she’s 43, she knows she won’t get any older and that it is becoming increasingly exhausting to carry Jimmy around with her on their journeys. 

Jimmy was born blind and has both mental and physical disabilities. Ms. Antram provides round-the-clock care.

Niki Antram carries her son, Jimmy, on her back for their adventures. Picture by Matthew Evans with Luna Productions in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, exploring their own backyard

Niki Antram takes her son Jimmy with her on their adventures. Photo by Matthew Evans, Luna Productions Coolum on Sunshine Coast. They are exploring their backyard.

When Nicole Antram fell pregnant at 17, she had no illusions that her life would be easy. Pictured when Jimmy was a child

Nicole Antram was 17 when she fell pregnant. She had no idea that it would make her happy. This is Jimmy as a baby.

Ms Antram and Jimmy, who has mental and physical disabilities, including blindness, live on the Sunshine Coast (pictured) in their own little pocket of Queensland paradise. They're often found at their local beach soaking up the sun

Jimmy and Ms Antram have mental and physical disabilities and are living on the Sunshine Coast. You can often find them at the beach, soaking in the sun.

Although he has a wheel chair, Ms. Antram never liked using it. Ms. Antram is happy to help her husband walk short distances by herself, but she can only carry him as long as she’s physically capable.    

He can be seen holding on to his backpack as he hikes through the rainforests and mountains of the world in incredible photographs.

Daily Mail Australia: “When planning big holidays, it is important to have enough nappies, clothes and even pillowcases.

Ms. Antram creates an itinerary that is meticulous and makes calls for all the places she wishes to visit, be it a restaurant, hotel, or daredevil adventure. 

She says, “Even though I am certain that we will be fine, I still like to let the companies know about us so they are aware of us and can accept us being there.” 

'I have worked out how to piggyback Jimmy while pulling my suitcase and carry on through an airport until they give me a wheelchair we use until we board the plane,' Ms Antram said. Pictured: Outside the Banjo Patterson Inn in Jindabyne, near Perisher, for their snow trip

“I’ve figured out how to pull Jimmy’s suitcase while carrying my bag, and then they will give me a wheelchair until I board the plane,” Ms. Antram explained. Pictured at the Banjo Patterson Inn, Jindabyne (near Perisher) for their snow-trip 

Pictured: Jimmy on a sit-ski in Perisher while Ms Antram learned to snowboard during a trip in August 2019

Pictured: Jimmy enjoying a Perisher sit-ski while Ms. Antar learned how to snowboard in August 2019.

Pictured: Niki and Jimmy swimming with a crocodile during a trip to Darwin in September 2017. She plans a meticulous itinerary and calls ahead for every venue she wants to visit - whether it be a restaurant, hotel or daredevil adventure

Pictured is Niki and Jimmy with a Crocodile in Darwin, September 2017. She has a detailed itinerary in place and plans ahead to make reservations at every location she wishes to visit, be it a restaurant, hotel or adventure park.

They may not be able to accommodate you at all. This happens because Jimmy is ill or due to logistical issues.

Ms. Antram stated that Hawaii was the exception, and everyone wanted it there. [Jimmy]To join

“I’ve figured out how to ride Jimmy and pull my bag through the airport. They then give me a wheel chair that I can use till we get on board. 

Jimmy shares her interests and she considers herself fortunate. They share a love for the outdoors, adventure and water.

She says, “From Hawaii to Bali, I would be staying up all night with Jimmy since he was a party-animal like me then.”

“I will partner with Jimmy in finding ways to make Jimmy’s life more adventurous, but it is often the easiest things that he most loves.  

She's created a life for herself and her 26-year-old son Jimmy she could have only dreamed of as a girl from Perth in Western Australia. They spend most weekends hiking and exploring the Sunshine Coast when they're not travelling interstate or overseas

Her 26-year old son Jimmy and she have created a lifestyle that is unlike anything they could ever imagine as a Perth girl. While they don’t travel interstate, or internationally, they spend their weekends on the Sunshine Coast hiking and exploring.

'Being a mum so young, I didn't get that carefree life that most 17-year-old's get,' she says. 'I had responsibility'

“Being a mom so young meant that I wasn’t able to live a carefree, happy life like most 17-year olds,” she said. “I was responsible.”

Jimmy and Niki visited Hawaii in 2016 (pictured overlooking the ocean from a mountain they'd climbed on the trip)

Jimmy and Niki traveled to Hawaii in 2016. They were photographed looking over the ocean from the mountain they had climbed.

 I ask myself how can I be sad when Jimmy, who has never seen colours, clouds or rainbows and he is sitting with a smile

Jimmy’s mother, Niki Antram

Both are situated on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

If they don’t travel, Jimmy and his mom wake up each morning to go on a bicycle ride. Jimmy is in the trailer, while his mother rides for them all – until the sun rises. 

As they walk past their neighbours, the pair wave and smile. Many people who once were strangers now know Jimmy and Ms. Antram.

Prior to their early departure, she has already prepared breakfast for Jimmy and dressed Jimmy.

She works a full-time job, which is tiring for her. But she wants to make Jimmy’s life as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Jimmy is usually there to help her train, and she takes the time to go.

Ms Antram is beginning to slow down on piggybacking Jimmy everywhere, both to help him walk and because she 'isn't getting any younger'

Ms. Antram has begun to slow down in piggybacking Jimmy around, to both help him walk better and to show her ‘no signs of getting any older’

Ms Antram counts herself lucky that Jimmy has similar interests to her. They both enjoy the outdoors, the water and adventures

Ms Antram counts herself lucky that Jimmy has similar interests to her. Both enjoy adventure, water, and the outdoors.

She takes time each day to workout, with Jimmy normally tagging along and sitting while she trains

Jimmy usually follows her and sits with her while she works out.

When they’re outside training, playing in the sand, or on the beaches during their session, he pays attention to the sound around him.

Jimmy is always there to listen and participate in group workouts at different venues on the Sunshine Coast.  

When Jimmy was two months old, Ms. Antram discovered that Jimmy was blind. 

Her first mother was not aware of all the milestones that her child should reach. Jimmy’s grandmother observed that Jimmy wasn’t looking at the toys directly, and he didn’t reach for them. Ms. Antram requested further testing. 

She found out that Jimmy had epilepsy six months later. However, she was able to wean him off of the medication after many years of no seizures.

He’s my inspiration she said. “I see him… He is always smiling, happy… While he may not see me the same way he used to, I am certain he can envision what I would look like to him.   

Pictured: Niki and Jimmy meeting the monkeys in Bali during a trip in March 2018. She and Jimmy say Bali feels like 'home' to them both

Pictured is Niki with Jimmy, who met the monkeys at Bali’s Monkey Park during their trip to March 2018. Jimmy and She say Bali is like their home.

Pictured: Jimmy laughing and smiling on a helicopter ride while holidaying in Darwin in 2017

Pictured: Jimmy smiling and laughing on a 2017 helicopter flight while vacationing in Darwin

Every single day, Ms Antram still tries to teach Jimmy new words and movements. It's a process that needs to be repeated copious times to give him a chance to learn. Pictured in Coolum on the Sunshine Coast

Each day Ms. Antram tries to learn new movements and words from Jimmy. To give Jimmy a chance at learning, it’s an ongoing process. Coolum, Sunshine Coast

Ms. Antram continues to try and teach Jimmy new vocabulary words and moves every day. This is a tedious process and must be done repeatedly to allow Jimmy to continue learning. 

His favorite words are “yay” and “oww”, which he often saves for his bedtime.

Ms. Antram states that “He understands he has to have his teeth cleaned, which he loathes.” “He’ll say, “Oww”, then I open his mouth and he will complain, but then, he is very happy that he can finally go to bed.

Jimmy has fallen asleep by 4pm and is ready to go to bed. As he sleeps, he is often heard “giggling away” in his room. 

“He is very happy,” Ms. Antram said.

“Sometimes, I wonder how I can be so sad seeing Jimmy. He hasn’t seen rainbows, colours or rainbows, and is simply smiling.”

The pair completed a Colour Run on the Sunshine Coast - completing 5km in 35 minutes with Jimmy on Niki's back the entire way

They completed the Colour Run along the Sunshine Coast in just 35 minutes. Jimmy was on Niki’s shoulder the whole time.

Pictured: Mother and son in a book store. 'He's my inspiration,' she says. 'I see him... He's always happy, smiling... He doesn't see me in a conventional way, but I'm sure he has a vision of what I look like in his mind'

Pictured is a mother and her child in a book shop. He’s my inspiration she said. “I see him…” He is always smiling, happy… While he may not see me in the traditional sense, I am certain he does have a picture of how I should look in his head.

Her heart 'broke' the day she learned her son was permanently blind and it took 'a long time to overcome those feelings of hurt'. Picture by Matthew Evans at Luna Productions

She was devastated when she found out her son was blind permanently. It took her a while to heal from that pain. Matthew Evans of Luna Productions.

However, Ms. Antram acknowledges that she wasn’t always so happy. Her heart broke the moment she discovered her son was permanent blind. It took Ms. Antram a lot of time to heal from that loss.

“Being a mother so young, I wasn’t able to live a carefree existence like most 17-years-olds have,” she said. I had to take responsibility.

Before the Covid Border Closures, Ms Antram and her husband were planning on a trip to Canada. Ms. Antram is now aiming to visit Australia.

While she’s trying to save money to purchase a troop car, she’s also planning to travel around Australia in it. However, she’s limited on the pension of one carer and the shifts that she takes while Jimmy is in his office.  

The duo were planning a trip to Canada before the Covid border closures halted their plans. Now, Ms Antram has set her sights on seeing more of Australia. They regularly explore their own backyards in Queensland (pictured)

They had been planning to visit Canada together before Covid’s border closures stopped them from going. Ms. Antram is now keen to explore more of Australia. The couple regularly visit their backyard in Queensland (pictured).

The duo were planning a trip to Canada before the Covid border closures halted their plans. Now, Ms Antram has set her sights on seeing Australia

Before the Covid border closures, Ms Antram and her husband were planning on a trip to Canada. Ms. Antram now wants to see Australia