Ellen interview with Meghan Markle: New photo by Archie, 2-year-old boy from Meghan Markle.

  • Archie wears wellies while he is feeding the chickens at his parent’s home.
  • This photo was displayed to the viewers during Thursday’s Ellen Degeneres chatshow
  • Megan stated that Archie loves being her big brother to Lilibet, five months old. 

Meghan Markle released a brand new photo of Archie, her two-year old son with Prince Harry.

This image depicts a young boy who is seen caring for chickens at his parent’s Montecito (California) home. The little boy wears jeans and a grey t shirt, while wearing yellow wellies. 

The photo, which does not show Archie’s face, was shown to viewers during Meghan’s wide-ranging interview with US tv host Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday.

Archie was first photographed since Duke and Duchess Sussex published a photo to mark his second anniversary in May. 

This image shielded Archie’s visage from the view of others, and one was also released in honor International Women’s Day.  

DeGeneres gave Meghan a wide-ranging interview in which she spoke about Meghan’s domestic life with Harry, and their two children. 

Archie, she said. Lilibet’s daughter Lilibet said that her father ‘loves being big brother’ and she added that he also ‘loves dancing’.    

Meghan Markle has revealed a new image of her and her husband Prince Harry's two-year-old son Archie. In the image, which was revealed to viewers on the Ellen Degeneres chat show on Thursday, the little boy is seen feeding chickens in the garden of his home in Montecito, California

Meghan Markle revealed a brand new photo of Archie, her two-year old son with Prince Harry. On Thursday’s Ellen Degeneres chat, viewers saw the new image. The little boy can be seen feeding chickens in his garden in Montecito.

“H (Harry) told me that if you only have one child, it’s just a hobby. Two children are parenting.”

“Suddenly we realized that everyone is talking about what the second child feels like, but not about how the transition for the first child will be.

“I think they experience that moment where it feels like, “oh, what fun! oh, how is this?”

She said, “Harry loves” Californian weather and its lifestyle.

The Duchess of Sussex during a taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the Warner Bros lot in Burbank

The Duchess Sussex in Burbank during The Ellen DeGeneres Program taping

Archie is a dancer, according to The Duchess Of Sussex. She also said she would do Thanksgiving cooking.

Ellen asked her about this: “I love cooking, so we’ll (at) home), relax and kind of settle in.” This will be our second Thanksgiving at California so it’ll be great.

DeGeneres mentioned that Meghan was a “great dancer”, to which Meghan replied, “I love dancing, Archie also loves to dance.”

Duke and Duchess of Sussex holding their son Archie during a visit to South Africa in 2019

Duke and Duchess Sussex hold their son Archie while they visit South Africa in 2019.