Meghan Markle revealed she had been compared with Simpsons’ character Krusty The Clown when she was a child. She tried to imitate actress Andie McDowell’s slicked-cut in Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

On Thursday, the 40-year old mother of two opened up on her “obsession” with Andie. She made a surprise guest appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. In this interview, she gave insight into her happy family with Prince Harry, their children and renewed her call for paid mandatory family leave in America. 

Meghan talked about her experience with taunting from middle schoolers in Los Angeles when she attempted to wear her ‘ethnic’ hair in the same fashion as Andie from 1994’s British romantic comedy. 

Ellen, 63 was her closest friend. She spoke candidly about The Bench’s origins. It was inspired by a poem she wrote for Prince Harry. The Duchess was also asked about A Face Without Freckles is A Evening Without Stars. 

Ellen, a talk show host, pulled out a page of the book that featured Meghan’s self-portrait and asked the Duchess how her hair looked in the “self illustration”.  

'It was a real bummer!' Meghan Markle revealed that she was compared to The Simpsons character Krusty the Clown in middle school after trying to replicate Andie MacDowell's hair

“It was a terrible mistake!” Meghan Markle admitted that her middle school experience was similar to Krusty, the Clown from The Simpsons. She tried to copy Andie’s hairstyles.

The 40-year-old told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview that she was 'obsessed' with Andie, now 63, while sharing images of herself sporting the actress's hairstyle (pictured)

Ellen DeGeneres, 40, was told by the woman that she is ‘obsessed with Andie’, now 63. She also shared images of her wearing Andie’s hairstyles (pictured). 

When she was 'ten or 11', Meghan cut her hair to copy the style modeled by Andie in 1994 film Four Weddings and a Funeral, but said it only looked like the actress's 'do 'on the first day'

Meghan had her hair cut when she was ten years old or eleven. She wanted to imitate Andie’s style in Four Weddings and a Funeral 1994. But, Meghan said that it looked nothing like Andie’s’style on the first day.  

“Let’s talk about hair,” Meghan continued. Meghan was prompted to elaborate on the inspiration behind her ‘do. ‘This was what I looked like when I was ten years old or eleven. The reason that my hair is like this was because of being obsessed with Andie McDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

“All I wanted was curly, straight hair. So I visited the hairdresser to get it.”

The Duchess said that while her hair looked amazing the day she got it cut, the style didn’t last very long. 

While sharing an image from her childhood with the curly ‘do, she said, “On that first day, I was like, “This is amazing, Andie McDowell,”” 

‘[But]It was almost as if everyone had forgotten to say to me, “You’re going to not look like Andie MacDowell at Four Weddings and a Funeral,”

Although Meghan didn’t get any guidance before her cut, she said that some of her classmates at school called out her style. Some even suggested that Meghan looked more like Krusty, the Clown cartoon character with curly hair from The Simpsons.  

“I went to school, and they told me I looked like Krusty from The Simpsons,” she joked. It was a real bummer, but I had  a whole vibe happening,’ she joked, revealing another photo of herself modeling the hairstyle, which prompted Ellen to reassure her: ‘You look like you are embracing it.’ 

'It was as though everyone forgot to tell me that, "You have ethnic hair, you're not going to look like Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral,"' Meghan said of how her hair changed

Meghan spoke about how her hair was changed.

The Duchess said that her peers at school 'told her she looked like Krusty the Clown' after she cut her hair short

According to the Duchess, her classmates at school told her that she looked like Krusty The Clown after cutting her hair. 

'It was a real bummer, but I had a whole vibe happening,' she joked

“It was really bummer but it was fun,” she laughed.

Meghan was raised in Los Angeles by her mother Doria Ragland (pictured) and her father Thomas Markle

Meghan was brought up in Los Angeles by Doria Ragland, her mother (pictured), and Thomas Markle. 

Meghan’s parents were Thomas Markle (and Doria Ragland) and she was raised in Los Angeles by them. She attended secondary and primary schools with her father, an Emmy-winning lighting director, and his $200,000-a year salary.

After starting her education in a private school called Hollywood’s Little Red Schoolhouse Nursery at the age of 2, she then moved to Los Angeles’ Immaculate Heart High School for $9,412 per year.

Self illustration: Her comments came after Ellen asked Meghan about her hairstyle in a self-portrait that she featured in a book she wrote when she was a child (pictured)

Self illustration 

She went on to study at Northwestern, a college in Illinois, that would have cost $24,000-$28,000-a-year for tuition when Meghan studied there from 1999-2003. 

Meghan shared a childhood story about Ellen in a soft interview. 

The Duchess spoke for nearly an hour on the talk-show about Harry and her two children, Lilibet, five months, and Archie, two years. She also shared a rare photo showing her son, who was feeding the chickens in their Montecito home, valued at $14 million. 

Meghan took advantage of the opportunity to reiterate her call for paid parental leave in the US. She told Ellen she would do “everything” to make policy changes for the millions.

Recent controversy was caused by the Duchess cold calling senators using their personal phones, and then using her royal title as a way to get them to vote for paid leave. She also wrote an open letter asking Congress for consideration in making paid-leave law.

Republican Jason Smith from Missouri has previously condemned Meghan and her interference in US politics. He even suggested that she be stripped her title to end her use of it to gain political power.

During the interview, Meghan also shared a never-before-seen image of her two-year-old son Archie feeding the chickens at their $14 million Montecito mansion

Meghan shared with us a rare image of Archie her two-year old son feeding the chickens at the $14 million Montecito home during the interview 

The Duchess also opened up about her 'happy' family life with Prince Harry and their two children while speaking to Ellen

Ellen spoke to the Duchess about their happy, healthy family.  

Ellen was told by Meghan that Meghan had forgotten or didn’t know that the country is one of six in the world, and that it’s the richest nation on the planet that doesn’t have a federal-funded paid leave program.

“Everybody knows it, particularly if they have ever had children. Even if they haven’t you’ll know the struggle and importance of those first weeks, if not months, to have a good family.

“And that’s something we don’t have here is something I, as a mother of two children, will do all that I can so that people can get that.”

According to reports, Democratic Senator Kristen Gillibrand has been criticized for giving Meghan private numbers on her cell phone so that she could lobby them regarding paid family leaves.

Meghan promoted The Bench for her children’s books, which she claimed she wrote to Harry as a Father’s Day poem. It was revealed that Archie, her son, dressed up as a dinosaur to celebrate Halloween. Lili, five months old at the time, was a little skunk similar to Flower from Bambi.

Meghan talked about how she celebrated the occasion with DeGeneres (a chat show host) and Portia de Rosi (an actress who is her neighbor in Montecito, California.

Meghan claimed that Archie was two years old and Archie’s baby sister weren’t into Halloween. Archie didn’t even stay in the costume for more than five minutes.

After the scandalous sit-down between Oprah Winfrey and the Sussexes in August, which led to crisis for the royal family, this actress is now a prominent celebrity.