We are now in year three of the seemingly never-ending, ever-lasting pandemic Covid-19, which began in Wuhan (China), and most people that I know, who aren’t worried about being labeled racist or trying to spread propaganda, believe the lab-leak hypothesis.

Li Wenliang (whistleblower, hero doctor) was the first person to inform the world of the danger posed by coronavirus. In December, Li Wenliang was taken into custody for sharing information about the virus. While the Chinese government minimized the seriousness of the disease and their risk to the general public. 

He was later accused by Chinese police of gossip-mongering and tragically, he died from coronavirus.

This is just one example of how the country has committed to propaganda and strict censorship. 

The communist Chinese government committed a number of horrible atrocities over the years. This list should be criticized by the international community, but it is not often.

Some of the worst atrocities were the imprisonment of more than one million Uyghurs inside what the state refers to as ‘education, vocation training’ camps.

Evidence suggests that Uyghurs have been forced to work and sterilized.

Ex-camp detainees also claimed they were sexually and tortured.

Going along with this Olympic spectacle is not something that ought to be done with a regime that has fueled the opioid crisis, brutalized its citizens, and poisoned the world with a virus. (Above) A medical worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) sprays disinfectant to a resident on January 6, 2022 in Shaanxi Province of China.

This Olympic spectacle should not be accompanied by a government that has created the opioid crisis and brutalized its people, as well as a world that is infected with the virus. (Above) A medical worker wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) sprays disinfectant to a resident on January 6, 2022 in Shaanxi Province of China.

The atrocities include the detainment of over one million Uyghurs in what the state calls ' education and vocation training ' camps. (Above) Uyghur detainees in China's Hotan Prefecture in April 2017.

In addition to the atrocities, over a million Uyghurs were detained in camps that the state called ‘education and vocation training’. (Above) Uyghur detainees in China’s Hotan Prefecture in April 2017.

The United States is one of many countries that accuse China genocide in Xinjiang. 

Amnesty International has published reports accusing leading human rights groups, Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International of genocide and crimes against humanity. 

Peng Shai, one of China’s most popular tennis players, vanished from the public eye in November following a rare allegation that Peng was sexually assaulted by a top Chinese Communist Party official.

After she went missing, 50 days later she interviewed and denied accusing any person of sexual assault. She also suggested that her concern about safety was due to a miscommunication.

Let’s go! China is a communist, oppressive and tyrannical country. It behaves more like something out of a sci-fi movie than one that will be the world’s most powerful in 2022.

It is impossible to express your views, beliefs, and thoughts freely. They regularly resort to the most egregious behavior towards their citizens and repress anyone who challenges them. 

This raises the question, “Why has the international community let China host 2022 Winter Olympics?”

The news about the athletes’ treatment reads like science fiction.

China has warned athletes against speaking out on politics during the Olympic Games. They threaten that they will face punishment if they protest against Beijing.

The dangers associated with speaking up are highlighted by Peng Shuai’s disappearance as a tennis star.

USA advises athletes that they use their burner phones in order to protect themselves from hackers and other spying threats.

Their safety and security in Beijing has been described to them by researchers.

Why are we doing it?

Why is it that the Olympics can be held in any country, without gross human rights violations or insanely draconian tracking and monitoring of athletes?

This is a disgraceful decision by the Olympic Committee to allow this option for hosting the games. It’s also disgraceful the United States has accepted it.

I am most concerned for athletes who worked hard for this chance to be shrouded with controversy and madness.

To make matters worse, Beijing has a “bleak snowless landscape” with a ski area near Beijing receiving just 2cm snow in the period January-March 2021.

Photographs capture the center of ski jumping in a setting of brown hills. Canada was not an option.

The international community has gone soft and has no backbone. We should not be so willing to allow China's behavior to be normalized on the world stage.

International community is softening and lacks backbone. China’s actions should not be allowed to become a commonplace on the global stage.

This is a platform that allows this country to propagandize, but we don’t hold them responsible for leaking the coronavirus. We also won’t hold them accountable for intentionally undermining its severity so that the rest of the globe doesn’t have the time and resources to prepare for it.

There have been 343 million people infected with the coronavirus globally and 5.57 million deaths – to date.

China is responsible for this and it is ridiculous to try to deny its responsibility.

We accept and tolerate the behaviour of one of the most brutal communist dictatorships ever seen in world history.

Their behavior and actions are unrepentant.

It is a repulsive thing. It must be repulsed by everyone. Will there be penalties for any future deadly epidemics of the virus? Or if any country begins mass extermination of innocent civilians because they are religious?

International community is softening and lacks backbone.

It is unacceptable to accept China’s behaviour as a normal on the international stage.

This Olympic spectacle should not be accompanied by a government that has created the opioid crisis and brutalized its people, as well as a country that has spread a deadly virus around the globe.

They are sadly not being able to resist them in Washington, as well as around the world.

It is a shameful act to aid and abet this dictatorship.

What I do know is that this Olympics will be the last year I’m not going to watch or participate in. It is just too disappointing… and it doesn’t reflect the Olympic spirit.