Sir Lewis Hamilton has told Mercedes that he does not want to win an eighth world championship in court — and his team will announce on Wednesday they are ditching their appeal against his controversial defeat in Sunday’s title decider in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton missed out on a record-breaking eighth crown in the most contentious circumstances as the late withdrawal of the safety car allowed Dutchman Max Verstappen to pass him on newer tyres — and claim the championship for the first time.

The World Motorsport Council in Paris made a statement Wednesday night. It was located at Place de la Concorde. Mercedes accepted the offer to take lessons from this ‘tarnished season’ and to avoid what will undoubtedly be a bloody appeal. This would need to be filed by 7pm Wednesday. 

Sir Lewis Hamilton has told Mercedes he does not want to win an eighth world championship in court

Mercedes was told by Sir Lewis Hamilton, that he did not wish to win an 8th world title in courtroom.

His team will announce ditching of their appeal against his controversial defeat in Abu Dhabi

His team will say they are abandoning their appeal against the controversial loss in Abu Dhabi

Hamilton missed out on the world championship to Max Verstappen, who won his first title

Hamilton was unable to compete in the world championships. Max Verstappen won his first title.

SportsmailAlthough Hamilton was a key figure in Mercedes’ revision position, Hamilton feels bitter that he has lost the victory he longed for most. However, despite his feelings, he believes it is best to not go down the legal path. Mercedes’ lawyer Paul Harris QC believes he has an overwhelming case.

The compromise statement of the FIA was reached after high-level discussions between Jean Todt, FIA president, and Peter Bayer (secretary general).

According to the FIA, “The 2021 FIA F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix elicited a lot of reaction from both the F1 community and the general public,” reads the statement.

‘The F1 drivers, teams and fans have reacted to the circumstances of using the safety car after the Nicholas Latifi incident. These reactions, as well as communications between the FIA Race Direction team and F1 teams has notably caused significant misunderstandings. It is currently tarnishing F1’s reputation and the celebration of Max Verstappen’s win of the drivers’ championship title, and of Mercedes winning the 8th consecutive constructors title.

Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton late on to claim a controversial win in Abu Dhabi

Lewis Hamilton lost to Max Verstappen late in Abu Dhabi.

The FIA's statement was the result of talks between Mercedes and FIA president Jean Todt (R)

The FIA’s statement was the result of talks between Mercedes and FIA president Jean Todt (R)

“Following presentation of a comprehensive analysis of the events surrounding the lap 53 incident, and with a continuous drive to improve, the FIA president suggested that the World Motor Sport Council conduct a clarification and detail exercise in the future.

“This topic will be raised with the team and driver teams to discuss and address it. We hope to provide the media, fans and participants clarity and lessons learned about how regulations can be enforced to maintain the sport’s competitive spirit and to ensure safety for drivers.

“Following this presentation and a lengthy discussion, the World Council decided unanimously to support the President’s suggestion.”

Hamilton had just taken Carmen to Windsor Castle with him as he was knighted in the Prince of Wales’s coronation. Verstappen (24 years old) was welcomed at Red Bull’s Milton Keynes factory as the hero who will conquer all.

It came on a day Hamilton took his mother, Carmen, to Windsor Castle as he was knighted

Hamilton had taken Carmen his mother to Windsor Castle on the day he received his knighthood.

Verstappen was welcomed as the all-conquering hero at Red Bull's factory in Milton Keynes

Verstappen, the hero of Red Bull’s Milton Keynes factory was made to feel like the conquering hero.

Christian Horner, Verstappen’s principal team member, said that the win had not yet sink in. Max will be the one to take that trophy. Until someone else says otherwise, Max will be the world champion.

This is a matter between Mercedes-Benz and the FIA. Max is innocent of any wrongdoing. All of us complied. He won. The world champion was won by him. He is the current world champion.

Michael Masi, a 42-year old race director, is the focus of all the furious discussions. Instead of seeing the season conclude under an anti-climactic safety cars, he tore up safety car protocols and instead arranged for a final lap shootout.

In his third year of office since the death of Charlie Whiting, the Australian is feeling pressure. The FIA did not support him in the statement, possibly to their discredit.

Horner was a critic of Masi but was the ultimate beneficiary of his decisions-making. He declined to take his head.

Verstappen's team principal Christian Horner (L) said the win hadn't yet sunk in for Red Bull

Christian Horner (L), Verstappen’s team principal, said that Red Bull had yet to see the win.