Mercedes: “consider SCRAPPING plans a further appeal gegen Max Verstappen’s controversial world title triumph. Team lean towards Formula One’s integrity ahead of the desire to see Lewis Hamilton win a eighth title.

  • Mercedes was furious when Max Verstappen took the title of F1 driver in 2021
  • Lewis Hamilton was the leader until the final lap when Red Bull’s star took him out.
  • A safety car restart was followed by a brave move from the FIA.
  • Mercedes is rumored to be considering quitting their next appeal 

Mercedes is reportedly looking at scrapping plans for a second appeal against Max Verstappen winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. 

A hugely contentious final race in Abu Dhabi on Sunday saw the Dutchman overtake Lewis Hamilton with just seconds remaining after a safety car was brought out with just a few laps to go. 

Hamilton appeared to ease his way towards the title. Nicholas Latifi crashed into the field and threw the entire field off balance. The late FIA decision not to allow lapped cars in the equation allowed Verstappen to move up on Hamilton during the final lap. 

Toto Wolff was left furious after Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton had the title snatched from him

Toto Wolff was furious that Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes had taken the title away from him

Hamilton led for most of the race in Abu Dhabi, but was then overtaken on the very last lap

Hamilton was leading for the majority of Abu Dhabi’s race, but Hamilton was overtaken by the last lap.

Masi initially stated that lapped vehicles would not be allowed unlap their cars, but Red Bull chief Horner changed Masi’s mind and permitted Hamilton, Verstappen, and five other cars from Red Bull to do so, effectively ending the Brit’s 13-second lead.

Hamilton couldn’t defend because he had older tires, while Verstappen, who pitted during safety car, was using new, soft tyres. This led to Hamilton pulling off an impressive overtake, and winning his first world title. 

Mercedes filed two complaints to the FIA following the race. Both were denied in order to confirm Verstappen’s position at the top.

Now, the team has until Thursday to decide if they wish to appeal. Court action may be possible within weeks.

Verstappen's fresher tyres allowed him to dive down beyond Hamilton and then win the title

Verstappen was able to win the title because of Verstappen’s newer tires. He was able to jump down past Hamilton.

Verstappen celebrates with his team in the pit-lane after being crowned world champion

Verstappen celebrating with his team after being crowned the world champion

SportmailOn Sunday, Mercedes was reported to have been involved in discussions at high levels about their next move. Team principal Toto Wolff met with Paul Harris QC (a prominent sports lawyer who has represented Premier League clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester City) on Monday night.

The Times reported that Hamilton’s desire to be crowned the eighth world champion is being put aside by the team. 

They could end their protests and close the curtains on the 2021 season. Verstappen took the driver’s title, while Mercedes won another constructors trophy. 

Christian Horner is said to have flown straight back to the UK and is in contact with Red Bull HQ

Christian Horner was reported to have flown back straight to the UK, and has been in touch with Red Bull HQ

Mercedes had spoken with Abu Dhabi’s legal representative on Sunday evening, but it was understood that Christian Horner returned home from Red Bull headquarters in Austria to start liaising.

Mercedes may be taking legal action against them, and they are believed to be in the process of preparing an effective defense. However, it is expected that Mercedes will give their competitors a boost by allowing them to stand down.

Given that Thursday is the date for the prize-giving gala and rules stipulate that a winner of the championship must be determined by Thursday, any decision has to be made by Thursday.

Verstappen seemed unaffected by any retrospective action, as he drank with friends and his girlfriend after the title-winning evening.