Metropolitan Police Officer who was posing up as an air pilot to take pictures of 51 naked women, has been fired.

Detective Inspector Neil Corbel (44) took secret videos of his victims at hotels and flats in London, Manchester, Brighton, and other areas, between January 2017-February 2020.

“Using his anti-terrorist skills” he secretly filmed the women using spy cameras concealed in tissue boxes and phone charges. After calling them, Harrison claimed to be an airline pilot.

Police discovered 51 recordings. Only 14 of them were consensual, or were recorded in another jurisdiction. Six more were not traced. The detectives identified 31 of these women while 19 others agreed to provide statements.

Corbel is a married father of two who recorded women using multiple devices 21 times during the London Bridge terrorist attack.

16 of his victims were model bookings for photoshoots phony, and three were sex workers. The victims consented to perform sexual activities, but they were not recorded. 

After he admitted to 19 counts of voyeurism, he was sentenced to three years in prison. 

Corbel was forced to resign from his post following his conviction. But, an misconduct hearing by the Met Police has now determined that Corbel would have been fired without notice had he been a part of the force. 

Detective Inspector Neil Corbel, 40, posed as an airline pilot to book women for photoshoots before planting the gadgets in hotel rooms, flats and Airbnbs across the London, Manchester and Brighton areas

Neil Corbel, Detective Inspector (40), posed for photos as an airline pilot and booked women to take part in photoshoots. Then, Neil planted the gadgets into hotels and flats, Airbnbs, throughout London, Manchester, Brighton.

Corbel pictured leaving Westminster Magistrates' Court in London on November 2

Corbel seen leaving the Westminster Magistrates Court, London on November 2.

In a victim impact statement, one of the women cited the murder of Sarah Everard as she described the traumatic impact of one photoshoot.

She said: ‘I’ll never get those images out of my head. When you’re a sex worker, consent is vital.

‘In this case, I absolutely did not give him permission to film me, therefore I did not give consent. This has left me feeling very helpless and scared of what might happen again. 

‘Following the murder of Sarah Everard this feels like a very frightening time to be a woman. If we can’t turn to the police to protect us, what are we supposed to do?’

Kirsty Lee, a 29-year old model, said that her sick husband left her ‘disgusted.  

In April 2017, she was photographed in a luxurious hotel. Three years later, her police officer called to report that naked video of her changing in a Westminster hotel bath had been found.

Ms. Lee has given up her anonymity and shared the horrible consequences of Corbel’s actions. 

She stated that he had placed hidden cameras at the ceiling to secretly record me changing. They made me feel so violated that I refused to consent.  

“He was friendly and professional. Now, I realize the truth. I am disgusted that such a highly-paid police officer would be capable of such depravity. 

“It’s made me doubt my faith in the police force and also hurt my profession.”

14 victims were willing to allow Corbel to take nude photos of them. However, they refused to consent for Corbel or open leg shots and video.

There were at least nine types of covert record devices he used, such as tissue boxes, digital clocks (digital clocks), air fresheners and headphones, keypads, keys, and phone chargers. Also, he used a smartphone, a DSLR and a computer. 

One recording that lasted longer than 5 hours was the longest.

Kirsty Lee, 29, from Brighton, posed for a luxury hotel photoshoot in April 2017 with a ‘pilot’ called ‘Harrison’ who claimed to have a side-job in photography. Three years later, she received a shock call from the Metropolitan Police, who told her they had found naked videos of her changing in the Westminster hotel bathroom taken that day

Kirsty, 29 years old, from Brighton, was photographed in luxury hotels in April 2017, with Harrison (the pilot), who claimed to be a photographer. The Metropolitan Police called her three years later to inform her that naked video of her changing in the Westminster Hotel bathroom had been found.

Corbel was twice met by two models, according to Babatunde Alabi, a prosecutor.

Corbel, according to original charges, took two-minute and 48 second videos with an unidentified camera. He also recorded an hour-and-3 minutes clip on his phone. Corbel also made 30 minute films with keys. Corbel also created 10 minute films with glasses. Finally, he produced a 30-minute film using a watch and keys. 

After a naked model had agreed to pose for him, he became suspicious about a digital clock after the session ended on January 24, 2020. 

In a subsequent investigation by police, he was forced to surrender his hard drive. The officers also saw pictures of 51 females. 19 were willing and able to provide statements.

Corbel confessed to police that he was addicted to pornography. He also filmed several more models.

He met many of his victims via a network of freelance model agencies and shared with them that he is interested in photography. 

Another victim told a sentencing hearing: ‘I feel that I’ve been betrayed by Harrison.

‘I’m happy to have my picture taken but I feel he has taken my choice away.’

Corbel (pictured) was jailed for three years last week after admitting 19 counts of voyeurism. He resigned from the Met following his conviction, but has now been told he would have been dismissed without notice if he was still employed by the force

Corbel, (pictured), was last week sentenced to three-year imprisonment for 19 counts of sexual voyeurism. Following his conviction, he resigned from Met but was told that he would be dismissed without notice if still working for the force.

‘I’m far more wary of engaging in work as a model. He has taken advantage of me in a personal relation and taken advantage of me at a personal level.’

Edward Henry QC represented Corbel. He said that in 13 years of being a police officer, he never took a day off for sickness.

The court heard Corbel suffered from ‘a trident of obsessive compulsive disorder, workaholism and inveterate sex addiction’.

A Hertfordshire detective admitted to 19 counts voyeurism in the period January 2017-February 2020. 

Speaking after he was jailed on Friday, Detective Chief Superintendent Marcus Barnett said: ‘DI Corbel’s offences are extremely serious and following his guilty plea we held a misconduct hearing as soon as possible.

‘The outcome of that has been to determine that had DI Corbel still been a serving officer, he would have been immediately dismissed without notice.

‘I am truly disappointed by DI Corbel’s actions which are not at all representative of the high values and standards we expect, and I am saddened by the pain and hurt that he has caused and would pay tribute to the brave women that came forward.’

He stated that the force was able to share the shock and disgust of the public.