According to one Met officer sergeant, he made fun of Grenfell black residents who were too stupid to escape the tower blocks that had caught on fire.   

Paul Robinson (38), a Charing Cross Police Station custody sergeant, was overheard in Victoria, London making racist comments on November 6, 2019.

Robinson faces misconduct and gross misconduct charges for his discreditable behavior at a Metropolitan Police Disciplinary Hearing, Fulham. The allegations have been denied by Robinson.

A Met police sergeant allegedly made fun of black Grenfell residents who died in the fire for being too 'think' to get out of the burning tower block. Pictured: The Grenfell tower block alight in 2017

An Met police sergeant was accused of making fun of Grenfell residents black who perished in the flames because they were too “think” to flee the tower block. Pictured in 2017: Grenfell tower blocks set ablaze

Independent panel members heard that Edward Klaus (former Telegraph reporter) was sitting near Robinson and Phil Jones at the time. He had overheard the racist comments.

Klaus gave evidence and said, “The conversation between two gentlemen captured my attention. Specifically, the comment about black managers or lack thereof.

Robinson commented that the reason there weren’t many black football coaches was because they were too lazy or too thick.

Robinson made remarks about Africa’s situation under colonial rule and independence.

“He claimed they had been better off living under colonial control, and since Mugabe’s end colonial rule… it has become much more dire and full of poverty and famine.” Essentially, ‘Look at it now, it is a s***hole’.’

To continue on with comments regarding Grenfell Mr Klaus said that Jacob Rees Mogg had introduced the remarks. Robinson, however, was more agreeable, saying: ‘I’m glad somebody had to say it. I agree to him. If you stay’

Rees Mogg caused controversy by discussing Grenfell Tower on LBC Radio.

He said that he believed, despite what the fire department said, that if one of us was in a burning house, the other would get out.

It just makes sense.

Panelists heard Mr Klaus say that Robinson was in agreement with his comments, and that it was a good thing that somebody had made them.

“He claimed that, if the Asians were there, they would have gone. But, if the whites were there they would have gone.

Jacob Rees Mogg comments: “He said that threes are thick and don’t think for them and it was funny. They found it funny.

Robinson is facing misconduct or gross misconduct allegations for discreditable behaviour at a Metropolitan Police Disciplinary Hearing in Fulham, southwest London. He has denied the allegations. Pictured: Firefighters continue to deal with the remains of Grenfell Tower in 2017

Robinson faces misconduct and gross misconduct charges for his discreditable behavior at a Metropolitan Police Disciplinary Hearing, Fulham. Robinson has denied all allegations. Pictured: In 2017, firefighters continue to work on Grenfell Tower’s remains.

Robinson’s use of the phrase “threes” repeatedly caught his eye. The ex-Telegraph reporter said that he recognized this as a classification police gave to black people.

He said that it was the term that led him to believe that the men were officers. There was also a discussion on the police pension system.

Klaus stated, “I wanted them to know that their words were disgusting and very offensive.”

“I pretend to be on a telephone call, and I stood up to go…and took photos as I was standing there.”

Robinson and Jones did not speak to him, but the witness filed an official complaint at the Metropolitan Police later that evening. 

Robinson said that he joined the Met Police Service in May 2004 to become a Custody Sergeant. He fulfilled his “boyhood dream” in August 2019.

The panel heard from him about his experiences working in diverse parts of Lambeth, West Croydon and with colleagues from “all corners” of the globe.

Robinson claimed he wasn’t a racist. Robinson stated, “I’ve never used discriminatory terminology in my life” and that he will never again.

He answered that it was possible for him to use the phrase “lazy and thin” in his All Blacks victory against England. England beat the All Blacks to reach the semifinals of the rugby World Cup.

‘They were sh*t. They were lazy,’ Robinson told the hearing today. It was the All Black’s worst performance for 10 years.

Robinson denied making any derogatory comments about those who had died at Grenfell

Robinson denied any derogatory remarks about Grenfell victims

Robinson was next confronted with comments made about Grenfell Tower.

He called the scene ‘horrific.

Robinson explained that Grenfell Tower made Robinson feel more like a community member than like a policeman.

Robinson was so emotional that it made it impossible for him to respond to questions, and the panel decided to withdraw from his testimony.

The panel was able to hear the statement of Robinson, the inspector who witnessed the tragedy.

He stated, “We could still see that the tower was still smoking.” Paul was an officer who responded to that call. Robinson was attacked by an unidentified man.

“He let loose a torrent of abuse. He was standing in front of me, and I looked at him. [Paul]His eyes were wide open and he could clearly see the tears in his eyes. He reached out to the man, who then began crying.

He thanked Paul for all his kindness and was soon gone. The male came from BAME ancestry.

Robinson denied any derogatory comments made about Grenfell victims.

He said, “None whatsoever.” “I would never have.”

Robinson also stated that he was not aware of Jacob Reese Mogg’s identity. Robinson stated: “I was speaking about my son Jacob. But I don’t know who Jacob Rees Mogg is …’.”

Robinson and Mr Jones were also at the pub on the evening of the incident.

Robinson had already been retired by the time Jones was involved in the incident. He stated that Jones never had concerns over Robinson’s integrity nor about his discriminatory speech.

Robinson said that they had not spoken about football, Africa beyond the South African rugby teams or Grenfell.

If Robinson made such comments, Jones was asked for a response. He replied that he would have simply turned around and returned home.

‘I would say it’s unacceptable, you can’t speak like that before me and we need to end it all.’

Robinson (South Wales) denies having made racially insensitive comments.

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