Mexican television anchor shouted abuse at anti-vaxxers, calling them a “gaggle morons” in an unusual on-air outburst.

Leonardo Schwebel was a Mexican-based presenter and he railed at people who refused to be pegged. He also advised them to wear proper face masks.

Schwebel angrily shouted at camera in live broadcast this week and accused anti-vaxxers ‘hitting all the breaks for everyone’. 

A Mexican TV anchor screamed at anti-vaxxers in an extraordinary on air outburst, branding them as a 'gaggle of morons'

Mexican TV Anchor shouted at anti vaxxers and called them “gaggles of morons”.

Leonardo Schwebel, a presenter for the Telediaro Guadalajara, ranted at those who have refused to be jabbed and told them to at least wear a face mask properly

Leonardo Schwebel (a Telediaro Guadalajara presenter) rants at people who refuse to be jabbed. He tells them that at the very least they should wear a mask.

Schwebel cried out, “You damned antivaxxers!”

Schwebel, who was waving his face mask angrily during his tirade, screamed: ‘Stop with your bulls*** and at least put on a goddamned face mask and stop hitting the brakes for the entire world! 

“Yes, anti-vaxxers! You are an idiot!” You need to put on a mask.   

Schwebel went off on his rant in a context when Mexico is experiencing a surge in positive Covid-19 case since the beginning of the year. Mexico registered over 260,000 cases during the week just before Schwebel, which was a new high.    

Only 58% of the people were double-jabbed, and only 63% received one dose.

Schwebel, who angrily screamed at the camera during a live broadcast this week, accused the anti-vaxxers of 'hitting the breaks for the entire world'

Schwebel, who angrily shouted at camera this week during a live stream, said that the anti-vaxxers had ‘hit the breaks all over the world’

In an interview, Schwebel said to Telediaro: “Sometimes it’s necessary to shout to make people listen.”

 ‘If I had said it normally — “sir, please, please, put on the mask, I ask you please, believe me,” I would not be here with you today.’

Schwebel stated that Schwebel’s message is important in a moment when Mexicans are facing soaring Covid cases.

His rant comes as Mexico’s triple-vaccinated President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that he has beaten COVID for a second time – and that the symptoms of Omicron were mild. 

The 68-year-old leader spoke Monday at a press conference, a week after his symptoms began and he tested positive. He said that his quick recovery is a testament to the strength of the virus and to vaccines.  

‘It is demonstrable that this variant does not have the same seriousness as the earlier, the Delta,’ López Obrador said. “In both symptoms as well as in recovery time.

Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced on Monday, January 17, 2022, that he has recovered from COVID-19 a second time, as coronavirus infections spike in Mexico and virus tests become scarce

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, Mexico’s president, announced Monday, January 17th, 2022 that he had recovered from COVID-19 for the second time. This was due to coronavirus infected Mexico increasing and testing becoming scarce.

López Obrador was infected the first time in January of last year. 

He doesn’t often wear a mask to protect himself during daily news conferences before staff or reporters. 

He is a strong pro-vaccine advocate and shared photos of him receiving his AstraZeneca CoVID shots. 

His news conference on Monday had been a blurred event. He dismissed his hoarseness as being due to a cold but promised that he would get tested. Later that day, he confirmed that he was indeed infected.

President Obama, 68 years old, had three AstraZeneca shots. His first shot was in April last year. He received his second in June.

During his December 7, 2013 daily press conference, he received the booster shot.

Lopez Obrador gestures after receiving a third dose of the Astra Zeneca coronavirus disease vaccine as Mexico and other countries are stepping up their vaccination efforts as the Omicron coronavirus variant feeds concern about a new wave of infections, in Guadalajara, Mexico December 7

Lopez Obrador gestures following the third dose of Astra Zeneca’s coronavirus vaccine. Mexico and other countries have increased their vaccination efforts in response to Omicron virus variant feeding concern over a new wave infection. This was Guadalajara (Mexico December 7).

Last Thursday, the Mexican President also claimed in a video that he is living proof that the COVID-19 strain is not as lethal as the Delta variant, while isolating after testing positive earlier during the week.

‘I am getting over COVID. And I also want to share this information with you because I consider that it is quite encouraging to be able to verify in my own flesh now that this variant of COVID does not have the lethality, the danger, of the previous variant, of the so-called Delta,’ López Obrador said from his presidential office at the National Palace in Mexico City.

Hours after appearing before media representatives at the National Palace, the president was tested positive. He downplayed his Omicron positive and indicated that it was just a minor COVID.  

Mexico uses the AstraZeneca vaccine for booster shots. It does not matter what vaccine the individual received.