Michael Rapaport filmed the moment a brazen thief sauntered out of a Rite Aid in the Upper East side of New York City with two shopping bags full of stolen goods, calling it ‘pathetic’ that brazen crime continues to spiral in the Big Apple because of soft-on-crime policies.  

The actor and comedian, who posted footage of the incident on Instagram, told DailyMail.com that he was ‘disgusted’ and ‘surprised’ when he saw the thief stocking up on items from three different sections of the pharmacy before deciding he was satisfied. 

“These criminals do not know that there can be ramifications.” He said that we must put more of them in prison.  

Rapaport was told by a security guard that Rite Aid on 81st Street is subject to thefts almost every day. This location, along with the other 63 locations that will close over the next months due to thefts, will close on February 15. 

‘You see all these videos on Instagram of people shoplifting like they’re going for a walk in the park. ‘It’s pathetic that this is happening in the greatest city in the world,’ Rapaport said. 

Michael Rapaport recorded video footage Tuesday of a shoplifting incident in Rite Aid, Upper East Side 

Rapaport’s video, which has since garnered 117,421 views, starts with Rapaport filing the thief sauntering out of the Rite Aid, while the exasperated actor fumbles with his words before shouting, ‘I can’t believe I’m seeing this s**t!’

‘He’s walking down the street like s**t is Gucci, he looked me in the face like ‘what’s good.’ I was watching him the whole time! My man just went Christmas shopping in January.’ 

The Heat star captions the video: ‘Duke just went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at @riteaid I’m TRIPPING this happened in broad day like it was nothing. It all is explained by @iamrapaport. This Rite Aid will be closing on 2/15, which I just heard. It leaves the workers in JOBLESS. @ericadamsfornyc YO.’

He told DailyMail.com that he initially thought the thief was an employee because ‘he was just so deliberate and casual.’ 

Rapaport blamed ex-Mayor Bill DeBlasio for his soft-on crime policies, including bail reform and budget cuts in the police force.

Rapaport however stated that Eric Adams was the best person to fix this ship. ‘I think Eric Adams knows what’s going on, he knows how to deal with crime. I’m just hoping he lives up to our expectations.’

The actor said that he relies on that Rite Aid, where he buys his mood stabilizers, and that he and many others in the community are now losing their neighborhood pharmacy – and its workers are losing their jobs – because of the rampant shoplifting.

‘These people are gonna be out of a job because of guys like this scumbum,’ he said, using the invented word as a combination of ‘scumbag’ and ‘bum.’  

The actor and comedian, who posted the footage on Instagram, said he was 'disgusted' by the brazen crime

Actor and comedian John Dolan posted the video on Instagram. He said that he was disgusted by this brazen crime 

Rapaport said the man in his footage filled two bags with stolen goods before nonchalantly strolling past security and leaving

Rapaport stated that Rapaport captured a man filling two bags full of stolen goods, before walking past security without a second thought and then leaving

The Rite Aid in the video, on 81st Street and 1st Avenue, is hit with thefts of the same nature on an almost daily basis, a security guard told Rapaport

Rapaport heard that Rite Aid, located on 81st street and 1st Avenue in the video is regularly hit by thefts of similar nature.

The Rite Aid in the video will be closing on February 15, with thefts a major reason, the pharmacy chain announced late December

Video of Rite Aid closing February 15th. The pharmacy chain has announced that thefts are a significant reason.

Michael Rapaport is an actor and podcaster. He started his acting career in 1990s. Born and raised in Manhattan where he still lives today with his wife Kebe Dunne

Rapaport and Beattie were married in 2016, but Rapaport previously married Nichole, who was their first wife from 2000 until 2007. They divorced after seven years. Rapaport, Beattie are parents to Maceo Shane (age 20) and Julian Ali (age 22).

Rapaport is outspoken about a variety of topics and has had his share of celebrity feuds with Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets. 

Rapaport shared a private chat with Durant on social media, in which Durant used homophobic slurs as well as threatened to spit at him. The disagreement began after Rapaport had criticized Durant’s awkward interview with TNT post-game.   

Speaking about the Rite Aid incident, Rapaport said it was the first time he saw such a ‘blatant’ theft in person, but that the security guard in his video knows them all too well.

Rapaport was told by him that two men entered his home and purchased a six pack of beer. He then acknowledged the security guard, and walked out, without having to pay.

The security guard is seen in Rapaport’s video nonchalantly watching the thief walk out with his bags of looted goods. It is unclear what Rite Aid’s security policy is, but chains like Walmart have insurance over the stolen products and discourage their security guards from trying to engage with the thieves and risking injuring themselves or others.

TikTok posted footage in October of a Rite Aid theft that went viral. India was a security officer at the Rite Aid and captured video showing thefts from Halloween candy.

Many people asked her why she wasn’t stopping thieves, even though she was supposed to be a security officer. She replied that it is illegal to grab, touch or use physical force against them. Her job, she explained, is to “observe and report.”

Robbery in New York City has spiked by about 33% in the week ending on January 23, the NYPD¿s most recent data, with 944 incidents as compared to the 709 incidents reported in same duration last year

Robbery in New York City has spiked by about 33% in the week ending on January 23, the NYPD’s most recent data, with 944 incidents as compared to the 709 incidents reported in same duration last year

A similar theft at a Rite Aid in New York City went viral on TikTok in October after a woman named India, who was a security guard at the store, posted footage of thefts pilfering Halloween candy before fleeing

TikTok made a similar incident at Rite Aid New York City viral in October when India (a security guard) posted footage showing the theft of Halloween candy and then fleeing. 

People asked in the comments why she isn't stopping the thieves if she is supposed to be a security guard, to which she replied: 'Because it's illegal to touch, grab or use any physical force to stop them.' Instead, she said, her job is to 'observe and report'

She was asked by people in comments why she wasn’t stopping thieves, even though she’s supposed to be a security officer. She said that her job was to observe and report. 

Asked what he thinks needs to be done to curb the spike in shoplifting incidents, Rapaport said that there need to be ‘more ramifications’ and penalties for shoplifting. ‘Criminals know they could get away with it. This whole thing is just a mess,’ he said.

Robbery in New York City has spiked by about 33% in the week ending on January 23, the NYPD’s most recent data, with 944 incidents as compared to the 709 incidents reported in same duration last year.

Overall crime has gone up by nearly 39%, with 7,230 incidents this year as compared to last year’s 5,211. 

Meanwhile, in the latest shocking episode of New York City crime, a gunman opened fire in a Bronx hospital waiting room on Tuesday afternoon – shooting another man four times before fleeing.

While waiting to be seen at Jacobi Hospital, the unidentified suspect ‘exchanged glances’ with another male patient.

The horrifying video shows the attacker standing in front of his victim and opening fire.

After fleeing, he left the victim in disbelief as blood spurted from his elbow.

The motive of the attack was not known. The incident occurred while a little girl was seated next to the victim. Her mother protected her during the entire event.

Gunman still at large, armed. NYPD does not have any description of him.

In the latest shocking episode of New York City crime, a gunman opened fire in a Bronx hospital waiting room on Tuesday afternoon ¿ shooting another man four times before fleeing

In the latest shocking episode of New York City crime, a gunman opened fire in a Bronx hospital waiting room on Tuesday afternoon – shooting another man four times before fleeing 

The gunman started to flee, clutching his gun, while stunned onlookers watched. A mother who was with her child in the corner shielded the girl as the incident unfolded

As stunned bylookers watched, the gunman began to run, holding his gun. The incident was witnessed by a shocked mother, who stood in the corner with her little girl.

The victim was able to survive and was immediately treated for a gunshot injury to his arm. Unknown if any other victims were also hurt.

Adams pledged a crackdown to gun violence Monday morning, just days before the attack at the New York hospital. He claimed he would help protect New Yorkers against the current’seaof violence’ plaguing New York.

“I won’t allow that to happen,” he declared.

Both residents and the police unions feel it’s too late. However, they are embracing Adams who promises to be more tough than his predecessor.

Pat Lynch, head of NYC Police Benevolent Association (the largest police union), also applauded Adams yesterday and stated that they will embrace the opportunity to have an “ally” in City Hall.

“For many years we have been calling for solutions to the violent crime crisis. Mayor Adams recognized the need and presented the first steps towards a solution.

“The street message is that illegal gun use and carrying can be punished… It must change right away because the loss of more lives than it’s possible to bear has already been felt.”

The shooting that occurred in Bronx on Tuesday was just hours after a fourth officer died from gunshot wounds received in line of duty.

Jason Rivera, 22

Wilbert Mora, 27

Wilbert Mora (right), 27, died Tuesday, four days after the attack. His partner Jason Rivera, 22 (left) was killed in the shooting

NYPD Officer Wilbert Mora, a NYPD officer, died Tuesday morning. He had been critically wounded in the ambush that also claimed his life.

After being shot along with Jason Rivera, 22, in Harlem Friday night while responding to domestic violence calls, the 27-year old was taken to hospital. The two were the first to die in city gunfire since 2017.

Mora was injured in a shooting accident and needed to have two procedures. However, he died from the injuries. Mora, who was taken from life support on Tuesday afternoon, died in NYU Langone Hospital.

According to The New York Post, he was put on life support in order that organs from his body could be donated.

A cop said to the newspaper that a “lucky person” had won a hero’s heart.

Mora, who graduated in 2018 from CUNY John Jay College for Criminal Justice and was a 4-year veteran of this department, was a fourth-year veteran.

Lashawn McNeill, 47, a career criminal who was currently on probation, carried out the attack. Sumit Sulan, another officer responding to the 911 call, shot McNeil in the head. McNeil was a Facebook user who shared anti-cop propaganda as well as conspiracy posts about the government. He died on Monday.