Michaela Strachan, Wildlife TV’s presenter has stated that meat-eating eco critics are not allowed to critique her frequent flight arrangements for work due to the negative impact of the meat industry on the environment.

Springwatch host and presenter, Springwatch, admitted that she’s an avid flyer but works hard to reduce carbon emissions by not eating meat or planting trees.

After being criticised for flying while pretending to be environmentally conscious, the 55 year-old responded by comparing the impact of meat production to the environment.

In Platinum magazine, Vegetarian Strachan lamented that people are quick to highlight the negatives of others without supporting them.

Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan (pictured here in South Africa) claims that people who eat meat have no right criticise the frequent flying she does for work due the environment impact of the meat sector

‘We’ve got solar panels [in our home]I’m not an electrical car driver in South Africa due to the electricity crisis. But I own a Fiat 500 which is very fuel efficient.

‘I won’t purchase bottled water unless absolutely necessary, and have been vegetarian since I turned 18.

“Anyone who eats meat should not criticize me for flying.”

Strachan also called on the people to stand behind government efforts to counter climate change, and to prevent pandemics.

“Sometimes, we focus too much on the wrong things.

‘Boris Johnson. Whatever you think of him, no matter what your opinions are, why not try to support him and help him get through these difficult time, instead of picking at the small stuff all the while?

Biting back: Michaela Strachan's Twitter rant about the £2250 quarantine hotel where she is staying after flying into the UK from South Africa has backfired, as followers slammed her for acting 'spoilt' and 'tone deaf' [pictured 2018]

Backlash: Furious followers deemed her remarks out of line - forcing the TV host to bite back, claiming she was being 'tongue-in-cheek' [pictured 2017]

Springwatch Presenter 55 years old says she has tried to reduce the negative impact of her flying. Since she was 18 she is a vegetarian and uses solar panels. 

Strachan herself was criticized by social media users earlier this year, when she posted on Twitter about the quarantine hotel that she had been staying in the UK.

Springwatch’s 55-year old presenter described Hounslow’s Radisson Hotel as a “posh prison”. She claimed that eight security guards watched her while she took a walk, and then refused to be served white bread.

Furious fans deemed her comments outlandish, and the TV host was forced to back down. She claimed she was just being tongue-in-cheek.

She tweeted Wednesday, her third day in quarantine, ‘I feel compelled to clarify’ She continued: “Of course, there are disadvantaged persons who would consider this b/fast to be a feast. 

‘That’s not the point. Value for money is my point. My tweet was supposed to be tongue in cheek, but I really don’t think expecting value for money makes me spoilt?’

However, this was met by further criticism. A follower responded: ‘You didn’t come off as spoiled. You came off as judgmental. Cereal, toast, fruit & yoghurt pretty much are the standard breakfasts of the nation.

Clarification: However the star received some backlash for the comments and later took to social media to explain

Clarification: However the star received some backlash for the comments and later took to social media to explain

“It wasn’t because you wanted more for our money-it was that your eyes were set on people who only eat staples. 

One replied, “Perhaps you complain to the hotel via Trip Advisor and ring reception. It seems a little insensitive at the moment when government are cutting £20 Universal Credit top!’

Many jumped to her defense, one of them posting: “Dear dear oh dear! What is the world coming to when you can’t complain about a lousy breakfast… You work B****Y hard and I wish people would STOP JUDGING others by just one comment. It’s not your job to apologize.

“I completely understood your tweet, and I can’t understand how it could have been misunderstood.”

Clarity is not something that should have been needed and it would make me unhappy. Twitter is always full of people looking to get a reaction. Another loyal fan shared the sentiment, “Looking forward to Autumnwatch.”

Strachan presented The Really Wild Show 1993 to 2006. She was joined by Chris Packham (61) who also presents on Springwatch/Autumnwatch.

With Oliver (16 years old) and Nick Chevallier, her long-term partner, she resides in Hout Bay in South Africa’s Cape Town.

Strachan, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, revealed that she had undergone a double mastectomy as well as reconstructive surgery.