Michelle Obama’s brother, and wife sued a $24,000-a year Milwaukee school after their 11-year old’model students’ were kicked out by them. They complained that the virtual lessons they received ‘used racist stereotypes’ and word planting.

  • Kelly and Craig Robinson have filed a suit against University School of Milwaukee after their sons were expelled from the school last year. 
  • They are also the brother and sister in law of Michelle Obama, former first lady.
  • The complaint alleges that their family was retaliated at by the private school after it heard them complain of racist bias during virtual learning
  • Two reports were submitted in March 2021 and January 2021 regarding the allegations of bias 
  • The school sent them a termination notice in April. It was essentially a dismissal letter.
  • The letter  alleges they ‘repeatedly engaged in disrespectful and demanding communications with our teachers’

The brother and sister-in-law of former first lady Michelle Obama are suing the University School of Milwaukee, alleging that administrators kicked their sons out after they complained of racist virtual lessons. 

Kelly Robinson and Craig Robinson sued the Pre-K-12 school after they claimed that Kelly used the word ‘plantation’ inappropriately in lessons. Their lawsuit also claims that teachers failed to consider the diverse socio-economic backgrounds of their students. 

They claim that school made a retaliatory action against their family, whose children are nine and eleven years old. The parents submitted two reports about concern they had regarding racial or socio-economic bias in virtual learning. 

Craig Robins said Tuesday that COVID enabled him to hear what was happening in his classroom. ‘There were multiple use of racial or ethnic stereotypes that were actually in the actual assignments. Use of the term plantation and other things of this nature. 

‘In addition…there was an insensitivity to socio-economic status as well as a disregard for the children who weren’t physically in the classroom.’  

Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson and his wife Kelly are suing the University School of Milwaukee for kicking their sons out after they alleged racist bias in virtual lessons

Craig Robinson, the brother of Michelle Obama and Kelly are suing University School of Milwaukee after their sons alleged that they were biased in online lessons.

Robinson and his wife Kelly (pictured with their sons and the Easter Bunny) filed a lawsuit alleging the school retaliated against their family after they submitted reports in January and March 2021 about concerns over racial and socio-economic bias

Robinson (pictured here with Kelly, their sons, and the Easter Bunny), filed a suit against the school alleging that the school has retaliated against them after their reports were submitted in January 2021 and March 2021 regarding concerns about racial bias and socio-economic discrimination.

They expressed their concerns to the school and offered suggestions for improvement, but Robinson said the school ‘summarily dismissed our young children, retaliating against them because of the issues we brought up.’ 

Kelly Robinson, a GMA reporter, said that she attempted to report bias incidents at her school last year but was denied by the system.

Kelly Robinson pointed out in an interview that ‘just as recently as 10 years ago the University School of Milwaukee had included in their fourth grade curriculum that students would reenact the Underground Railroad and students would dress up as slaves to run through the school in darkness. The teachers then captured the students.

She said that one of other stories she heard involved Black students receiving harsher punishments that their white peers. 

The Robinsons were sent a termination notice for their sons. This was despite them being referred to as “model students” and “portraits of graduates”. 

The fifth grader and third grades were both dismissed in April 2021, while the fourth grader was fired in June 2021. Their children now attend another school.  

This week, the Robinsons filed a lawsuit citing their termination letter. It alleges that they “repeatedly engaged with disrespectful and demanding communication with our teachers/administrators.”

It continues by saying, “it has only been more evident that there was a complete breakdown of your family’s faith in and respect for USM.

The tuition cost for Robinsons’ third-grader at their private school was $23,130 and their second child, $24,640, respectively, according to their website. 

GMA was told by the school that the lawsuit had been served on their law firm. Without having time to read it, they did not comment.    

Robinson, the brother former first lady Michelle Obama, said there were 'repeated use of racial and ethic stereotypes,' and the word plantation was used in virtual learning

Robinson, former first lady Michelle Obama’s brother, stated that there was a’repeated usage of racial or ethic stereotypes’ and that the term plantation was often used in virtual education.