Mick Jagger still has a sparkle in his eyes! Rolling Stones frontman dons light therapy glasses said to boost your energy and mood – before cuddle with lover 44 years his junior

  • Mick Jagger, aged 78, is seen sporting futuristic glasses at his Miami hotel balconies 
  • Costing up to £300, they cast an artificial blue light over the face and eyes
  • They are said to be able to regulate sleep, ease anxiety and chronic pain. 

He’s an enduring style icon who has pioneered some iconic looks over the decades… but Mick Jagger’s latest accessory is eye-catching, even by his outlandish standards.

As our exclusive photographs reveal, the 78 year-old was seen last week wearing futuristic-looking glasses from his hotel balcony.

They were not a fashion statement, but rather a pair of “light therapy” specs that are meant to combat signs of ageing.

Priced between £130 and £300, they cast an artificial blue light over the face and eyes which, it is claimed, improves mood, regulates sleep and eases depression, anxiety, chronic pain and seasonal affective disorder.

They might be the reason for the young energy of the rocker. Perhaps it’s because he is 44 years younger than his girlfriend.

Melanie Hamrick, his mother and Deveraux’s five-year old son, joined Deveraux on the Florida Hotel balcony after the Rolling Stones frontman removed the gadget.

LIGHT FANTASTIC: Sir Mick Jagger, 78, tops up his energy with his 'therapeutic' glasses on his hotel balcony in Miami, Florida

LIGHT FANTASTIC: Sir Mick Jagger (78) refuels his energy by wearing his “therapeutic” glasses from his Miami hotel balcony.

Sir Mick relaxes with his partner Melanie Hamrick, 34, on his hotel balcony

On his hotel balcony, Sir Mick, 34, relaxes alongside his partner Melanie Hamrick 

They shared a moment enjoying the Miami seaside vista below before the 34-year-old ballerina – dressed in a low-cut vest with her hair tied back into a bun – cuddled her partner.

The moment was just hours before The Rolling Stones performed the last show on their No Filter global tour, which lasted 58 days. 

This marked the close of an era of troubled times on the road. It was delayed by Sir Mick’s surgery two years back to repair a heart valve, Covid pandemic and Charlie Watts’ death in September, at age 80.

Ms. Hamrick is a sibling to Sir Mick, and she has been there for him throughout all of his on-off tours. 

The rocker is no stranger to light therapy, despite the demanding schedule.

According to some reports, the use of battery-powered devices, which can last up to an hour per day, increases energy and productivity.

Sir Mick enjoys an embrace with his ballerina partner, who is 44 years his senior

Sir Mick is enjoying a hug with his 44-year-old ballerina partner. 

Sir Mick enjoys a shave while hanging out with his girlfriend in Miami

While hanging out in Miami with his girlfriend, Sir Mick gets a good shave. 

According to manufacturers, sales are up despite Sir Mick being the first person to be seen in a pair of these shoes.

The father-of-8 also used the electric razor to remove any stubble while on the balcony. He then walked to the beach wearing a straw hat, shades and kicking his heels on the sand.

Ms Hamrick took pictures of him on the beach – later shared with his 2.3 million Instagram followers – including some showing him relaxing on a deckchair in a pair of ribbed yellow trousers and a green tiger-print jacket, further cementing his reputation as a fashion pioneer.

Everything Sir Mick does to remain young seems to be working. Reviewers of the concert in front of 65,000 fans applauded the manner Sir Mick “whipped the crowd into an frenzy by shuffling sidestepping and kicking across the stage”.