Tiffini Hale, ex-star of Mickey Mouse Club, dies at 46.

  • Chasen Hampton and Deedee Magno Hill confirmed Hale’s passing via Instagram. 
  • Albert JeunePierre Fields, Damon Pampolina and Damon Pampolina signed the message 
  • Hale was reportedly suffering from a cardiac arrest at the beginning of December according to her co-stars 
  • In a coma, she fought for her life. 
  • Hale was a guest on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, 1989-1995 

Tiffini Hale (ex-member of Mickey Mouse Club) has died aged 46.

Chasen Hampton and Deedee Magno Hale confirmed her death.  

According to Hale, she suffered cardiac arrest early December and was left fighting for her life after being placed in a coma. 

The latest: Former Mickey Mouse Club member Tiffini Hale has died at the age of 46. Her death was confirmed was confirmed by her co-stars from the show Deedee Magno Hall and Chasen Hampton

Tiffini Hale, a former member of Mickey Mouse Club, has passed away at 46. Chasen Hampton, Deedee Mago Hall and Chasen Hampton confirmed that her death had been confirmed.

Her last breath was taken on Christmas Day morning. 

Hale’s former bandmates and All New Mickey Mouse Club co-stars Hall and  Hampton revealed the tragic news via their Instagram pages on Thursday. 

The message stated that she had suffered cardiac arrest and was placed in a coma.

Tiff, her dearest friend and family member, took her final breath this Christmas after many prayers. Her peaceful repose is complete. Tiffini’s loved ones have asked for privacy as they grieve.

Details: Hale is said to have suffered a cardiac arrest in early December that left her fighting for her life in a coma

Details: Hale is said to have suffered a cardiac arrest in early December that left her fighting for her life in a coma

Memorial: Hale's friends said, 'Her beauty, talent, style and fun loving spirit will forever live in our hearts and memories'

Memorial: Hale’s friends said that Hale’s talent, beauty, style and joy loving spirit would forever be a part of our memories and hearts.

Background: Hale appeared on The All New Mickey Mouse Club from 1989 thru 1995

 Background: Hale appeared on The All New Mickey Mouse Club from 1989 thru 1995

Nancy (Tiffini’s mom) and Tanya (Tiffini’s sister), send love to everyone, as well thanks for all your support throughout the years.

The message continued: ‘On behalf of Tiffini’s family, and her Party and MMC brothers and sisters, we want to thank all of you for the love and well wishes you have expressed for our dear Tiffini. We will always remember her beauty, talent and style, as well as her fun-loving spirit.

Hall, Hampton and Albert JeunePierre Fields signed the message along with Damon Pampolina, Damon Pampolina, Damon Pampolina, and “the whole Mickey Mouse Club family”. 

E! reported Hale’s appearance on The All New Mickey Mouse Club between 1989 and 1995. News reported, and had appeared alongside Mickey Mouse Club alums including Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling and Keri Russell. 

Flashback: (L-R) Albert JeunePierre Fields, Hale, Chasen Hampton, Deedee Magno Hall and Damon Pampolina comprised the Disney musical group The Party

Flashback: (L–R), Albert JeunePierre Felds, Chasen Hampton. Deedee Mago Hall, Damon Pampolina and Chasen Hampton made up the Disney musical group The Party 

Background: The Party was short for 'Positive Attitude Reflects Today's Youth'

Background: “Positive attitude Reflects Today’s Youth” was the Party’s shorthand.

Also, she appeared in an episode of Blossom With The Party 1993. 

After her Disney ventures Hale stopped performing and decided not to participate in the 2013 Party reunion.

Ok! Magazine told Fields that she was not a part of this reunion. Magazine in 2013, ‘The truth is, she’s not a part of this’ reunion.

‘We have to respect her, her feelings and her family’s feelings. That’s what it is. Period. I hope people will understand and be able to accept that because it is what they must. That’s what it is.’

Hall stated, “We love and cherish her.”