Mike Tyson, his ex-bodyguard and chauffeur, claimed that Tyson used to be so afraid of losing to his opponent in the ring, he would often need to have sex before fighting to calm his anger.

Rudy Gonzalez said that he needed to be sexy to release some of his strength. “So, I made sure to have girls in changing rooms and bathrooms.

‘Sometimes he’d go in with them for a minute, bang the s*** out of them, snap his neck and say: ‘Okay this guy is going to live tonight.’

Heavyweight fighter Mike Tyson wears the championship belts after a fourth round TKO of Larry Holmes of a scheduled twelve round WBC, WBA, IBF heavyweight title fight January 22, 1988 at the Convention Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey

This is the story of America's â¿¿baddest man on the planet' Iron Mike Tyson as the friend and enemy of Britain's gentle giant, Frank Bruno. This feature length documentary will delve back into the annals of history, exposing for the very first time a legendary boxing rivalry, spanning two epic fights that were mired by vicious politics and volatile race relations

Mike Tyson was afraid of losing to his opponent in the ring. His ex-bodyguard claimed that Tyson needed to have sex before fighting to calm his anger.

Tyson (right) would soon become the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history by beating Trevor Berbick (left) in 1986 at age 20 in Las Vegas

Tyson (right), who would quickly become the youngest boxing champion at heavyweight, defeated Trevor Berbick (left) on June 20, 1986 in Las Vegas.

A year ago, Tyson stepped into the ring for an exhibition against former multi-weight division title-winner Roy Jones Jr. (left) The WBC unofficially called the bout a draw.

Tyson's former chauffeur and bodyguard, Rudy Gonzalez, pictured in 2000

Tyson entered the ring one year ago to face Roy Jones Jr., a former title-winner in the multi-weight division. The bout was officially called a draw by the WBC. (Right) Tyson’s former chauffeur and bodyguard, Rudy Gonzalez, pictured in 2000

Mike Tyson exits the ring after his split draw against Roy Jones, Jr. in November of 2020

Mike Tyson is forced to leave the ring following his draw with Roy Jones, Jr., in November 2020.

It’s possible that the strategy worked. Tyson is now 55 and has never been able to kill anyone. However, he did eat a bit of Evander Holyfield’s ear 1997 which led to his disqualification from their notorious rematch.

Gonzalez said that the ritual was inspired by the fear of another heavyweight champion.

“His greatest fear was the possibility of killing someone with that ring.” He was confident he could achieve it.

Mike felt like a train striking these men, and it’s not an exaggeration. He used sex to disengage that power and relax a little.

Tyson's one-year marriage to actress Robin Givens (left) ended with allegations of abuse against the heavyweight champion

Tyson and Robin Givens’ one year marriage ended in abuse allegations against heavyweight champion. 

Tyson was not only a rage-and-sex fighter, but also experienced intense anxiety and sadness during his prefight ritual.

Gonzalez explained that Gonzalez suffered from an anxiety problem. He would feel depressed, not satisfied with his life or anxious about how it might end.

“Mike feared that if this went wrong, he’d end up in the same neighborhood as before or get locked up.

Tyson was right to be afraid of his past life.

Tyson, who was left by his father as a baby and abandoned at the age of 16 by his mother, became orphaned when his mother died. Tyson lived in Brooklyn’s Brownsville area in the 1970s, where he suffered the emotional and physical scars that prove his innocence.

Many accounts claim that Tyson was targeted by his petite stature, his impossibility to speak, at an early age. Tyson responded with 38 arrests by the age of 13.

He eventually was enrolled in the Tryon School for Boys, Johnstown, New York. There, a Bobby Stewart corrections officer introduced him to boxing. The legendary trainer CusD’Amato would later become Tyson’s legal guardian.

Mike Tyson leaves his trial in 1992 after being found guilty of raping an 18-year-old woman

Mike Tyson is released after being convicted in 1992 of raping 18-year-old girl.

Boxer Mike Tyson looks at the ink on his hands after being fingerprinted during booking at the City-County Building in Indianapolis, March 26, 1992 after receiving a sentence of six years in prison from Judge Patricia Gifford for rape and deviant conduct

After being fingerprinted at the City-County Building, Indianapolis on March 26, 1992, Boxer Mike Tyson examines the ink on the ink on the skin. He was sentenced to six years imprisonment by Judge Patricia Gifford.

Tyson was just 20 years old when he beat Trevor Berbick, a heavyweight champion in boxing.

Tyson’s prodigious talent aside, 44 of 50 career victories were won by knockout. However, Tyson is also remembered for his failures in and out the ring.

Tyson was eventually enrolled at the Tryon School for Boys in Johnstown, New York, where a corrections officer named Bobby Stewart introduced him to boxing and legendary trainer Cus D'Amato (pictured at a House hearing on boxing), who would become Tyson's legal guardian

Tyson eventually was enrolled in the Tryon School for Boys, Johnstown, New York. There, a Bobby Stewart corrections officer introduced Tyson to boxing. Cus D’Amato, a legendary trainer (pictured at an House hearing about boxing), would be Tyson’s legal guardian.

In the 1980s, he dominated lesser opponents. However, his marriage of one year to Robin Givens was marred by allegations that Tyson had abused him.

Tyson was shocked by James “Buster” Douglas in 1990. This was believed to have been a warmup for Holyfield’s much-anticipated fight.

Douglas lost his titles quickly to Holyfield rendering it pointless to rematch. But Tyson returned on track and won with three consecutive knockouts as well as a unanimous victory over Donovan Ruddock.

Tyson would then be accused of and convicted for raping Holyfield’s 18-year old beauty contestant.

Tyson wouldn’t be the same in 1995 when he returned to the ring. Tyson went 5-5 after winning his first four bouts. He also lost to Holyfield twice and was knocked out by Lennox Lewis once more. In 2005, his career was ended by an inexplicable loss to Kevin McBride.

Tyson lost two fights to Evander Holyfield (right) and was famously disqualified in the second

Tyson was defeated twice by Evander Holyfield (right), and famously disqualified from the second.

Referee Lane Mills (L) steps in as Evander Holyfield (R) reacts after Mike Tyson bit his ear in the third round of their WBA heavyweight championship fight at the MGM Grand Garden in 1997

Referee Lane Mills, (L), steps in for Evander Holyfield (R), after Mike Tyson bit his ears in round three of their WBA heavyweight champion fight at MGM Grand Garden 1997

Tyson, now retired, has transformed his public image by launching his own one-man TV show, in 2013, in which Tyson discussed both his traumatizing childhood and his adult life. Tyson has also founded charities for kids from troubled homes and appeared in films like The Hangover. He is also a cannabis entrepreneur.

Also, he spoke openly about his drug history, which was centered around cocaine but also contained the venom from poisonous toads that, he claimed, left him legally dead for just a moment.

Tyson said that “in my travels I’ve seen” death to be beautiful. He spoke about this recently to the New York Post. Both life and death must be beautiful. But death is a negative stereotype. My toad taught me that I won’t be around forever. There is an expiration date.

Tyson admitted that he did it because he was daring. “I had been doing drugs such as cocaine so I thought why not?” This is another dimension. Prior to the toad I was an absolute wreck. I was the toughest opponent that I have ever had to face. My self-esteem was low. Low self-esteem is common for people with large egos. To subsidize this, we use our own ego. The toad takes away our ego.

Tyson was a year old when he stepped in the ring against Roy Jones Jr. who had been the multi-weight division champion. Officially, the WBC called it a draw. 

Mike Tyson looks to start the fight with Jose Ribalta at Trump Plaza Hotel on August 17, 1986

Mike Tyson is expected to fight Jose Ribalta in the Trump Plaza Hotel’s first fight on August 17, 1986.