Jamie Wallis, trans Tory MP and millionaire father to Jamie Wallis, was today found not guilty of hindering police in finding his son. He fled from a car wreck while naked.

After his son Jamie had crashed into the telegraph pole at Llanblethian in South Wales, Daryl Hamilton Wallis (57), allegedly stopped four officers from carrying out their duties.

But he was cleared today after District Judge Shomon Khan dismissed the case against Wallis Snr, blasting ‘lamentable’ failings by the Crown Prosecution Service.

When Mr Wallis fled from the scene, witnesses claimed that he drove his Land Rover to collect his son. He was wearing a black mini skirt and a white long-sleeve top with pearls.

He was allegedly guilty of an offence at Cowbridge, South Wales. This is two miles from Llanblethian, where the incident occurred.

However, the court was informed by the CPS that they had not provided the paperwork required for Wallis Snr to his legal team on time. 

Businessman Daryl Hamilton Wallis (pictured outside Cardiff Magistrates' Court today), 57, allegedly stopped four police officers carrying out their duty after his son Jamie Wallis crashed into a telegraph pole in Llanblethian, South Wales

Daryl Hamilton Wallis, 57, is pictured at Cardiff Magistrates Court. He is alleged to have stopped four officers from carrying out their duties after Jamie Wallis, his son, crashed into a pole of telegraph in Llanblethian.

Mr Wallis allegedly drove his Land Rover to pick up his son (pictured outside Cardiff Magistrates' Court) who was dressed in a black leather mini skirt, a long sleeved white top, pearls, high heels and make-up when he ran away from witnesses at the scene

According to Mr Wallis, his Land Rover was driven by him to collect his son. (Photo courtesy of Cardiff Magistrates Court). He was wearing a black mini skirt and a white long-sleeve top with pearls when he fled from the witnesses.

District Judge Tan Ikram found that the MP had failed to stop or report the collision and left a vehicle in danger.

Wallis was found not guilty of negligent driving. Wallis was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £620 in costs and a £190 surcharge.

On Monday, the MP and his father were both present at Cardiff magistrates.

Wallis is the director of several companies and was arrested for obstructing 4 police officers, including PC Louis Hall and Sgt Gareth Handy who had gone to his home.

Sergeant Gareth Handy, who was present at the hearing earlier described the house in a description of a “mansion” and “absolutely massive”, but had to allow entry because of concerns for the MP.

According to Sgt Handy, Wallis was found in bed naked in one room of the house.

Wallis was found by PC Louis Hall asleep in his bedroom. He said that he appeared to have been wearing makeup. Wallis’ eyes were darkened, his lips reddened, and his cheeks and cheeks were bronzed. He also had red nails on his feet.

Pictured: The MP's car which crashed into the lamppost in November last year

Photo: A photo of the MP’s car that crashed into a lamppost last November.

Alycia Carraini, Prosecutor, asked for an adjournment of the trial after failing to provide disclosures to defense in sufficient time.

She stated that there was an oversight, and the matter hadn’t been reviewed by her until yesterday.

Cardiff Magistrates Court found that Wallis had been privately financing his defense and that the criminal proceedings were having an effect on his “variety of business”.

Peter Rouch QC, the defender of Peter Rouch said that he is seriously hindering one of his businesses’ development by having it hanging over his head. An adjournment could have serious consequences.

“The prosecution had plenty of time to get their home in order, and the defendant’s lawyers have reminded them.”

Mr Wallis (left) and Boris Johnson - who resigned as Prime Minister last week - pictured shaking hands

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (left) is pictured with Mr Wallis.

Before dismissing the case, Judge Khan denied the application of the prosecution for an adjournment.

He added: “The CPS fully acknowledge that disclosure flaws are in this instance. It is the prosecution’s fault. It didn’t do what it was supposed to.

Judge Khan stated that the accused offence occurred in November, and further delays would be ‘contrary the interests of justice’.

Wallis was addressed by him. He said: “You might be lucky, I don’t know. In the way matters have developed as there were a case, but that must be tested. Matters should be challenged.

A letter was ordered by the judge from Chief Crown Prosecutor to be sent within 14 days. It would explain the reasons and the causes of the failures.

MP Wallis was the Tory who won the Bridgend seat for the first time since 1980s. He was elected to office in 2019.