Due to a Minecraft-inspired craze, children have been requesting their parents get them an axeolotl for Christmas. But the RSPCA has warned against the purchase of endangered species as pets.   

This charity urges potential owners to inquire about exotic amphibians. They are Mexican natives and have complex needs. It will be difficult for their care in a home environment. 

According to RSPCA, there is a growing interest in buying the animals. It’s partly because of their introduction in June to Minecraft. Minecraft allows you to build structures with raw materials and interact directly with animals such as axolotls in an open space with your friends. 

The animal’s popularity within the game, which has 140 million active players worldwide, is evident from their frequent appearances in popular Minecraft players’ YouTube videos, with some raking in millions of views. 

Mumsnet, a parenting forum has received a flood of discussions from pre-teens about pets or axolotl themed gifts as a Christmas gift. 

However, the RSPCA has warned parents not to allow their children to ask for exotic pets or pet axolotls this Christmas. 

The RSPCA is urging prospective owners of axolotls, which are native to Mexico, that they have 'complex needs' and providing appropriate care for them in a domestic environment will likely prove challenging

RSPCA has urged potential owners to consider axolotls. These Mexican-native animals are known for having ‘complex health needs.’ It will be difficult to provide the proper care they need in a home environment.


Parenting forum Mumsnet has been inundated with discussions about pre-teens who want the pets - or axolotl-themed goodies - as a gift this winter

Mumsnet, a parenting forum has received a flood of discussions regarding pre-teens wanting pets or axolotl themed goodies as gifts this winter.


Axolotls were carnivorous, paedomorphic salamanders. It was originally discovered in Mexico City’s many lakes.

They live on average between 10 and 15 years in the wild, can grow up to 12 inches, and are only native to the freshwater of Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in the Valley of Mexico. 

Lake Chalco is no longer in existence. It was drained to flood control measures. Lake Xochimilco exists mainly through canals. 

The International Union for Conservation of Nature has placed the axolotl on its annual Red List of endangered species.  

They are an enormous commitment that will require a lot of time and dedication. Large tank, with heating and water filtration.

You will need to provide water and veterinary treatment if your pet becomes ill. 

They’re unusual Amphibians are unique in that they can reach adulthood while remaining aquatic and gilled rather than taking to the ground as adults.

In part due to the rapid urbanization of Mexico City, and subsequent water pollution, they may be extinct by 2020. 

The introduction of invasive species such as the perch and tilapia are other factors. 

These are They are widely used in scientific research due to their capacity to regenerate limbs.

Axolotls are also available as Mexican food, and they were part of the Aztec diet.

In a statement, the charity stated that “Unfortunately many people don’t realize how big a commitment exotic pets and axolotls are” 

“We think that the decision not to buy one is too important. Intuition-buying could lead to pets suffering, as well as inability to take proper care of them.

One YouTube video from user ‘OMGcraft – Minecraft Tips & Tutorials’, which teaches viewers how to get a pet axolotl in the game, has more than 1.3million views.  

A video of GeorgeNotFound titled Minecraft But My Friend IS An Axolotl’ has received more than 20million hits.

Mumsnet revealed that 10 year-olds are asking their parents for a list of Christmas gifts. One Mumsnet post said that they were being pestered by parents to have axelotls as pets.

One user commented: “My dear daughter, 11 years old, has been harassing me about an Axolotl.

Another commented, “My 10 year old niece wants an axeolotl.” This must be what’s in fashion.

One third said: “I have two obsessions with Minecraft and they want an Axolotl, too.”

Ros Clubb, RSPCA senior scientific manager said that exotic pets can be difficult to care for because they are subject to the same environment, diet, and behavioral requirements as wild relatives. 

“We are especially concerned about new pet trends, such as the axolotls. Exotic pets can end up in the care of our staff later on when owners realize they are difficult to take care of or after the novelty has worn off.

“Playing in Minecraft with an amphibian is one thing. But caring for an actual live amphibian is another. The amphibians require care throughout their whole lives. This can include 15 years, long after they have fled the nest.

Dr Clubb stated that they must not only invest in the best set-up but also have regular water changes and veterinary care. This can be a significant commitment. These should not be managed, because they will still be of interest months or even years down the road.

RSPCA cautions against the ‘axolotl/Minecraft phenomenon,’ which could lead to similar results as other media-related trends. 

The animal's popularity within the game, which has 140 million active players worldwide, is evident from their frequent appearances in popular Minecraft players' YouTube videos, with some raking in millions of views

Popularity of the Minecraft animal is apparent in its frequent appearances on YouTube.

What IS Minecraft? 

Minecraft was first created in 2009. The game was launched in 2009.

Then, they can walk on different terrains including forests, mountains and caves.

You can even fly in the air to get a birds-eye perspective of the entire landscape.

Blocks and tools are available to players for building towns and cities.

Players can gain advanced tools and blocks as they progress in the game.

This game was originally developed for PC. However, it is also available in mobile and Xbox 360 versions.

The Oculus VRift allows players to enter virtual reality.

According to the charity, “For example, in 2009 after the Compare the Market ad was released, meerkat calls for our cruelty- and advice-line line increased by 184% the year following the advertisement.” 

“Similarly, the trade of terrapins increased after the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released. Trade in iguanas also rose following Jurassic Park’s release. Clownfish trade has seen an increase following Finding Nemo.

“The axolotl problem highlights the shortcomings of current laws and needs urgent revision,” said Born Free.

Dr. Clubb said, “Exotic pets shouldn’t be bought on impulse.” Owners should ensure that their pet is comfortable in the home they choose and have sufficient financial resources to support a healthy lifestyle.

“We recommend that potential owners read books by experts about the species they want to keep, and join societies with experienced keepers who are able to help them if needed.” She added: The owners can get great advice and support by specialist vets.