Today’s TV interview with Science Minister George Freeman was interrupted by a car accident. He couldn’t say when those under 40 years old will be eligible to get their Covid booster shot.

Boris Johnson promised that every adult in the UK would be offered a third vaccine against coronavirus by the end January 

Ministers still have not released a comprehensive rollout plan that will outline when those in their 20s or 30s can book. 

This morning, Mr Freeman was repeatedly asked why the Government has not published the plan yet and when young adults can book. 

Although the minister couldn’t give an exact answer, he suggested that people ‘contact their doctor now’ even though health bosses told those under 40 to hold off until they are called by the NHS. 

Sky News’ Kay Burley stated to Mr Freeman, “The answer is that you don’t know how” and said she believed the minister was lying.  

This announcement was made as the Government announces that they have signed contracts to obtain 114million Moderna and Pfizer new jabs, which will be available in 2022/23.

These purchases seem to bring a fourth coronavirus jab closer for British adults. 

Freeman suggested that there will be a fourth round next year, saying that “we have to ensure that our citizens remain safe.” 

Science Minister George Freeman suffered a car crash TV interview this morning as he was unable to say when people under the age of 40 will be able to book their Covid booster jab

Today’s TV interview with Science Minister George Freeman was interrupted by a car accident. He couldn’t say when those under 40 years old will be eligible to get their Covid booster jab.

Boris Johnson has pledged that all UK adults will be offered a third coronavirus vaccination by the end of January

Boris Johnson pledged to offer a third dose of coronavirus vaccine for all UK adults by January 31st

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson announced that every adult in the UK will receive a booster shot by January 31st. This is part of the government’s efforts to stop the Omicron variant spreading. 

While all over-40s are eligible to book boosters, the rollout of the program is still not open for those under 40 as officials set a timeline and timeframe. 

As she asked Mr Freeman where the rollout plan was, Ms Burley replied that it had been promised to the nation.

Mister Freeman responded: “Today, we’ve got all the top pharma executives in London to announce a further half-billion pound package in UK life science. As your report points out, the pandemic hasn’t ended and the UK continues to lead in science of eliminating this virus as well as in vaccine rollout here in the UK.

“We’ve procured another 112 million doses, so the dosages are now available for the patients in the coming months.”

Ms. Burley stated: “And in answer to your question?

Freeman explained that he was working with all levels of government to find a way for us both to speed up the international rollout of vaccines. It is true that we cannot be safe until all people are safe. The UK was the first to lead this charge.

“We have more investment per capita than any other country, and we support Covax. At the G7 Summit this summer, we were the leaders in how global we support international rollout.

“Here in Britain, our vaccine rollout program is setting the standard. That is why this year we were able to avoid imposing the extremely tough and quite draconian regulations we had to last, in a manner that others countries are not.

Ms. Burley claimed that an earlier rollout plan was being discussed and that people didn’t know when boosters could be given.

Mister Freeman stated that the NHS has a plan and is currently rolling out. People can apply right now.

“I received my message last night. I have been informed that my booster appointment is scheduled for next week. All citizens in my area and across the country will be able to receive their boosters now.

He stated that he would recommend everyone contact their GP to book their booster jab. It is available, it’s being used, the vaccines have been procured and the NHS leads the world in this rollout.

Ms Burley again pressed for clarity on when people in their 20s and 30s will be able to book and Mr Freeman replied: ‘So, if you contact your GP there are slight differences round the country but at the moment we are the first country to get to this point, we have got 80 per cent of the whole country double jabbed.

“We’ve got almost 90% of the country on board and are rolling it out quickly.

“Some GP surgeries are more efficient than others. This is to be expected. But, if you contact your GP right away and get on the app, they can make an appointment for your booster jab.

Ms. Burley responded, “Minister that is not correct.” Your booster won’t be available if you’re not in your 20s. There is an answer to the question.

“I just want to know where the plan is, and when boosters will be available for those in their 20s or 30s.”

“Well, the NHS are leading that rollout,” Mr Freeman declared. I don’t know which GP offices are offering it today.

“But, we’re accelerating the rollout. It is crucial and we’re putting it in place to ensure that the next generation and the next age cohort get their booster shots as soon as possible.

Ms Burley hit back and said: ‘The answer is you don’t know the answer. You don’t even know when the jab is available, Minister. You have to admit that it is true.

The case was that the NHS was rolling out the vaccination rollout. Mr Freeman interrupted Ms Burley, saying: “You don’t know.”

Mister Freeman said, “If you call your GP to book it, you’ll get your jab.”

Ms. Burley stated that it was not true and not truthful. Minister, it is simply not true.

After the Government had announced that it would buy 114 million more doses of Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the bruising clashes occurred.  

There is speculation about a possible fourth and possibly fifth jab for bulk orders. 

This order provoked a backlash from critics who asked why Britain was buying so many doses of vaccine when it is far less effective than other countries. 

Mr Freeman said: ‘I think the British public would expect us to make sure that we’re providing the supply to those in the UK, which is why we’ve just procured another 114 million doses, precisely to be sure we can deliver that rollout here in the UK as well.

“This is an equilibrium. This balance is essential. We have to protect our citizens and ensure the support of the global vaccination rollout via Covax. Today, we had all the G7 leaders here at No 10. to continue to work on this. It’s an international issue.