After Covid-19 contacted dozens of beauty contestants, the final Miss World competition was cancelled.

Peter Andre presented the prestigious beauty contest in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Thursday.     

Just hours before the 70th Final was scheduled to start, organizers announced that it would be delayed after 23 contestants had tested positive for coronavirus.

Miss England Rehema Muhamia (25), said that she was shocked to learn that she had reached the top 30, in the final.

The final of the Miss World competition has been cancelled after dozens of beauty queens were struck down with Covid-19. Miss England Rehema Muthamia (pictured), 25, said she was devastated by the news having reached the top 30 of the final.

Covid-19 has dissolved the Miss World final after hundreds of beauty queens had to be evicted. Miss England Rehema Muhamia, 25, stated that she was shocked to learn that she had placed in the top 30 for the final.

Rehema (northwest London) said, “We are all distraught to have made it this far. Rehearsals for the 70th Miss World were amazing.

“It was shocking to all that this happened on the same day as the event. Safety has to be the first.

“I had an amazing opportunity to participate and it was a great experience. I am thankful to have made friends all around the world.

“I had an amazing experience in Puerto Rico.”

“I just hope my boss allows me to be more involved and back at work in the next 90 day, since I’ve been gone for over six weeks.

Angie Beasley (director of Miss England) flew to Puerto Rico in support Rehema after she had been practicing for her final month.

Rehema, from north west London, said: 'We are all devastated to have come this far. We had the most amazing final show rehearsed for the 70th Miss World'. She is pictured with Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

Rehema from north-west London said that she was all shocked to get this far. The 70th Miss World final show was the best we had ever rehearsed. She is pictured with Miss Ireland Pamela Uba

Rahema was already in the Top 30 of Miss World after she had been selected as one the six Beauty with a Purpose charity winners.

Angie said, “We are so disappointed for contestants after so many effort and preparation.”

Rehema’s family visited us two days back and we were eager to witness her moment on stage.

It was safe for me to say that travellers had to present proof of double vaccines and PCR tests before I could travel.

“Lots more international events took part in safety. For the third time in my life, this is the first trip I’ve made to any country.

It just shows that Covid can find a way to get in, even when it is not safe.

I heard all of the Miss World contestants were being tested and wearing masks.

Rehema Muthamia, 25, was crowned Miss England in a glittering ceremony in Coventry in August

Rehema Muhamia, 25 was elected Miss England during a glamorous ceremony in Coventry. 

“My thoughts are with all those in isolation here who can’t travel home to celebrate Christmas.

“I truly hope the Miss World organizers and affected contestants will heal quickly so they can return home safe and sound.”

Miss World announced that Miss World had cancelled the contest for safety reasons and would be rearranged in the coming 90 days.

Julia Morley (CEO of Miss World) said: “After speaking with the Miss World 2021 virologists and other medical professionals, and discussing with Puerto Rico Health Department, it was decided by organizers that the Miss World 2021 finale will be delayed at the Puerto Rico Coliseum Jose Miguel Agrelot and held in the following 90 days.

Rahema had already reached the top 30 in the Miss World contest after being chosen as one of the top six Beauty with a Purpose Charity winners.

Rehema is pictured

Rahema was already in the Top 30 of Miss World after she had been selected as one the six Beauty with a Purpose charity winners. 

“As of yesterday additional safety precautions were taken in the best interests of contestants, the production team, and spectators. Understanding the events increased risk on stage and inside the dressing room,

“Nonetheless, following additional positive cases being confirmed by health professionals and experts this morning, the postponement decision has been made.

“The medical experts recommend immediate quarantine to ensure that the patient is safe and well taken care of.

Only after health advisors have cleared contestants, staff and other personnel can they return to their homeland, contestants will be permitted to go back.

“We look forward to seeing our Miss World contestants return to competition for the Miss World crown. They are people we know well.”