Steven Bauer, Scarface’s actor, witnessed an alleged act of rape. He was arrested as a result of the overdose death of a Los Angeles-based model and her friend. has an exclusive interview with him.

And former Scorpions bassist Ralph Rieckermann also told DailyMailTV that the suspect, actor David Pearce, kept a stack of women’s IDs in his apartment which he handed out to young girls, as well as dozens of credit cards not in his name and several high-end laptops.

Pearce (39), a self-professed producer of movies and promoter of clubs, was allegedly the last to see Christy Giles, interior designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales–Arzola, alive.

He and two other men allegedly took Christy and Hilda from an East LA warehouse party to his West Hollywood apartment in the early hours of November 13, according to the women’s phone location records.

Three men have been arrested in connection with the deaths of Christy Giles (left) and Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola, last month

In connection to the death of Christy Giles (left), and Hilda Marcela Cabrales–Arzola (right), three men were arrested

David Pearce (right) attended a function at Les Deux Nightclub in Hollywood with Scarface actor Steven Bauer in 2008, Now he has been arrested in connection with the death of two women

David Pearce (right), attended the function at Les Deux Nightclub, Hollywood in 2008 with Scarface actor Steven Bauer. Now he is being held in connection to two deaths

Pearce (pictured at an event in San Francisco), allegedly raped a woman after locking her in a room at a party around 2008, according to his ex-roommate, Scarface actor Steven Bauer

Pearce is pictured here at an event in San Francisco. He allegedly raped the woman in 2008 after locking him in a bedroom at a party.

Christy, Hilda and their bodies were never seen again after they were taken to two separate hospitals that night by men dressed in masks who drove a car sans plates.

Christy died at Southern California Hospital, Culver City on November 28th around 5pm. Hilda spent the night in Kaiser Permanente West L.A. in a coma until her family removed her from life support on November 28th, just before her 27th birthday. 

In an exclusive interview with, Bauer, 65, revealed that he lived with Pearce for a few weeks around 2010 in that same West Hollywood apartment – and made a shocking allegation against the 39-year-old.

David Pearce (left) and Mike Ansbach are seen with Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola on the night she and Christy Giles went partying in East LA

David Pearce (left), Mike Ansbach, and Hilda Marcela Cabrales–Arzola are seen together on the evening she and Christy Giles partied in East LA 

Mike Ansbach was also arrested on suspicion of felony offenses linked to the deaths of model Christy Giles and interior designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola

Brandt Osborn

Mike Ansbach (left) and Brandt Osborn were also arrested on suspicion of felony offenses linked to the deaths of model Christy Giles and interior designer Hilda Marcela Cabrales-Arzola

Steven Bauer (right) played Manny Ribera, a Cuban drug lord and Al Pacino's right-hand man in the 1983 gangster movie Scarface

Steven Bauer (right), played Manny Ribera, the Cuban drug lord. He was Al Pacino’s right-hand guy in Scarface (1983).

Ralph Rieckermann (right) was bassist for the German rock band The Scorpions. He says David Pearce kept a stack of women’s IDs in his apartment which he handed out to underage girls

Ralph Rieckermann, right was the bassist of The Scorpions’ German rock band. He says David Pearce kept a stack of women’s IDs in his apartment which he handed out to underage girls

Bauer played the role of Manny Ribera, Cuban drug lord, in Scarface in 1983. He said that Pearce made repeated comments about him drugging women for sex and that at a Beverly Hills event, a girl claimed to Pearce that he had locked her up in a room and raped it.

Pearce, the actor claimed that she was with a Latina girl at a party in 2008. Her friend was concerned.

Bauer stated that the time he was looking for the missing woman along with his female friend, she burst into tears and followed Pearce.

‘He was trying to hustle me out of the party so that nobody else would hear,’ Bauer told ‘He said, “Don’t listen to her. This is a stupid party, let’s get out of here… Get in the car, get in the car”.’

Bauer claimed that he instructed Pearce not to take the women home. Pearce was speeding off when Bauer said that they were seated in the back and both crying. The other asked him what had happened. She then made an ingenious accusation.

‘She said “he cornered me and he locked the door. I said that I did not want to do any of it. He didn’t seem to like me. He said, “Yes you like me.” And he forced himself on me.”

‘I said, “Did he hurt you?” And she said, “He raped me.”

‘So I asked him straight out… I said “Answer me. What she’s saying is that you raped her.”

David Pearce pictured at a Las Vegas event with Paris Hilton in 2007

Adult film star Ron Jeremy (L) and producer David Pearce (R) attend the Pimp My Wheel Chair Charity Event at Club My House on February 18, 2009 in Hollywood, California

David Pearce pictured with Paris Hilton and Ron Jeremy, adult film stars in 2007, 2009 

Giles's husband Jan Cilliers was in San Francisco visiting his father when her lifeless body was dumped outside a hospital last month.

Jan Cilliers, Giles’s husband was in San Francisco to visit his father last month when the body of Giles was found outside a hospital. 

Bauer went to a 35th anniversary reunion of Scarface with Michelle Pfeiffer, director Brian De Palma and Al Pacino in 2018

Bauer was invited to the 35th anniversary Scarface reunion with Michelle Pfeiffer (director Brian De Palma, Al Pacino) in 2018.

‘He goes, “She’s a liar. Are you going to believe her? She’s a f***ing maid. She’s gonna brag about this later.”

‘He goes, “Stop being a p***y. You’re a lying liar. She’s a housekeeper or something.”

‘I said, “I’m going to start walking, and I’m going to tell the police where you live. If you don’t let the girl out, I’ll get her home.”

‘He called me all kinds of names. He called me a p***y and that I was a party pooper and I was a hypocrite and that I knew all along what was going on.

Bauer appeared in this year's Love on the Rock, a Christian action movie. He was at a screening in October

Bauer was seen in Love on the Rock this year, which is a Christian action film. At a October screening, Bauer was there

‘He would do that, he would deflect and spin whatever worked for him.’

Bauer claimed that Pearce was driving through Beverly Hills at the time, while consuming an alcoholic beverage in a tumbler from the party. When Bauer asked him to stop, Pearce took the tumbler out of the window and threw it out.

‘I was going to strangle him while he was driving,’ Bauer said. ‘I just lost my temper. I grabbed him by the hair and I said, “Listen, you’d better focus right now. You can pull over. And he said, “Oh, you’re a girl, you pulled my hair.” And that was probably the last time I saw him, or hung out with him.

‘I told him I wanted to get all my clothes out of his apartment, that I was done. I didn’t want to see him anymore.’ was told by the Scarface actor that he met Pearce for the first time at a party soon after moving to LA. Bauer then needed somewhere to sleep when the self-described producer of movies asked him to offer his spare bedroom.

Bauer said Pearce was on his ‘best behavior’ for the first week or so, but that he began to make dark and troubling comments about drugging women in order to sleep with them.

‘He didn’t show his colors until he finally basically lost his patience with me,’ the actor said.

Christy Giles

Giles's husband Jan Cilliers told the two women left the party with the men they met to head to an afterparty but apparently never made it

Giles, Cabrales are seen laughing and dancing in a warehouse party video and photograph taken just before the women left for the hospitals.’s friend said that they were targeted by four men and one woman who had ‘crazeds’.

LA Sheriff's Department booking records obtained by show Pearce is being held on $1million bail has obtained booking records from the LA Sheriff’s Department indicating that Pearce is currently being held under $1million bail

‘He was always implying that he had either Quaaludes or date rape drugs.

‘He would say, “What do you think I’m going to do with her?” And I’d say, “Yeah, but you can’t just scam your way past all young females, and he said “You want to bet? I have other ways – as if you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

‘I’d say, “Don’t even joke about that around me. That’s something I won’t accept. I hope you’re kidding. And he’d say, “Watch me.”

Bauer claimed that Pearce didn’t elaborate when Bauer inquired about the drug his temporary roommate would use on females.

‘He’d say, “Forget it. You’re not being truthful. You’re liable to go crazy and turn me in or something.”’

According to Rieckermann, he said in an interview with DailyMailTV that he used to see Pearce around 15 years ago at party at the Playboy Mansion as well as other celebrities house parties in Hollywood.

The former Scorpions bassist said he once visited Pearce’s apartment to meet Bauer, his close friend, but was instead greeted by Pearce and shown around.

‘He had extremely large televisions, which was unusual for an apartment at that time, and a lot of electronics standing around, like 3-5 laptops,’ Rieckermann said.

‘All of a sudden he came out of the bedroom, which by the way, had porn playing in the late afternoon. He showed me several IDs of females and came out.

‘He said “these are the IDs I use to get girls into the clubs.” I said, “Why do you need IDs to get girls in clubs?” “Well a lot of the girls we’re hanging out with are underage.” I said, “Why are you hanging out with underage girls?”

‘That was an extremely weird, big red flag to me.’

Rieckermann said he also saw a stack of 50-70 credit cards on Pearce’s desk not in his name, which Pearce refused to explain to him.

Ralph Rieckermann said he saw a stack of 50-70 credit cards on Pearce’s desk not in his name, which Pearce refused to explain to him.

Ralph Rieckermann said he saw a stack of 50-70 credit cards on Pearce’s desk not in his name, which Pearce refused to explain to him.

‘Then a few girls started showing up and they were very, very young, and very insecure. My gut feel was they were definitely underage,’ the 59-year-old retired rock star said.

‘He said he was going to go out with them later and he was passing out all these IDs to these girls. When he said that he was going out with them later, I told him to stop. I gotta go.’

Rieckerman said he wanted to speak out to encourage witnesses to come forward and for police to investigate all possibilities in Christy and Hilda’s case.

He said he later discovered Pearce had been ‘blacklisted’ from further house parties after a host allegedly caught him on security cameras stealing a laptop.

According to court records, Pearce was convicted in April 2015 of petty theft. However it’s not known if the case was connected with any theft from a house party.

He was also accused of unlawfully possessing a controlled drug in 2015. However, that case was dropped or not prosecuted.

In 2018 Pearce made a hoax call to police claiming ‘there were men with guns in his hotel room and they weren’t letting him leave.’

The Swat team arrived at the victim’s room at the Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills until it was clear that the call had been faked.

 A cloud of suspicion has hung for weeks over Pearce, Ansbach and Osborn, who were said to be the last to see the women alive.

Based on phone data, Giles & Arzola were seen returning to Pearce’s Beverly Hills apartment with the men shortly after midnight.

 About 12 hours later the women’s cold bodies were dumped at two hospitals by men in balaclavas driving a black Toyota Prius with no plates, caught on CCTV according to Giles’s husband, Jan Cilliers.

Texts from Christy's phone reviewed by showed the two women seemed uncomfortable after arriving at Pearce's apartment (pictured) and called an Uber to take them home but were never picked up reviewed texts from Christy’s cell phone and found that the women felt uncomfortable upon arriving at Pearce’s home (pictured). They called Uber for help but they were not picked up.

Texts between the two women showed Christy sent a message to Hilda at 5:30am when they were at the apartment, reading: 'let's go.' Hilda replied: 'Yes. I'll call an Uber' - however, the two were never picked up

The text messages between Christy and Hilda showed that Christy had sent Hilda a message at 5:30 AM when they arrived at their apartment. It read: “Let’s go.” Hilda replied: ‘Yes. Hi Hilda, yes.

While both Giles (left) and Cabrales (right) were found with heroin in their systems, their family and friends insist the women never would have willingly taken the drug

Both Cabrales and Giles were both found to have heroin in their system, but their families and friends claim that the women would never have taken the drug.

Giles and Cabrales-Arzola were at SoHo on Friday, November 12, when they left for a warehouse party. Giles husband said he traced her phone to an apartment complex before the women were dropped off at their respective hospitals

Cabrales-Arzola and Giles were in SoHo Friday, November 12th when they went to a warehouse party. Giles husband stated that he tracked her phone to an apartment complex, before dropping the women off at respective hospitals.

Pearce photographed the Prius in Pearce’s driveway following the incident.

Giles died soon after her discovery. Arzola was also declared dead on November 28, after having been unconscious for over two weeks.

Pearce is being charged with manslaughter. LAPD West Bureau rounded up Pearce at 11 AM on Wednesday. He is now being held in a Department Jail. has obtained booking records from the LA Sheriff’s Department indicating that he is currently being held under $1million bail.

Pearce’s 42-year-old roommate Osborn was taken into custody shortly afterwards at 12:30 PM the following day. He was released on $100,000 bail.

Ansbach was taken into custody at 11.10am Wednesday, and released on $100,000 bail.

Two other men were charged with accessory manslaughter.