“Please help me. My parents don’t even have the money or food to feed me”: A note written by his mother asking for someone’s assistance to find him a family to love is left in a cardboard box in Alaska.

  • Roxy Lane discovered baby Teshawn in a row near her Fairbanks residence around 2pm on 31 December, when it was cold outside.
  • The mother found him in a cardboard container, wrapped in blankets, cooing and with a note asking for assistance.
  • “Please Help Me !!!'” The note stated that it was urgent for help. The note stated that my grandparents and parents do not have enough money or food for me to live with them. I need you to take me in and make me part of a loving family.
  • Teshawn was taken by ambulance to the nearby hospital. He is now in good health
  • Police are trying to find the mother, who in her note claimed that she was sorry to leave her baby but ‘never wanted’ to.

The mother of a newborn boy left him in Alaska in frigid temperatures. She also wrote a note expressing her inability to afford food for the baby.

Roxy Lane of Fairbanks found the baby on New Years Eve near her Fairbanks home by a row mailboxes. On her Facebook, she posted the video of the infant, who was called Teshawn by his mother, as well as the note. 

“Please Help Me !!!'” The note stated that it was urgent for help. The note stated that my grandparents and parents didn’t have enough money or food for me to eat. I was never able to get this from them.

Please take me to a LOVING FAMILY. I am begging my parents to find me. Teshawn is my name. 

Paramedics took Teshawn to a nearby hospital immediately after he had been found. According to state police, he is in good condition. His mother is still being sought by authorities.

A preemie baby boy was found abandoned in a cardboard box in Fairbanks, Alaska on Dec. 31 with the above note from his mother

On Dec. 31, a preemie infant boy was left in Fairbanks Alaska in a box with the note above from his mother.

When Roxy Lane (pictured) found the infant he was swaddled in blankets and cooing.

Teshawn (pictured) was taken to a nearby hospital and is said to be in good health

Roxy Lane (right) discovered the baby, whose mother Teshawn (left) had named him. He was wrapped in blankets with cooing and was cooing. Teshawn was taken by Roxy Lane to a local hospital to undergo evaluation.

Lane found Teshawn in a box, cooing and swaddled in blankets, at the intersection of Dolphin Way and Chena Point Avenue, near Fairbanks,  around 2pm on December 31.

According to the National Weather Service, temperatures were low in single digits and there was a wind chill of twelve below. 

According to his mother’s note, the baby had arrived in this world at around 6am that morning.

‘I was twelve weeks premature. The note stated that my mom was 28 weeks pregnant when she gave me to her. “My parents lived in Cormorant Street. My mom is so sad to do this.’ 

Lane, although she is very grateful that Teshawn was found alive and well, is still asking for help from her neighbors in finding his mother.   

Her note indicated that she believes the family couldn’t afford to send the woman to hospital.

“Please, somebody knows about this mom. Please check on her!” Perhaps she is feeling alone and may be in an extremely difficult situation. Lane stated that we do not know all the details and could have a backstory.

“Clearly, somebody in our community felt so hopeless and lost that they decided to make the most difficult choice of all their lives and leave the innocent life that was on the side road with only a name and blankets.

“But she named him!” She said. Even though she took a horrible decision, there is still some love.

Lane stated that she spent much time processing the circumstances and trying to figure out why someone would abandon their child. 

According to her note, Teshawn's mother lived on Cormorant Street. He was abandoned about a mile away at the intersection of Dolphin Way and Chena Point Avenue

Her note states that Teshawn was abandoned by his mother on Cormorant Street. He was abandoned about a mile away at the intersection of Dolphin Way and Chena Point Avenue

Teshawn was found near the mailboxes pictured above

Teshawn was discovered near the boxes pictured above

She wrote, “Today, I saved a child and I’ll likely think about Teshawn throughout my entire life,”

“I have been processing all my emotions all day, and going through all of the possible scenarios and explanations, along with my family and bf, why this might have happened.”

It was suggested that Teshawn’s parents might have been too young to be aware of Alaska’s Safe Haven Law. This law allows parents to surrender their children in safe locations.

It’s always safer to give up a child than to keep them alive. You won’t get into trouble, or have to answer difficult questions. You can take the baby to a church, hospital or fire station and they’ll take care of it, she said.  

Lane is hopeful that the mother will get the support she needs, even though the woman made a terrible decision.