My daughter wants to be with you! To help her daughter find a husband before her death, her mother, who is terminally ill, uses Times Square to advertise her search for a 30-year-old boyfriend.

  • Beth Davies was diagnosed first with breast cancer back in 2004. Since then, the disease has continued to spread.
  • She is now on a mission to find Molly her partner, before it’s too late
  • A billboard advertising Molly’s profile as a dater was placed in Times Square last week 

To help her daughter find a man, a mother suffering from terminal cancer took out a Times Square billboard. 

Beth Davies was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in 2004. She was then treated with chemotherapy. However, in June 2020, doctors informed her she had developed metastatic breast cancer, which had spread to her bones.

The 61-year old Boston native is now on a mission to take her daughter Molly, 61, down the aisle as soon as possible and “to feel secure in her care.”

A 47×25-foot advertisement was posted last week at New York City’s crossroads. It featured a picture of Molly, her daughter, and the URL to her dating profile.

Last week, a 47-by-25-foot advertisement went up at New York's famous crossroads, with a photo of Beth's 30-year-old daughter Molly and a URL to her dating profile (pictured)

An advertisement measuring 47 by 25 feet was placed at New York’s Crossroads. The advertisement featured Beth’s photo and Molly’s URL.

Beth, along with Rick (62 years old), is determined to walk her daughter down that aisle.

Beth said to the New York Post that she would love for her daughter to be settled. She is currently being treated with Ibrance tablets, which she hopes will keep the cancer under control for at least two years.

“Considering I have serious health problems, it is urgent to act,” she said.

In an attempt to find a partner, she turned to Wingman dating app. This allows friends and relatives to give testimony. 

Molly stated to The Post, that she believes the billboard as well as the app “cases a larger net”. She said: ‘I want someone who adores me and someone I adore as well. My life should be full of joy. It will be all worth it if this person broadcasts it. 

Beth also agreed. According to Beth, it was only fair that Molly had acted as my wingman by escorting her to several oncology appointments.

Molly and Beth visited Times Square in New York City together after the billboard was put up. Beth snapped photos of Molly under the billboard and posted them to Facebook.

Since the billboard went up, Beth and Molly have been together to visit Times Square, with Beth taking photos of them together smiling beneath it, and putting them on Facebook

Molly and Beth have visited Times Square together since the billboard was up. Beth took photos under it and put them on Facebook.

According to her mother, some of her friends had told her that their daughters would kill them if they did the same thing. Molly, however, said that she respected her mother’s wisdom and the mission of her to find her a suitable partner.

Of her daughter, Beth told NBC news: ‘She wakes up every day, just trying to make the lives of others better.’

Molly said, “I hope that the right person will be confident enough not to be discouraged by the unconventional.” 

She said on the billboard: “It’s such an amazing trip. Particularly up there alongside Olivia Rodrigo (Gen-Z icon). 

Molly’s profile caught the attention of Wingman’s founder Tina Wilson, who was the one who arranged for the billboard to be put up in Times Square.

Wilson said that her daughter was still focused and lovingly attending to her little girl. Wilson also stated that she wanted to assist her in her search for the perfect man and help her find it.