Chicagoan 71-year-old man was shot dead in his Chinatown neighborhood while he tried to get a Tuesday newspaper. 

Dramatic footage shows Woom Sing Tse walking past Haines Elementary School in Chinatown as a retired restaurateur when a silver car with two doors slows down.

Tse falls to his death from the unidentified driver. 

Park the car, get out, then continue to fire his gun at the injured man until he is dead. 

Tse was an immigrant from China who had lived in America almost 50 years. He was then taken to Stroger Hospital where he was declared dead. 

Woom Sing Tse, 71, a retired Chinatown restaurant owner, was shot multiple times in the head and executed in a random attack on Tuesday afternoon

Woom Sing Te, 71-year-old retired Chinatown restaurant proprietor, was repeatedly shot in the head. He was executed by random means on Tuesday afternoon

Tse was on his way to buy a newspaper for his wife at a store just down the block from his home

Tse was heading to a nearby store to get a newspaper and newspapers for his wife.

A silver two-door car drives by just as Tse is walking and begins opening fire at the man

Just as Tse starts walking, a silver-colored two-door sedan drives past and opens fire at him

The driver steps out of the vehicle to kill Tse, who was lying injured on the ground

Tse lay injured on the floor and was being killed by the driver when the driver got out of the car.

Chicago police arrested a suspect a short time later on the Kennedy Expressway near Jackson, and a gun was recovered, NBC 5 reported. The investigation is ongoing and the motive for the grisly murder remains a mystery. 

The police said that they are still investigating the case, but CBS sources revealed to CBS that the suspect killer was in his 20s with a criminal history. Sources said that initial investigations have shown that the crime appears random.   

William Tse’s son called the murder ‘senseless’ and stated to Chicago Sun Times, that William had just eaten lunch with his dad before the attack. 

William claimed that his mother was going to buy a newspaper. Tse, however, offered to take William instead as it was too cold out. 

William said that his sister is a teacher at Haines Elementary School. Some of these students were present when the shooting occurred.

“I was at recess. I was near the shooting gate, and my teacher said to me that her father was killed,” Malyaiya White (4th grade) told Fox. 

White stated that at least 13 shots were fired during the shooting, which led to a lockdown at school.  

“It was so dark that my friend began to cry and was panicking. Other students were distracted by their smartphones. The teacher was terrified as well — she was just sitting there she wasn’t saying a thing,’ eight grader Demiyah Johnson said. 

Tse, pictured with his family, was a father of three and grandfather of nine

Tse (pictured together with his family) was a grandfather of nine and father to three.

The driver walks away and goes back into his car after leaving Tse for dead

After leaving Tse, the driver leaves and gets back in his car.

Chicago police arrested the suspect on the Kennedy Expressway in Jackson

Chicago police arrest suspect at Kennedy Expressway in Jackson

Charges are pending, and police have yet to reveal a motive behind the grizzly murder

The investigation is ongoing and the motive for the grisly killing remains a mystery to police.

William claimed that his dad was a fixture in the neighborhood who owned two Chinese-themed restaurants, took care of nine grandchildren and had three other children. 

William said to the Sun Times, “My father was an example of immigrant arriving in America and trying their luck,” 

He also said that he didn’t believe his mother would be able to “walk in Chinatown anymore” with her father. 

Tse was honored by members of the community as they held a small prayer outside the Chinese Christian Union Church. 

‘[We]Prayers for hope and healing are requested for the victim’s family as well as for his children, said Chris Javier from the Chinese Christian Union Church. 

Javier observed that the US has seen an increase in anti-Asian violence since 2020. This caused elders around the country to be cautious about going on their own. 

The church group installed 20 cameras around the area to combat anti-Asian violence. One of them recorded the shooting. 

The incident took place just outside the Haines Elementary School, where Tse's daughter works. Some of the young students said they witnessed the crime

Tse’s daughter, Haines Elementary School student Tse was working at the Haines Elementary school. Some young students claimed they saw the crime.

The community held a vigil for Tse outside the Chinese Christian Union Church

Tse was honored by the community outside of the Chinese Christian Union Church.

Chris Javier, who helped hold a vigil for Tse on Tuesday night, said members of the community had installed 20 surveillance cameras in the area following a wave of anti-Asian crimes in 2020

Chris Javier who participated in a Tse vigil on Tuesday night said Tse’s community members had placed 20 surveillance cameras within the vicinity after a series of anti-Asian incidents in 2020.

The Windy City has seen an increase in violent crimes. There have been 756 murders as of December 5, 2021. This is a 4 percent increase on the 727 that occurred last year. 

The shooting incidents are also on the rise this year. Chicago Police Department reported 3,347 shooting incidents so far in 2021. This is a 9 percent increase over last year. 

With police recording 11865 cases, thefts rose by 19 percent. Also, criminal sexual assaults increased by 28 percent from 1,522 in 2013 to 1,943. 

The only crime that saw a decrease in violent crimes this year was robbery, which dropped by around 2%. 

The overall crime rate has increased from 43 338 in 2020 to 43 701 this year.     

Most violent crime in Chicago has seen a significant spike, with only robberies seeing a recent drop. Overall crime in the Windy City has gone up by 1 per cent

The most violent crimes in Chicago have seen an increase, while robberies saw a drop. Crime in Windy City overall has increased 1 percent

A terrifying shooting with a machine gun left 40 people injured and three killed in the city. It happened over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has come under fire for the way she has dealt with crime after she publicly backed the ‘defund the police’ movement and proposed slashing $59million from the CPD budget, or 3.3percent, and 600 vacant positions from the department, amid Black Lives Matter protests throughout the summer of 2020.

Lightfoot is backtracked After Ella French, a police officer was killed in August while policing a traffic stop. 

She was both the first Chicago police officer to be fatally shot in the line-of duty since Lightfoot assumed office, and also the first Chicago female officer killed in that capacity in over 33 years. 

Lightfoot’s new “refund the police” plan was revealed following August’s murder. It raised Chicago’s annual budget by $1.7billion to $1.9billion.  

Despite publicly supporting calls to 'defund the police', Chicago Mayor Lightfoot backtracked in August after the death of officer Ella French and proposed a new plan to 'refund the police'

Despite publicly supporting calls to ‘defund the police’, Chicago Mayor Lightfoot backtracked in August after the death of officer Ella French and proposed a new plan to ‘refund the police’

Police Officer Ella French died after she was shot during a traffic stop in Chicago in August 2021

Ella French was a Chicago police officer who died in August 2021 after being shot at a Chicago traffic stop.

However, Chicago experienced another wave in violent crime two weeks following the tragedy. On Labor Day weekend, a boy aged four was murdered after being shot twice through the head from the window of his father’s Chicago home. 

Seven other children sustained injuries in shootings in another part of the city over the weekend that angered residents across the entire city. 

Lightfoot later denounced the “defund the Police” movement. However, Chicago’s police union still voted against the mayor. 

A jab mandate has also put her in conflict with the police. Last month, nearly 50% of officers were threatened with unpaid leaves if they didn’t declare their status.