Holy cow! Moment 2,000lb bovine charges at cop after it ‘takes offense’ when he tries to herd it off a California highway

  • Officer Brandon Pratt, of Lassen was taken into custody at the location near Susanville. 
  • A cop was able to escape with only one ‘glancing hit’ at his shoulder.
  • California Highway Patrol stated that cows are a’many dangers’ to rural cops

Here’s the shocking moment when a California cow attacked a cop. 

This video was captured on Officer Brandon Pratt’s dashcam in his patrol car. It shows Pratt trying to get the animal off a California highway close Susanville, California. 

It becomes angry at Pratt and begins to charge the police officer. Pratt is repelled by the animal, who attempts to run at him with a jump but does not strike.

A cop working for the California Highway Patrol was charged at by an angry cow he was trying to shoo off the road near near Susanville, Lassen

A cop working for the California Highway Patrol was charged at by an angry cow he was trying to shoo off the road near near Susanville, Lassen

The officer’s colleagues told the Los Angeles Times his bulletproof vest likely helped protect him against the cow’s attack. 

This footage captures Officer Pratt at the end of his escape. He is seen reversing to his patrol car, exhaling with relief.

California Highway Patrol (CHP), Susanville, shared the video and commented: “Holy Cow!” Officer Pratt captured on film one of many dangers that we all face every day in rural Northeastern California.

Officer Pratt is dealt a 'glancing blow' on his shoulder by the riled up cow

The riled-up cow gives Officer Pratt a “glancing blow” on the shoulder 

After his close escape, Officer Pratt makes eye contact with the dashcam and lets out a big sigh of relief

After his near escape Officer Pratt looks at the dashcam, and exhales a huge sigh. 

The ‘Susanville CHP handles large animal calls that go beyond fenced areas. Large animals can also pose a threat to our motorists by crossing the road.

“This meat locomotive was fed up with being told what it should do. Officer Pratt was able to escape relatively unharmed!  

Police added that they would remind you to buckle up and not drink and drive. They also advised you to call CHP to deal with any cows found outside of their fencing. 

CHP spokesperson says the office handles four to five call outs from loose cows per week.  

Officer Pratt is involved in cattle ranching, which is an important industry in Lassen County.

Lossy cows, weighing in at between 1000 and 2,000 lbs, can be a danger for cars as well as people.

An escaped cow terrorized patients at a Colombian hospital’s waiting room earlier this year.

Video footage that is bizarrely captured the beast charging into the room, causing panic amongst the patients of the Hospital San Rafael located in north-western Colombia’s Antioquia department in February 2021.

Vanguardia, a local newspaper reported that nobody was injured during the incident. The woman who was trampled was given minor pain relief while others did not require treatment.