Holy cow! Moment a 200lb bovine charges at cop after it ‘takes offense’ when he tries to herd it off a California highway

  • Officer Pratt was taken into custody near Susanville, California. 
  • A cop was able to escape with only one ‘glancing hit’ at his shoulder.
  • California Highway Patrol declared cows ‘one among many dangers for rural cops.

Here’s the shocking moment when a California cow attacked a cop. 

The video, captured by Officer Pratt’s patrol car dashcam, shows him trying to shoo a rogue cow off a highway near the town of Susanville in the Californian county of Lassen. 

A stocky animal becomes angry and attacks the highway police, inflicting an ‘glancing blow’ near his shoulder.

A cop working for the California Highway Patrol was charged at by an angry cow he was trying to shoo off the road

California Highway Patrol officer was confronted by an angry cow while trying to steer him off the highway.

Although the bovine attempts to run over him with a leaping jump, he appears to escape uninjured.

Officer Pratt, after his luck escape, can be seen returning home to his patrol vehicle and exhaling.

California Highway Patrol (CHP), Susanville, said that a Holy Cow! Officer Pratt captured on video one of the dangers we all face every day here in rural northern California.

Officer Pratt is dealt a 'glancing blow' on his shoulder by the riled up cow

Officer Pratt gets a ‘glancing punch’ from the cow. 

After his close escape, Officer Pratt makes eye contact with the dashcam and lets out a big sigh of relief

After his escape attempt, Officer Pratt made eye contact with the dashcam camera and let out a big sigh. 

The ‘Susanville CHP handles large animal calls that go beyond fenced areas. Large animals can also pose a threat to our motorists by crossing the road.

“This meat locomotive was fed up with being told what it should do. Officer Pratt managed to get away relatively unscathed.  

According to the police, “Remember to always buckle down, never drink and drive and to call CHP to deal with those pesky cows who are not within their fences.”

A cow that ran away from Colombia terrorized patients in the waiting area of a Colombian medical facility earlier this year.

In bizarre video footage, the wild animal charges into the room and causes panic in patients at Hospital San Rafael in Antioquia (north-western Colombia) in February 2021.

Vanguardia, a local newspaper reported that nobody was injured during the incident. The woman who was trampled was given minor pain relief while others did not require treatment.