Marlboro flights for me Moment: A cheeky magpie jumps in the car to steal driver’s cigarettes

  • A friendly magpie from China’s Dalian was captured playing with cigarettes.
  • After first pecking at the cardboard, the bird eventually put a cigar in his mouth as though he was going to start smoking it.
  • A man was filming and offered the smart bird a lighter. He asked him if he wanted to light his cigarette.

Here’s the bizarre moment when a friend magpie steals cigarettes in the car of a confused motorist in China.

The phone footage was filmed on November 15 by a driver in the city of Dalian in the Chinese province of Liaoning while he watched the magpie and even offers to light a cigarette for the bird.

After scampering about outside, the magpie made it’s way into the car.

The video begins with the seemingly unfrightened magpie playing on a man’s head before inserting his beak into the driver’s cigarette packet.

The Chinese magpie was shown sticking its beak into the carton before putting a single cigarette in its beak and sitting on the steering wheel of the car

After inserting one cigarette into its beak, the Chinese magpie was shown putting its hand in the carton and then sitting down on the steering wheel.

The bird jumps on the steering wheel, and then looks at the driver behind.

He later offered to light the lighter for the bird that had moved into his passenger seat. This was in a joke about the glittering magpie smoking a cigarette.

He then places his lighter in front the camera, and jokes that he will light it.’.

The man offers his lighter to the magpie

The magpie poses for the camera with a cigarette in its mouth

As he shot the funny footage, the driver made a joke about lighting a cigarette for the bird.

Video 3: The bird poses with a cigarette in its beak, looking as if it’s trying to impress the camera.

While magpies have a reputation for stealing valuables and shiny objects in European culture, this type of magpie seems to be more tolerant.

The birds of East Asia are culturally significant for luck and good fortune. This is evident in the comfort the driver feels with the magpie.