Footage released today shows the dramatic moment armed police stormed a £2 million country mansion to find the mother of an alleged murderer in a pool of blood after being stabbed several times. 

Firearms officers smashed through the conservatory of the sprawling Moorhill estate near Gillingham, Dorset with a crowbar after spotting Anne Schreiber bleeding out on the kitchen floor through a window. 

Just before officers enter the kitchen, the body-worn footage is cut and Mrs Schreiber was found seriously injured.

PC George Bryant (one of the Dorset Police officers armed) stormed the home and said that Mrs Schreiber had suffered severe knife injuries. He thought it was because she’d been shot with a shotgun.

Thomas Schreiber (35) is her son and accused of attempted murder. Also, Sir Richard Sutton (83) was her partner. He is one of Britain’s wealthiest landowners. 

Anne was paralysed in the attack and remains in hospital seven months later.  

Schreiber has admitted manslaughter over the hotelier's death but denies murdering him. He pleads not guilty to the attempted murder of his mother (pictured with Thomas)

Schreiber admits manslaughter to the murder of the hotelier but has not admitted his guilt. Thomas and Schreiber are pictured together.

Sir Richard Sutton, 83, had a knife plunged 12cm into his heart as he was stabbed to death at his £2m home

Sir Richard Sutton, 83, had a knife plunged 12cm into his heart as he was stabbed to death at his £2m home

Armed police officers arriving at the Moorhill estate on the evening of the killing to find the heavily bleeding Anne Schreiber

On the night of the murder, armed police arrived at Moorhill Estate to locate Anne Schreiber, who was heavily bleeding.

PC Bryant was on-scene at Moorhill when he discovered Mrs Schreiber’s body on the kitchen floor. He addressed today’s courtroom.

According to him, he saw ‘large lacerations on her body’, she was covered in blood and was “barely conscious”.

PC Bryant explained that she attempted to talk with her. I initially believed that she would respond by blinking, but it is not clear if she knew we were present.

“The initial presentation of the blood loss and wound nature was similar to that of a bird shot with a shotgun.”

PC Bryant realized that she was rapidly declining and so carried her across his shoulders to the paramedics.

The jury was also shown photographs of Thomas Schreiber’s injuries, which he sustained after stabbing himself several times when he was stopped in London by police.

Photographs showed him with horizontal marks and bruises around his wrists, as well as several stabbing wounds in his chest.

Schreiber’s arrest in London was made by PC Kane Ellafi.

According to him, he was ‘calm’ in his eyes and stared blankly ahead. He then saw him grab a knife and attempt to stab himself.

Schreiber was at first shot with the taser “prevent him killing himself”, before being arrested.

Also, Dr Timothy Godfrey was present at the court. He treated Mrs Schreiber after she arrived in Southmead Hospital, Bristol via air ambulance.

According to him, there were 13-15 stab wounds on her body. The deepest cut was at her C4 vertebrae.

Dr Godfrey stated that this made her paralysed or tetraplegic. This means she was unable to move her arms or legs.

He also said the other stab wounds could reach bone.

“As we put her on her side, the blood began to flow again. It was something we were unable to deal with at the emergency department.

It was decided to bring her to the theatre. She received blood transfusions.

A jury has been shown footage released by the Metropolitan Police of the suspect, 35-year-old Thomas Schreiber, being chased at 135mph before armed police seized him

The Metropolitan Police released footage of Thomas Schreiber (35-year-old suspect) being chased at 135mph, before the armed police took him into custody.

Footage shows the Range Rover, driven by Schreiber, pursued along the A303 and M3 before colliding with a police car in what has been described as a 'hard stop' in Chiswick, west London

Film footage shows Schreiber driving the Range Rover along the A303, M3 and then colliding with the police car. This was described as a “hard stop” in Chiswick.

Total, Mrs Schreiber received 27 litres (or approximately 77 units) of blood products.

Dr Godfrey commented that it was the highest number of cases he has ever had to deal with. It is rare to find more than 10 units, but I could compare it to being struck by cars and lorries.

A court was informed that Mrs Schreiber had received 3/50 marks on her left and 7/50 points on her right in an aptitude test six months prior to her stabbing. It also stated that she would likely remain a total C4 tetraplegic.

The following week saw the The jury saw footage showing the suspect being pursued at 135mph, before his capture by armed police.  

Schreiber drives the Range Rover in the footage, following it along the M3 in central London. The Range Rover collides with the police car at Chiswick.

A body-worn video shows Schreiber being taken from Range Rover after he was tased. Officers then remove Schreiber’s clothes and locate the spot where he had cut himself in his chest.

Schreiber is heard repeatedly calling out: ‘Please kill me now, please just shoot me,’ and adding: ‘I am asking you to put a bullet in my f****** head.’

The officer responds: “Mate that is not going to happen. Stop asking.”

He has previously admitted to the murder of Sir Richard and pleaded guilty driving Range Rovers dangerously on A303, A4 or M3.  

Anne was interviewed on video about the incident. According to Anne, the 66-year old said she was returning from the grocery at 6pm. After feeding the dogs in her kitchen, her son attacked her with a kitchen knife. 

She said, “He didn’t seem like he was going help me peel potatoes.”  

A video interview was shown to the court. The interview was taken at Salisbury Hospital June 29, 2021. The 66-year old sits in a chair and is wearing a pink top, grey scarf, and a pillow.

According to her, she told the court that her son attacked her with a kitchen knife.

She shared that she is happy singing along to a tune and was in a great mood when Tom came in the kitchen.

“Tom enters the kitchen. Tom appears unusual.

I say, “What’s the problem?” I say ‘What’s the matter?’ or “Are you okay?”I look at a knife, so I said “Don’t worry, I’m all right” because he gave me an indication.

She continued, “He was standing with his knife. He certainly did not look like he was going help me peel potatoes. Let’s just say that it was a very threatening position.”

Ms. Schreiber said, “I believe he stabbed my arm. I was stabbed by him. I can remember seeing the knife inside me and feeling surprised it didn’t hurt.

“I also recall me saying, “What are you doing?” It’s not as bad as it sounds, but I am still surprised that it doesn’t hurt any more.

“Then, I believe. I might be wrong. Richard came in from the other room shouting and screaming. He was certainly alive, because I saw him.

She said, “I recall him stabbing me again. Then I don’t know what happens with Richard.”

‘I cannot honestly say that Richard was stabbed or beaten by Tom. However, I believe I am that Richard is, that’s certain.

Body-worn video also shows Schreiber (right), who had been tasered, being dragged from the Range Rover before officers remove his clothes to locate where he had stabbed himself

A body-worn video shows Schreiber (right) being taken from Range Rover by officers before they remove his clothes and locate the place he had cut himself.

Schreiber is heard repeatedly calling out: 'Please kill me now, please just shoot me,' and adding: 'I am asking you to put a bullet in my f****** head'

Schreiber is heard repeatedly calling out: ‘Please kill me now, please just shoot me,’ and adding: ‘I am asking you to put a bullet in my f****** head’

“He also follows me to the island and I believe that he stabbed me in the back. I’m afraid that’s all that I remember.

For most of the evidence from his mother, the defendant was seated with his head down and occasionally looked up at the screen.

He was certainly not his own, she said.

He said, “His eyes looked unusual. His face was twisted up with an incredible grimace. It made him look very, very outof control.”

She continued, “I have horrible nightmares about this time. They aren’t real. He was my captor and I was trapped. But they don’t exist.” 

According to Mrs Schreiber, Sir Richard was at his living or study when she attacked her in the kitchen.

“I believe I am just doing my cooking happily. I might be even singing, although I don’t have a voice. It’s a great mood.

“I stand with my back against the door” Thomas says to me when he enters our kitchen, where there is a huge island.

“I heard some noises that made me turn and face the island at the center of the room, where Tom was standing.

Thomas looked strange… His eyes were very unusual… Because they were so determined, it was almost terrifying to behold.

“I was stabbed by him, and I can remember staring at his knife and wondering if it hurt any more.

“Then I believe. I might be wrong. But I believe Richard walks in the kitchen screaming and shouting.

“He was clearly alive at that time because I had seen him… He was definitely alive when I saw him.

“I can recall seeing him making at most an entrance and speaking in loud voices.

“I’m not sure what happened to Richard.

“You’re looking for the truth? I don’t know if Richard was stabbed by Thomas, but I do know that I’m telling you the truth.” [being stabbed]That’s for certain. 

Ms. Schreiber described her son as: “He is always an individual, I wonder where I went wrong, and in some ways, I have failed him.

Thomas Schreiber, 34, listening to his mother Anne Schreiber, who appeared via video link, at Winchester Crown Court, where he is on trial accused of the murder of Sir Richard Sutton and the attempted murder of his mother

Thomas Schreiber (34), listening to Anne Schreiber. Anne Schreiber appeared at Winchester Crown Court via videolink, and is being tried for the murder of Sir Richard Sutton as well as the attempted murder his mother.

David didn’t disappoint him. He was a great father and spoiled him to the max.

“It is very hard when it comes to raising children. It’s almost like I gave Tom a lot of love and I loved him. I’ve spoilt him.

“He was an attractive boy, with long blond hair and a fiery temperament.

He can be quite aggressive especially towards me.

“He loved David very much and was aggressive toward him.

Ms. Schreiber claimed that defendant strangled her as she drove home from an event two years ago.

She replied, “I didn’t retaliate at any point, I simply waited until the end, then he could turn around and become as good as gold. That’s quite a strange combination. However, he does know when to get his hands on your throat. 

Anne, who was in hospital and sat in an electric wheelchair, also testified to the court that she remembered Sir Richard trying her to stop her son stabbing herself.

The jury was presented with Mrs Schreiber’s testimony via video link. She stated that although she couldn’t recall most of the events that occurred, her husband tried to keep her safe from her “volatile” son.

Schreiber’s lawyer said to Schreiber that her son had been drinking shortly prior to the attack.

She told the court she could not remember but agreed it was likely there had been an argument in which Schreiber said ‘I’m not f***ing drunk’ and called her ‘a gold digging b****’.

As Mrs Schreiber began her testimony, she described her current situation. She said, “I have some wobbly heads… My head does sometimes fall off, but I am still fit and strong.

She was asked by a reporter if Schreiber struggled to adapt to Moorhill, as she had moved in with another person.

“Thomas didn’t like Richard Sutton, his friend and lover, to be a part of his daily life…he probably would have preferred to stay in his home.”

When asked if she can recall cooking before the attack, she replied: “Yes.

She answered, “I’d love to help out… my memories… are rather limited…”

“I can still remember Thomas walking into the kitchen. Thomas came into the kitchen as I was busy cooking… My belief is that Thomas came in to the kitchen and I was cooking. [partner]Richard Sutton was sitting in his chair, tucked into it.

She said, “It sounds so pathetic that sometimes I have an all-right memory of the week and other times it is really difficult again.”  

Sir Richard  had a knife plunged 12cm into his heart while Mrs Schreiber, 66, was stabbed so many times during the ‘vicious assault’ she was left paralysed from the neck down and breathing through a ventilator.

After the frenetic attack, the Moorhill estate was left in Lower Langham, Dorset.

James Reid, Schreiber’s “best friend”, testified today to Winchester Crown Court that chilling messages were sent prior to his death. According to the court, Schreiber sent Mr Reid 64 years old “I’m thinking about revenge every morning and night” and stated that he would “go out with an ‘ang'”. 

His March 2021 statement was: “It is so disappointing to say that my thoughts are consumed with hate of the most terrible kind towards my family.” They betrayed me, and they destroyed my trust.

“Simply stated, I have thought about murdering my family every morning and night. Although it is not something I like to contemplate, the truth is there. They should suffer.

He said, “I strategise daily about how to kill my mother and my co…that’s how stupid my mind is.”

Schreiber began to spew hatred towards his family members and Sir Richard as early as September 2020. He was chatting with a friend via WhatsApp.

Thomas Schreiber, 35, allegedly murdered Sir Richard Sutton, 83, and stabbed his mother Anne Schreiber following months of resentment

Thomas Schreiber (35), allegedly killed Sir Richard Sutton,83. He then stabbed Anne Schreiber after months of bitterness.

He wrote: ‘Sir f***ing Richard (again) raised his hand at me tonight as mum stood by him and watched. I pushed him back and told him to go f**k himself and his prejudiced ways.

‘F***ing nightmare, especially as I was cooking them an incredible roast duck recipe that took me two hours in total to make.

‘This b******t will never stop, these people are toxic c***s and the tragic thing is that it’s my own family.

“It is now that it’s time for me to go. I am working on a plan. It has many flaws, but it is a plan. It contains revenge, which I know I will regret. But it is about time.

“Because the tory and capitalist controlling security personnel such as this live behind, they will always have protection from their crimes or misdemeanours.

“I have had enough with all this security and seeing people act as though they are invincible.

“No one is immune to danger.” This is my intention to prove that I’m not invincible and I will stop taking this. It is one thing to just walk away. But it is another to take the initiative to get out there with a bang!

“No one will ever be physically hurt.”

In court, Schreiber was previously told how living together with Richard and Schreiber at the country estate turned into a ‘vicious triangular’ when Sir Richard attempted to get rid the aspiring artist.

His daughter Caroline Sutton even revealed the hotelier paid Schreiber £100,000 for a house deposit in a desperate attempt to get him to leave his home.

Sir Richard, who last year was listed at number 435 in the Sunday Times Rich List with an estimated family fortune of £301 million, was killed following rows with Schreiber about the inheritance of a family chandelier and a day at the races.

The sprawling empire of property that the 83-year old owned included more than 7,500 acres and five-star Sheraton London Park Lane hotel and Mayfair’s Athenaeum Hotel.

Schreiber admits manslaughter to the murder of the hotelier but does not deny his involvement in it. Schreiber pleads guilty not to attempted murder of his mother.

Also, he pleaded guilty for dangerous driving the night of his killing. He fled in Range Rover before being captured by police following a high-speed chase at 135mph from Wiltshire towards London.

Sir Richard’s corpse was discovered on the landing. After being initially attacked downstairs, he limped upstairs and Schreiber is reported to have then stabbed him with a kitchen knife five additional times.

According to the prosecution, Schreiber repeatedly cut Sir Richard’s mother (toxic and gold-digging) after fantasizing about them for several months.

Sir Richard, his first wife Fiamma had two children and he also had five grandchildren.

Danish-born Mrs Schreiber is a physiotherapist with a Milborne Port practice, Dorset. She has three children, including her son Thomas.

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