As thugs beat each other in a JD Sports brawl, children are forced to hide behind their parents while they brutalize them with MANNEQUINS.

  • Footage captures thugs kicking each other using shop dummies, clothing rails and clothes rails.
  • Cain Gordon (age 20), Levi Murray (age 19), and another person involved in fighting
  • CCTV captures terrified customers at JD Sports, Cheetham Hill (Manchester). 
  • Three men were sentenced to prison for crimes including criminal damage and affray.   

Here’s the moment when shop dummies are used to beat up thugs in an unsettling brawl that left little ones hiding behind their parents.

Footage shows three men lobbing clothing rails across the store and hitting each other with mannequin arms in a bitter row which caused about £4,100 of damage.

Cain Gordon (21), Levi Murray (19), and another person were all involved. They have all been sentenced.   

CCTV captured the defendants wielding shop furniture, batons, and mannequins.

Murray raised a baton and aimed it at a store employee. He then turned his attention on a second man, who was using a rack of clothes as a defense. 

A co-defendant appears to have thrown a bottle of water at Murray. The victim grabs a pole from the furniture store and directs his gaze at Murray. 

The brawl involved Cain Gordon, 20, Levi Murray, 19 and another man at JD Sports in Fort Retail Park, Cheetham Hill, Manchester and the three men lobbed clothing rails and mannequins across the store in the frenzied attack

Cain Gordon (age 20), Levi Murray (age 19), and another JD Sports man, Cheetham hill, Manchester, were among those involved. In a frenetic attack, the men set fire to clothing rails, mannequins, and other store fixtures.

Gordon throws the furniture and then picks up and throws the mannequin.

Third defendant takes the arm of a manequin and uses it as a weapon. He then swings it at the second group, who were also armed in the same way.  

Manchester Evening News reports that Murray was seen carrying the retractable baton.

Gordon (pictured) was involved in the brawl which saw him throwing a furniture rack at the shop

Murray (pictured) brandished a retractable baton in the fight which left kids cowering behind their parents

Gordon and Murray (pictured below left and right), threw water on victims and used furniture racks, mannequins, as weapons during the attack which saw terrified customers fleeing to the back of their store. 

Manchester Crown Court heard that terrified customers fled to the back of their store during the brawl.  

JD Sports’ floor manager provided an unsigned statement that stated: “This Saturday was our first opening since Covid.”

“We were very busy, the store was full of children, most of them ran from the fight and hiding behind their parents.

“A father is seen holding his approximately 1-year-old daughter in his hand, and as the victim brushes past him, trying to escape from the attack, another victim touches him.

“Although I have seen many fights, this incident left me shaken up.

“It worries me about my employees and customers because they don’t see the right thing.” 

The floor manager at JD Sports said in a written statement that the fight had left him 'shook up'

JD Sports’ floor manager stated in writing that he was shaken by the fight.

In Manchester Crown Court sentencing, Judge Suzanne Goddard said: “How distressing it must have been to these parents and the children that you witnessed such yobbish conduct.”

“There was a lot of fear among the children.”

“Serious fear, distress and injury was inflicted on these individuals.”  

Gordon of Crumpsall was sentenced to 22-and-a half months in prison after pleading guilty for criminal damage, possessing an offensive weapon at a public location, and affray.

Murray of Salford was sentenced to 20 months in prison for similar offenses.

A 26-month community order was given to another man who confessed to affray.