The shocking footage captures the moment that a driver consumed beer while behind the wheel of his car before colliding with a horrifying 100mph collision, resulting in the death and injury to his friend. 

26-year-old Meirion Roberts was at work in December 2020, when he drank and then took to the road with Lewis Morgan (20).

In the video, the pair are seen sipping beer while showing off their speedometers on the Vauxhall Corsa white Vauxhall Corsa that they were driving. It recorded more than 100 mph.

Minutes before Roberts crashed his car into the pole of a telephone telegraph, this video captured Lewis Morgan suffering from severe head trauma. 

Roberts was denied the charge of dangerous driving death at Swansea Crown Court. However, he was found guilty by unanimous consent. 

Meirion Roberts drinking alcohol while behind the wheel

Lewis Morgan could also be seen drinking in the video

Snapchat captures Lewis Morgan and Meirion Robs sipping bottles of beer on the way down to the highway.

Meirion Roberts (right), who caused the death of his friend in a car crash said he 'didn't feel drunk' before he got behind the wheel

Meirion Roberts, right), the driver who was responsible for the death of his friend through a car accident said that he didn’t feel drunk before getting behind the wheel

Lewis Morgan, 20 years old, suffered head trauma and later died in Blaenau (South Wales).

Roberts white Vauxhall Corsa, a Vauxhall Corsa from Vauxhall, veered off-road and flipped onto its roof.

Morgan was severely injured in the head and later died on the spot at Blaenau, South Wales.

The jury learned that Roberts had consumed a few pints at The Cottage Inn in Llandeilo on the day of the accident. This was more than five hour before the fatal collision. 

The defendant pleaded not guilty in favor of a charge for death by dangerous driving. He admitted to having drunk between five and six pints of cider from the pub.

After rehearsing to think about its verdict, the jury returned to court approximately an hour later and delivered a unanimous guilty verdict.

Judge Christopher Vosper QC adjourned Roberts’ case to receive a pre-sentence review and confirmed that Roberts will be sentenced later.

The video also showed the speedometer of the Vauxhall Corsa as the pair travelled at over 100mh before the crash

Also, the Vauxhall corsa speedometer was shown in the video as the couple travelled more than 100 miles before the crash.

According to the court, the couple worked at Fine-Edge Construction Ltd together before December 2020’s crash.

Philip Jones, director of the company said that two tables had been booked at The Cottage Inn by his firm for three hours.

Roberts said that he and his workers drank five to six pints of beer with their food.

Jones claimed that Roberts was the one who got him up, while I and Roberts were the ones to go. Roberts claimed his girlfriend picked him up, but she ended up at the wrong bar. 

‘When I left, Morgan was using his smartphone and seemed to be organizing his lift. It was discovered that Morgan had been killed and Roberts was driving.

Roberts was not allowed to drive that vehicle.

“If I’d known that he thought about driving, I would have stolen the keys from him.” It is truly tragic news that has had a huge impact on everyone.

Swansea Crown Court learned that Mr Morgan was captured in Snapchat videos as he left the pub and drank alcohol while driving.

The fatal crash on Penygroes Road in Blaenau, Carmarthenshire took place in December 2020

Dec 2020 saw the tragic crash of Penygroes Road at Blaenau, Carmarthenshire.

It also showed the car’s speedometer that indicated it was driving at 100 mph.

Llyr, an acquaintance said he got a Snapchat from Mr Morgan shortly after the gathering.

It showed Morgan sitting in the front seat of a car that he thought was driven by Roberts, he said.

Williams explained that Roberts was a possible drunk driver. I haven’t reached out to anyone in order to sound the alarm.

Roberts seemed like Lewis was having fun and was close friends with him.

Roberts, the court learned, was caught on CCTV shortly after 8pm as he went to Bargain Booze to buy alcohol.

Later, the car was seen speeding through villages at 30 mph before flipping on its roof.

Court heard that speed investigators had estimated that the car was going up to 48 mph at the time it crashed.

Roberts reported an alcohol level of 54 mg per 100ml in blood, which is the legal limit of 80. This was more than five hours after his smash.

Expert in breath alcohol analysis, Dr Paul Williams stated that Roberts’ blood alcohol levels would have exceeded the legal limit at the time of the collision.

Carina Hughes, Prosecutor for the case said: “Roberts did not drive while impaired by alcohol; he also drove after consuming alcohol.” At one point, he drove faster than the limit and for more than a mile. One time, he was driving at 100 mph.

He was unable to control the vehicle, which is why he was seen driving off-road on several occasions. This defendant was not a competent and careful driver.