Julius Francis, a former heavyweight boxer and bouncer who was once in a fight with Mike Tyson knocks a reveller cold.

  • Watch a video of a former British heavyweight champion beating he with one punch
  • BOXPARK was in Wembley where an incident occurred.
  • One man shoved the bouncer before shouting obscenities, then raised fist at Julius Francis
  • Francis knocked him unconscious with a single right hand punch.

One punch was all it took to knock out an ex-British heavyweight boxer, who is now a security guard. The incident was caught on video in front shocked bystanders.

Julius Francis was once an opponent to Mike Tyson and showed that he can still throw a punch outside BOXPARK, near Wembley Stadium.

Video footage of the incident that was posted on social media showed trouble spreading out from the venue onto the streets outside, as men argue and bouncers try their best to push them away.

Julius Francis, a former British heavyweight boxer who now works as a security guard, has been filmed knocking out a rowdy reveller with a single punch in front of shocked bystanders

Julius Francis is a British former heavyweight boxer and now works as security guard. He has been captured punching a drunken reveller in front of stunned bystanders.

Former heavyweight boxer Julius Francis herds a group of rowdy revellers out of BOXPARK in Wembley

Former heavyweight boxer Julius Francis herds a group of rowdy revellers out of BOXPARK in Wembley

Pictured: Julius Francis, a former heavyweight boxer, leads a bunch of revellers from BOXPARK, Wembley (left), as one man in the blue dug gets aggressive (right).

One man, wearing a blue du-rag, can be heard yelling profanities in the direction of Francis ‘I hope you have a heart attack, you fat ****’ before he then shoves a smaller security guard.

As the man in the du-rag keeps going, the scuffle continues at the front. Onlookers are heard shouting “chill” as the men continue to face other revellers.

As the situation escalates, you can see him pushing people around and shouting obscenities. 

Francis turns to face the man and raises his fist. The former professional boxer then unleashes an attack on the head with a right hand punch.

The man appeared to raise a fist to Francis before he was floored by the former British champ

He raised his fist before being dragged by the ex-british champ

The man was left unconscious after the right-hand blow from former champion Julius Francis

After the right-hand punch from Julius Francis, former champion, the man fell unconscious.

Pictured: Julius Francis (left) and Mike Tyson exchange blows during the heavyweight contest at the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester. Tyson won by a second round stoppage

Pictured: Mike Tyson and Julius Francis exchange blows at the Manchester Evening News Arena’s heavyweight competition. Tyson was victorious by the second round.

As the man was in pain, his friends ran to their aid. 

As Francis walks away, Francis confronts the man and questions him about why he punched the guy.

After he is rolled in to the recovery position, his friend can hear him saying: “There wasn’t need. There was no need.”

Francis now at 57 has retired from boxing with a 23-24-1 professional record.

Former British boxer Julius Francis (left) squares up to Mike Tyson (right) ahead of their bout

An ex-british boxer Julius Francis squares off against Mike Tyson (right), ahead of their bout

He was a former British champion heavyweight and had notable fights against four former World heavyweight Champion, including John Ruiz (1994) and Mike Tyson (2000), both of whom he lost.

At this point, it is not known what the condition of unconscious man was. 

There are no details on whether any arrests were made. The Met Police was contacted to comment.