Thanks to the heroic street cleaner, Moment woman was reunited with her stolen smartphone after she found it in Covent Garden.

  • Morgan Daniel was robbed of his phone in a pocket close to the station Saturday night 
  • She found it online, and it was most likely in a Covent Garden garbage bin.
  • Cleaner agreed to open every street bin and help clean it.
  • After it had been dumped, worker found her phone in the bottom of a bin.
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A NHS psychologist praised the hero street cleaner for opening every trash bin in London’s streets to find her stolen phone.

Morgan Daniel had her phone taken out of her pocket at an Underground station Saturday night. Then, she checked online to see that it was located in Covent Garden.

After figuring out it was probably in a trash can, she found a cleaner on the streets who offered to help her “open up and take every garbage bin off the street”.

After the phone was taken by the thief, the worker at Westminster City Council found it in one of the bins.

Miss Daniel shared a Twitter video in which she cried and thanked her smartphone for allowing her to be reunited. You are so kind!

Morgan Daniel is overcome with emotion as she is reunited with her phone on Saturday night

Morgan Daniel’s emotions are overwhelming as she reunites with her phone Saturday night

A street cleaner agreed to help her raid the bins

Miss Daniel is reunited with her phone in London

The cleaner from Westminster agreed to assist her in ‘opening and raiding through every street bin’

The worker from Westminster City Council found her phone at the bottom of one of the bins

Westminster City Council employee found her iPhone at the bottom of one bin.

To praise him, she shared her story and said: “I don’t know his name, but this man was an absolute Hero. He couldn’t have done more to comfort me or help me.”

“He’s responsible for Covent Garden’s bins and I wanted to express my deep gratitude to him. We ask that you pass this message on if it is possible.

Miss Daniel is an assistant psychology at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as a nursing assistant for Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

Glasgow’s native is now in her 20s. She also models with MOT Models.  

Morgan Daniel (pictured in her tweet profile image) was overjoyed when her smartphone was discovered

Tweeted her: “Had my smartphone been stolen near the tube station tonight. Managed to track it online and determine where it might have been. Eventually, I found out it may be in a nearby bin and was able to locate a member from Westminster Council’s cleaning staff.

“This man offered to open every trash bin in the street and help me search until he miraculously found my smartphone at the bottom of one bin. It had been left there by a thief just a few miles from the place it was stolen.

Although I never knew his name, this man was an incredible hero who could have done everything to comfort and help me. His bins are located in Covent Garden. We ask that you pass this message on if it is possible.

According to her, the incident occurred at 10.30 p.m. on Saturday. She added: “There are really good people out there.” 

Westminster Council responded by tweeting: “We are delighted that you received your phone back Morgan and we were so sorry about the incident. This is another example of how our Veolia UK street cleaners are heroes.

MailOnline was told by James Spencer, Council Member for City Management: “We were thrilled to hear Morgan was reunited to her phone because of some quick thinking from one our incredible street cleaning crew members.

“Our teams perform an extraordinary job each day and this is just one example of how they go beyond the call to assist people who come and stay in our city.”

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