Here is what it looks like: A garden fork-wielding murderer stomps his victim to the death before he can get away with his crime.

CCTV footage captures Stephen Beach sprinting at Stephen Bellamy, an innocuous man, before the April attack on Grimsby.

Beach, 40 seconds later, pulls the long-handled gardening fork in the back of Bellamy’s skull. 

Three days after his previous imprisonment stint, Mr Bellamy (33), died at the hospital from injuries sustained in an altercation with Beach.

Yesterday Beach, his accomplice Luke Teague (39), who drove Beach from the site of the attack to the spot of the deadly attack were found guilty in the murder of Mr Bellamy.

Jury members in the trial at Hull Crown Court had earlier been shown the chilling CCTV footage, which shows Mr Bellamy walking down Rutland Street in Grimsby on April 24.  

CCTV footage shows Stephen Beach running at an unaware Stephen Bellamy prior to the fatal attack in Grimsby in April

CCTV footage shows Stephen Beach running towards Stephen Bellamy unaware, just before the Grimsby attack of April.

Seconds later Beach, 40, plunges the long-handled garden fork into the back of Mr Bellamy's (pictured) head

Beach, forty, quickly plunges the garden fork, long-handled, into Mr Bellamy (pictured).

Beach is seen walking along the streets in a grey tracksuit as he gets out of the passenger seat of his parked Peugeot. Teague remains in the driver’s seat.

Beach then jogs towards an incoherent Mr Bellamy with a long-handled gardening fork. 

Beach next attacks Mr Bellamy and then moves out of view of the camera.

Jurors were told that Beach used his garden tool seconds later to hit Mr Bellamy on the back.  

Bellamy sustained a broken skull, bleeding and swelling to the brain. Two days later, he died from his injuries.

Beach managed to flee in the vehicle with Teague while Teague watched as the attack occurred. 

Teague found his burned-out car on the track at North Lane in Stainton-le-Vale between Thoresway & Binbrook. The chassis number was what identified it.

According to the court, the attacker was attempting revenge for an argument that had occurred between Beach and Bellamy.   

As Mr Bellamy (pictured) walks along the street, Beach, wearing a grey tracksuit, is seen getting out the passenger side of a parked Peugeot. Teague, meanwhile, remains in the driver's seat

Beach (pictured), wearing a grey tracksuit and walking along the street with Mr Bellamy, can be seen exiting the passenger-side of a parked Peugeot. Teague remains in the driver’s seat.

According to it, there were previous issues between the couple from their time in prison.

Beach stated during the defense that he took a long-handled garden tool from Blundell Avenue to ‘keep him away with it’.

He claimed that he had no plans to do so.

“I was hoping we’d just be able to see one another, talk, and solve the problem peacefully.

Teague was waiting for him in the car.

He stated that he was scared. I got scared. “I just wanted to be normal and to have peace.

Beach stated that he had the shield because he wanted to attack him.

He said he did not want to stagger Mr Bellamy using the spiked gardening tool. 

Beach said, “If you were planning to stab somebody, you would get a knife. Not that.”

“I raised it while running. The closer I came to it, the more I tried to position it.

“I thought that I had hit him on the side of his head with this thing. The thing didn’t appear to have gone in. It came in so fast.

Beach, 39, of Ashbourne Court, Scunthorpe, and Teague, 39, of Runswick Road, Grimsby, denied murdering Mr Bellamy

Beach admitted a lesser charge of manslaughter but Teague (pictured) denied that offence. But they were both convicted or murder by a jury at Hull Crown Court after a trial.

Beach, 39, Ashbourne Court in Scunthorpe and Teague, 39, Runswick Road in Grimsby, both denied the murder of Mr Bellamy. Beach admitted to a lesser crime of manslaughter, but Teague refuted that charge. After a trial, they both were convicted of murder at Hull Crown Court.

“He turned around, took some steps, and I came back.” He shouted, “Going mad!” He was only going crazy.

Beach, 39 years old, Ashbourne Court. Scunthorpe. Teague, 39-years-old, Runswick Road. Grimsby.  

Beach admitted to a lesser charge for manslaughter, but Teague refuted that offense.

Teague admitted that she assisted an offender in driving Beach away and burning the car with fire following the murder.

After a trial, they were both found guilty of murder at Hull Crown Court. 

The pair received news yesterday that they would both receive life sentences for their murder. 

Judge John Thackray QC stated to them, “You were convicted by the jury for murder.” Each of you will receive life imprisonment.

Following submissions of barristers and lawyers, the hearing will determine the maximum sentence they are required to serve.