It was the moment that dozens of officers from the police descended upon a pub in Scotland and wrestled two men to the ground, closing the bar for violating Covid regulations.

As officers raided the Scottish venue hosting the New Year’s Eve party, two revellers were taken into custody. 

Six police cars and approximately 25 officers were seen flooding into Glasgow’s Avant Garde gastropub on New Year’s Eve, according to witnesses. They had been spotted dancing in the area.

Billy Tetmichalis, a bar proprietor, plans to lodge a formal grievance against the police. 

The video was shared online and officers could be heard telling revellers that the licence of the bar had been cancelled.

Police officers tackled a man in a Glasgow bar, put him in a headlock and arrested him as he went to retrieve his coat after they arrived to break up a New Year's Eve party in the city centre

Officers arrested a Glasgow man as he tried to get his coat back after they had arrived at the centre of a New Year’s Eve celebration.

The man's partner watched as police pinned him down after a tussle with police officers

His partner watched in horror as the police put him under arrest after an altercation with police officers

Because of strict Covid rules Nicola Sturgeon introduced on December 27th, pubs and other restaurants serving alcohol have been relegated to table service only.

It is necessary to have indoor hospitality or leisure venues that allow for one-metre social separation between groups. 

MailOnline officers visited Mr Tetmichalis’ bar in King’s Street Glasgow because they noticed a few people dancing and being served.

He stated that “some folk were dancing” – this was his initial complaint. As police walked past, they saw that people were dancing and called them in.

“We have complied with all measures. We were performing table service when some folks got up from their chairs to reach the bar.

“This venue can hold 306 people. We stopped selling tickets at 80 to make sure they had enough space. Everyone was very well-spaced.

“Some people arrived at the bar, and we didn’t stop them. If that means we are to blame for it, then so be it.

Film footage captures revellers enjoying a drink at the bar, as officers storm the scene and end the celebration.

Six police vans were seen outside but it remains unclear why officers were called to the pub

Although six police vehicles were seen out, it is unclear why the officers were sent to the pub.

Many but not all of the officers were wearing masks. The bald man was pinned to the ground by at least three officers before being taken outside of the venue in cuffs and lead to a police van

Most, but not all officers were wearing masks. At least three police officers pinned the bald man to the ground, before he was led to a van and taken out of the building in handcuffs.

When officers ask them to depart, drunken shout shame at the officers. 

A bald man wearing a black top, waistcoat and shirt was confronted by an officer who tried to get his jacket back.

This video was widely shared online and shows the man confronting an officer. He asks him his age. Then he says, ‘Don’t tell my how I behave with my friends, you’re old enough to be mine’.

A police officer asked him not to touch him. The officer shoved him.

The man said, “I’m trying to get my hair done.”

As the drunken tried to plead for help, another officer approached him and dragged him from his jacket.

The owner of Avant Garde in Glasgow (pictured) said he was holding an event for 80 people in his 306-seater bar to allow them to implement the Covid measures affecting Scottish venues

Avant Garde’s owner, in Glasgow (pictured), stated that the event was for 80 people at his bar of 306 seats to enable them to apply Covid rules affecting Scottish venues.

As the video captures, the man appears to resist. The officers then tackled him to the ground and placed him in a chokehold.

One person cried, “Leave him alone,” while the other called it a “disgrace.”

Meanwhile, another officer tried desperately to seize the phone from the male partner.

She was asked to hand her her cell phone by the officer, but she didn’t stop there. A second officer and another cop appeared to grab the woman and take her down to the ground.

The scene was being witnessed by one individual in the bar. Another witness said it was ‘police violence’. A third person told police that ‘you cannot just hurt people.

According to Mr Tetmichalis, the police arrived at 11.15 pm to enforce Covid laws.

He said, “They felt it was proper to close down the place. The police asked people to move away from the intimidating vans.

“All customers were middle-aged and frequent visitors – no children – it was lively until police arrived.  

Two officers wrestled the woman to the floor and snatched her phone before arresting her

Before arresting the woman, two officers wrestled her to the ground and took her phone.

Tetmichalis was disappointed by the police’s decision not to allow the party to continue. He said he intended to file a formal complain because he felt the response from the police had been ‘unnecessary.

He replied, “There wasn’t need. Police arrived at the bar and gave me a notice that I would be closed on New Year’s Eve from 11:00 PM to 11:00 AM on New Year’s Day.

“That was the official word from the police. They are not going to stop there.

Police Scotland spokeswoman said that officers visited King Street in Glasgow on Friday, 31 December 21, at 11.30.

Covid guidelines were not subject to arrest.

The 63-year-old holder of a licence refused to supply officers with the relevant documents or to assist with other requests. She was also charged with obstruction and resisting officers.

“This caused people to be asked to leave the house.

“A sixty-year old man and 64-years-old woman were both arrested and charged with verbally and physically abusing police officers and licencing offences.

“No complaints have been received to date regarding the conduct of officers. If any member is interested in making a complaint about an officer, they can either call 101 or fill out a form online.

“Enquiries remain open regarding the incident.”