This is the astonishing moment ITV journalist Ranvir Singh appears to reach Prince Andrew’s voicemail after finding his number in Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘black book’.

Good Morning Britain host, 44, scrolls through a list of landline and address numbers for Duke of York. There is one for Buckingham Palace; another for Balmoral.

Video then shows broadcaster dialing a number in the address book. This is said to be the work of Epstein, a paedophile financier.

When she rings the number, however, she gets a voicemail message.

This person sounds like Prince Andrew. “I am afraid that I have not been quick enough in getting to the telephone before it went off for you to leave a message.

If you would like to leave a message, you can do so by leaving it below. I’ll get back with you as soon I can. 

The voicemail message ends with the presenter saying: “Hello, this could be Prince Andrew.”

“This is Ranvir Singh, ITV. Your number was listed on the little black directory. Please get in touch with us if possible. 

The Good Morning Britain presenter, 44, is seen scrolling through a list of addresses and landline numbers for the Duke of York (pictured), including one for Buckingham Palace

Good Morning Britain host, 44, scrolls through a list with addresses and phone numbers for Duke of York (pictured), which includes one for Buckingham Palace

Then, she turns her attention to the camera and states: “That sounded almost like Prince Andrew’s voice. Prince Andrew’s voice on voicemail?”

Singh, who is GMB’s politics editor, phoned the number as part of an upcoming ITV documentary on Prince Andrew and his relationship to the late-Epstein and recently convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

It was believed that the contact on mobile had been listed together with Prince Andrew’s Sunning Hill address as well as his equerry.

Prince Andrew could have DATED Ghislaine maxwell. According to insiders, the two had a ‘easy heat’ about each other. 

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell had an ‘easy warmth’ around each other and may have dated in the past, a friend of the pair has claimed.

Euan Rellie, who is a New York-based, British investment banker, attended the University of Oxford with Maxwell, 60, and was a guest at dinner parties that she and her disgraced ex-boyfriend Jeffery Epstein hosted in the US.

He recalled being invited to Epstein’s New York home one evening and the disgraced socialite admitted that it was ‘for my friend Prince Andrew’. 

Another former Palace security guard claimed similar things.  Paul Page and his colleagues said that they wondered if Maxwell and Andrew were intimate because of Maxwell’s frequent visits to the Palace.

Mr Rellie and Mr Page made the revelations during an interview with Ranvir Singh for the upcoming ITV documentary, Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile.  

Speaking in the upcoming documentary, Mr Rellie said: ‘She described Andrew as being her friend, not Jeffrey’s.’

“I had the impression that Prince Andrew was a girlfriend of Ghislaine in the past.” The Telegraph reports that they shared an “easy warmth” around one another.    

The disgraced socialite will be sentenced to sex trafficking charges on June 28.

Judge Alison Nathan set Friday’s sentencing time.


His name was not the only thing that was included. There were addresses and contact information for Buckingham Palace and Sandringham’s Queen’s Wood Farm, as well as numbers for Balmoral. 

Singh said, “The numbers and names in this book are enormous, so it is not an easy book to read.”

“But the one that really grabs your attention is the one right here, and it is for the Duke

“Duke of York Buckingham Palace London” is his address. There are also numbers for Sunning Hill and Wood Farm.

“There appears to be an address for a cell phone on the table, and I think it’s his.

According to some, the little black book can be described as a Maxwell and Epstein compiled a collection of 92 pages of typed contact forms.

The book’s version was published in a leaked edition It was reportedly created in 2015.

Gawker from the United States claimed to have leaked the content. 

There were at least two copies of this directory, and Epstein’s Palm Beach mansions staff was reportedly instructed to ensure that one copy per side of Maxwell and Epstein’s beds.  

Maxwell was found guilty of sexually abusing underage girls and the evidence from this book was used in his trial.

Epstein’s madame was a British socialite and found guilty in December of five out of six charges including the sex-trafficking minors.  

The latest teaser clip came as Singh fought back tears as she spoke about the reason why she decided to speak out her own experience of sexual assault in the documentary, called Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile.

Good Morning Britain hoster was emotional after she said she’d only told two people in her entire life. She also revealed that she’d had a tumultuous relationship with herself when it came to revealing the horrendous ordeal which occurred when she turned 12. 

Appearing on the show on Tuesday, Ranvir said she felt compelled to talk about her assault when trying to comfort survivor Lisa Phillips, now 45, who is one of the many underage girls targeted by the late Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Ranvir spoke to Susanna Reid, Richard Madeley and said that her revelation was a surprise. This, Ranvir explained, ‘which I presume speaks to some issues surrounding the Ghislaine Trial, memory around incidents which happen in your lifetime of that nature.

She described how Lisa, distressed by the incident, retreated into her own moment while she was describing it. 

“I feel that a lot people who have been convicted of crimes like this do feel some guilt. Do I need to yell or shout? Ranvir said, “A kind of survivor guilt,” 

Inner conflict; The Good Morning Britain presenter, 44, became emotional as she revealed she had only ever told two people in her life and had a 'tug of war' with herself

Inner conflict. The Good Morning Britain presenter at 44 became very emotional when she said that she’d only told two people throughout her entire life, and was in a tug of war with herself 

Painful: Singh made the admission after speaking to Lisa Phillips, now 45 and one of the many underage girls targeted by the late Epstein (Philips is pictured on her way to Jeffrey Epstein's Caribbean island in 2000)

It was painful: Singh admitted to the crime after talking to Lisa Phillips (now 45, and one of many girls who were targeted by Epstein in the past). Phillips is seen here on her way to Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island 2000.

“Many people believe that journalists are out to make viewers cry when they do this job. 

Ranvir stated that Lisa couldn’t comfort Ranvir because she interviewed her over Zoom. She decided to tell Ranvir what she felt and how she felt when recounting the ordeal. 

It was an immediate thing she stated. I felt an incredible amount of empathy when she described it.

“I knew we were both on camera, but I was aware of the pain. It’s human to human interaction when you hear something that painful.

“So she heard me say something to her when I was twelve, and I understood that you should not feel guilty. 

Ranvir tried to keep her from weeping, but Ranvir bit her tongue. “Sorry. Do you know what?” she continued. I’ve never told anyone in my life. In the last couple of weeks, I had to tell relatives.

Susanna assured her that she wasn’t required to reveal anything to anyone. However, Ranvir became emotional as she spoke about her turmoil and whether she wanted to be included in the documentary. 

She said, “It’s strange because you don’t usually talk about it, but it was touchy on Friday, and I had to decide if it should be in the documentary because it is a huge thing to say.” 

The documentary airs on Tuesday evening and shows the mother-of-one admitting  she had experienced a similar trauma in her own childhood.  

Her response was: “Speaking to Lisa brought back something that happened when I had 12. 

‘It happened once — and that person is dead — and so I have an understanding of what it’s like and why you would never want to speak of it again.’  

Phillips is a former model and now lives in Los Angeles. Epstein claimed they first met after a photoshoot she did in the Caribbean over 20 years ago. Epstein invited Phillips along with another friend to Little St James.    

Admission: Ranvir Singh has revealed she was sexually assaulted at the age of 12 after admitting the testimonies of Jeffrey Epstein's victims brought back 'painful memories'

Admission: Ranvir Singh has revealed she was sexually assaulted at the age of 12 after admitting the testimonies of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims brought back ‘painful memories’

Disgraced: The late Epstein and his close friend Ghislaine Maxwell before their arrest for the trafficking of minors

Before their arrests for trafficking minors, Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were disgraced

Singh told her: “I accepted it. You’re not going to kick and scream and fight and yell when you’re on an island.’  

Phillips claimed previously that Epstein had introduced Phillips to Prince Andrew. He was also facing a civil lawsuit in the United States over the alleged assault on Virginia Giuffre. 

Speaking in 2020, she told The Sun: ‘I found Jeffrey very charming and he seemed really nice. After I told him I’d lived in England, he replied, “Oh, I would like to meet an English prince.”

“This man came up to me and I recognized him as Prince Andrew. He was extremely kind. He was extremely kind.  

Giuffre stated that she was just 17 years old when she met the second son of the Queen in London. She described him as an “abuser” and “not the prince you see in the fairy tales.”

Giuffre says Epstein trafficked her and she had sex on three occasions with the Duke, which she alleges happened when Giuffre was just 17-years old. This is still minor US law. 

Epstein, who was awaiting his 2019 trial for sex-trafficking, committed suicide in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. 

Close friend Maxwell, the Oxford-educated daughter of the late British press baron Robert Maxwell, will be sentenced in June after being found guilty of assisting him in the procurement of young girls.