The moment that a gang grabs and takes a Jewish boy home from London school, before “dumping” him in the front yard.

The footage shows the 10-yearold boy walking along a street before being stopped and approached by about five people from Stamford Hill around 5.55pm on Thursday.

The group member lifts him, then he hurries along the street while keeping his hand on the camera. 

Chaim Hochhauser (supervisor of Shomrim neighbourhood watch group) told MailOnline the boy is too afraid to leave the house alone after the incident. 

According to him, the Webb Estate gang, which he called “Webb Estate gang”, are between 14-16 years old and had been targeting Jewish children for nearly a full year. 

Although the Met is yet to confirm whether this attack has been investigated, or whether arrests were made,

The force stated that they are aware of the concern about Webb Estate-related individuals and that they are investigating for antisocial behaviour as well as’more serious criminal offenses.

Footage shows the 10-year-old walking along a pavement before being approached and stopped by around five people in Stamford Hill at around 5.55pm last Thursday

The footage shows the 10-year old walking on a sidewalk before being stopped and approached by five Stamford Hill residents at 5.55pm last Thursday.

Stamford Hill Police has said it is aware of concern around individuals connected to the Webbp

Stamford Hill Police stated that it was aware of concerns about individuals linked to the Webb Estate and is currently investigating them for antisocial behavior and more serious crime offenses (photo: Officers patrolling the area as a response). 

Shomrim shared the clip on YouTube last night. She wrote, “Webb Estate Gang frighten a 10 Yr old Jewish boy returning from school.”

‘Another horrible racist attack by this vile lawless gang.’ 

The group shared four posts over the last month with #WebbEstateGang.

The Stamford Hill Shomrim branch said that Mr Hochhauser was the one who stopped the boy from leaving school at 5.55pm. A group we refer to as the Webb Estate Gang obstructed his progress and refused to let him through.

They picked him up, took him across the street and then dumped him in front of a garden. This gang lives in the neighborhood and this kid is afraid of going out on his own.

“It’s something that has been going on since quite a while – over a decade now, and not all of it live on Webb Estate. 

“The Gang is six to seven people aged between 14-16 years old, who are all located in the same area.

“They often see a Jewish child on a bike and they take it with them, but not to steal it. They just want to throw it down the street to make them afraid.

Neighbourhood watch group Shomrim posted the clip online last night, writing: 'Webb Estate Gang carry off a frightened 10 Yr old Jewish boy on way back from school'

Shomrim, a Neighbourhood Watch Group posted this clip on the internet last night. It read: “Webb Estate Gang take off a scared 10 year old Jewish boy returning from school”

The Jewish boy is seen being lifted by a member of the group (pictured above), who hurries across the road and out of the camera's shot

A member of the group lifts the Jewish boy (pictured above), and he sprints across the street to get out of the shot.

He continued, “We kept the pressure on them and started posting about the gang. Every time we post another message the police respond that they are checking it out, but eventually it gets too serious.

“A few weeks back, for instance, the gang waited outside of the school’s gates until it closed. They were locked down for half an hour before they left.

“I spoke to the father of the boy. [in the video]We’ve also shown the clip to him. 

“We tried to calm him and assure him that he should get out on the streets again – it was just 6pm so he shouldn’t be kept at home.

Chaim Hochhauser, supervisor of neighbourhood watch group Shomrim, told MailOnline that the boy was 'dumped in a front garden' during the incident

Chaim Hochhauser of Shomrim Neighborhood Watch Group, said to MailOnline that the boy was “dumped in front gardens” during the incident

Shortly after footage (above) was posted of the latest alleged attack, police tweeted: 'Safer neighbourhood team officers have been patrolling in response and are making good progress in identifying suspects'

 Shortly after footage (above) was posted of the latest alleged attack, police tweeted: ‘Safer neighbourhood team officers have been patrolling in response and are making good progress in identifying suspects’

“His parents are upset and shocked – they don’t know what they should do. No sign of the police has been seen.”

Stamford Hill Police issued a tweet shortly after the footage of the latest attack was uploaded: “We are aware that concern surrounds individuals connected to #WebbEstate.

The ‘Safer neighborhood team’ officers are responding by patrolling and have made good progress in identifying suspects. 

“Individuals related are being investigated for ASB and other serious criminal offenses.” 

MailOnline reached out to the Met Police for more information.