Three children survive death inches by inch after trying to RACE a train while crossing the Toronto Bridge.

  • The moment that a train speeding past a Toronto child on the railway tracks is captured in a heart-pumping surveillance video
  • This clip shows the children running on tracks at Humber River Rail Bridge, May 20th, 2005 at 5:02pm.
  • Metrolinx owns the train and can be seen racing along the tracks towards two seemingly unaware children.

The heart-pounding video of a fast train narrowly missing children crossing the tracks on Toronto railway tracks shows how it did.

You can see one of them in this footage. He was filmed running alongside two other friends on tracks at the Humber River Rail Bridge, May 20, 2015 at 5:02 pm.

Metrolinx Canada’s transport company can be seen directing the train towards two children, seemingly unaware, and racing along the tracks, their backs turned. A third child can be seen standing on a nearby track away from the train.

The footage shows one of the kids sprinting in bright blue shorts and a shirt. He was running between two bridge tracks, the track carrying the train, and the adjacent track, and veering towards the unutilized track when the train’s whistle sounds.

After crossing the active track, though, another runner was running beside him in a white shirt and shorts.

It shows the youth throwing himself. against a railing, as he barely manages to escape the way.

Heart-pounding surveillance video shows the moment a speeding train narrowly missed children playing on railway tracks in Toronto.

Surveillance video captures the heart-pounding moment when a train speeding through Toronto narrowly misses children on tracks.

No one was injured during the incident that saw the Milton GO Line train conductor slam on his emergency break. Because they were underage, the identities of those involved in this incident have been withheld.

On Monday, the disturbing video was sent to company’s Twitter.

Staff from the company said that “This heart-stopping footage shows the dangers to walking on railways,” and noted that one of their children had been ‘injured’.You could be seriously injured or killed if you trespass on the Toronto bridge. 

Metrolinx Monday said that the train conductor first saw one of the young men, as seen in the video clip. He clung to the fence at the bridge’s edge and narrowly missed him.

According to the transport company, staffers saw two young men running up the tracks ahead of them as though they wanted to catch the train.