After climbing up to the bag, a huge crab snatches a golf club from a player’s hand and cuts it in half.

  • A Christmas Island robber crab was caught cutting a golf club in half. 
  • They returned from the golf course to see the enormous crab sitting on top of their golf bags.
  • Man tries to grab the crab from his club golf before it snaps in two 

While terrorizing a group on Christmas Island, a monster crab snapped open a golf club in half “like a chainsaw” 

Footage uploaded to Reddit on Sunday shows a massive robber crab find its way on top of a bag of golf clubs on the island, 1500km west of the Australian mainland.

Paul Buhner from the local area filmed this video. The group just got back from their sixth hole, when they encountered the huge intruder.

‘And that’s why we call them a robber crab … we have not put this here, this has climbed up here while we’ve been putting out,’ he says in the clip.

‘He’s got a bloody good grip on it – look at that.’  

Al the man is seen trying desperately to get the large crab off a set golf clubs, while Buhner laughs at it.  

A massive robber crab has interrupted a game of golf by perching itself on top of a bag of golf clubs on Christmas Island, 1500km west of the Australian mainland (pictured)

One huge robber crab, approximately 1500 km west of Australia’s mainland, has climbed on the top of a pile of golf clubs to interrupt a round of golf on Christmas Island. (pictured).

He says, “Oh no! He’s broke it!” while holding up the snapped golf clubs to the camera. 

According to Mr Buhner, he recorded the footage in October 2020. It was then that it caught on social media. 

Friday golf is considered a religious holiday on the island. Buhner stated that even though you aren’t able to play, you should still support the guys and drink a beer. 

“The originals are far more funnier than the edited versions, though I can understand why some people need to remove the colorful language.” 

The golfers found the best side of the incident despite the injuries, while Reddit users expressed their surprise. 

‘Get that thing absolutely to f**k Australia is Jurassic Park and I want no part of it,’ wrote one person.   

The crab is seen snapping a golf club in half with its massive pincers after a man tries to pry it off (pictured)

A man tried to steal it (pictured).

‘F**king terrifying, I’d be getting new clubs at the pro shop on the way out,’ commented another.

“If he broke one my carbon shafts, he’d have dinner,” added another. 

Robber crabs, also called coconut crabs, are common in many parts of Christmas Island and they are well-known for stealing foreign goods.

These land crustaceans are one-metre in width and can weigh as much as 4kg.  

According to Parks Australia, Christmas Islanders often leave their bags on a branch of a tree while they camp so that the crabs can’t get them.