Terry Gilliam is a comedian who broke his silence following his cancelled show at The Old Vic.

The Monty Python star was originally set to co-direct Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into The Woods when London’s iconic theatre announced last month that it had cancelled the show.

The move came after Gilliam urged his 495,000 Facebook followers to watch US comedian Dave Chappelle’s controversial new Netflix show, The Closer. 

A post was made on social media by the actor stating that his ‘unspeakable offense’ was suggesting to his followers via Facebook to view a show featuring a “brilliant American comedian”. 

The Old Vic, a great cultural institution such as his, was then forced to cancel the production.

Comedian Terry Gilliam said he never thought 'freedom of recommendation' would be under threat after his show was cancelled by The Old Vic theatre last month

Terry Gilliam, comedian, said that he had no idea that the ‘freedom to recommend’ was under threat following his cancelled show at The Old Vic Theatre last month

The former Monty Python star urged his 495,000 Facebook followers to watch US comedian Dave Chappelle's controversial new Netflix show, The Closer

The ex-Monty Python actor urged his 495,000 followers on Facebook to check out Dave Chappelle, a controversial US comedian’s new Netflix series called The Closer.

He stated that it was very disappointing for a cultural institution like The Old Vic to allow itself to be intimidated by a few closed-minded, humourless ideologues who work at their office, “The Old Vic 12 ”…as if the victim of cruel injustice trying desperately to fight for their freedom!”

“My unforgiveable crime was to recommend my Facebook friends to see a Netflix Special by an American comedy star. Then, they could share their thoughts with me.

“They did, and civilisation didn’t collapse!” The Old Vic’s artistic credibility has been a strong point.

“Freedom of Speech” is often attacked. But I didn’t imagine that Freedom of Recommendation could be at risk.

Gilliam publicly supported Chappelle in October and said that he’d ‘love’ to hear his fans’ opinions on the new Netflix special.

He stated that he was encouraging everyone to check out Dave Chappelle’s new TV show, The Closer. He’s my favorite standup comedian today. His intelligence, social awareness, provocative humor, and heart-wrenching humor make him the best. 

“There’s an uproar over Netflix supporting the show. Would you like to share your thoughts? 

Chappelle’s Netflix Special has been met with backlash over his remarks about the LGBT+ community.

The comedy also told the audience that gender was a fact.

The comedian took to social media to say his 'unspeakable crime' was recommending to his Facebook followers to watch a show by a 'brilliant and provocative American comedian'

He took to social media and revealed that his “unspeakable crime” was suggesting to his Facebook friends to see a show from a “brilliant, provocative American comedian”.

In October Gilliam took to Facebook and said he would 'love to hear the opinions' of those who had watched Dave Chappelle's new show

Gilliam, who was on Facebook October 1st, said that he wanted to know the thoughts of people who have seen Dave Chappelle’s new series.

The former Monty Python star was set to co-direct Stephen Sondheim's musical Into The Woods next year when then The Old Vic theatre in London announced the production had been called off

The Monty Python actor was originally set to be the co-director of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into The Woods. However, The Old Vic theatre in London revealed that it had cancelled the production. 

Although there were concerns raised about Gilliam’s involvement with the Old Vic in May, bosses continued with production. 

The Stage reports that members of the Old Vic 12, the organization’s artistic growth scheme, were among the people who voiced their concerns.

Old Vic employees also reported being angry. One even quit because Gilliam was adamant about Harvey Weinstein’s views, #MeToo and transgender rights.

Reports indicate that Gilliam and Leah Hausman, the co-director of Gilliam, met with top management afterwards to discuss their values and culture. 

The Stage received a statement from a spokesperson saying that Scenario Two, the Old Vic, and Scenario Two had agreed to not stage Into the Woods. We won’t comment on the matter further.

Into the Woods premiered on Broadway in 1987, before it made its West End debut at the Phoenix Theatre for the first time in 1990. 

The film was adaption by Disney for its big screen release in 2015. Meryl Streep and James Corden were among those who starred. 

The Theatre Royal Bath confirmed last month that Gilliam’s eagerly awaited version will be presented by Scenario Two, the production company behind the show.

John Berry, Scenario Two’s boss, stated that Bath theatre chiefs had expressed an interest in the musical. This was just hours after The Old Vic withdrew its support for November. 

According to him, Mr Sondheim died November 26th and was’steadfast in his support of Gilliam’. He also said that the famous composer would approve the idea for staging an opera in Bath. 

According to Mr Berry, “It is perfect for us.” The production is tested and will then be brought to town. [London]. 

“This will be very exciting. It is in some ways the ideal environment to Terry’s vision.