Moses J. Moseley was an actor playing a zombie character on The Walking Dead. He died from a gunshot injury on Wednesday. This is being investigated by authorities as possible suicide.

Moseley, 31, was found in the Hudson Bridge area of Stockbridge, a city on the outskirts of Atlanta, his family told TMZ, adding that he died of a gunshot wound.

Sources close to law enforcement told TMZ that they are investigating the death of his son as a suicide. reached out to the Henry County Police Department but they did not respond immediately.

According to relatives, they had not heard from him since January 23. According to TMZ, they filed a missing persons report Wednesday. The couple then reached out to OnStar car security, who tracked their vehicle until it was located.

His representative, Tabatha Minchew, told The Wrap: ‘He wasn’t just a client for me. Since 10 years, we have been best friends. He attended my wedding. 

“Everyone who met him loved his character, and no one had ever spoken ill of him. Everyone was happy when he was there. He made everyone so happy. We’re all trying to wrap our heads around it as well.’

Actor Moses J. Moseley, 31, was found dead in the Hudson Bridge area of Stockbridge, Georgia on Wednesday

Moses J. Moseley (Actor), was found unresponsive in Stockbridge’s Hudson Bridge on Wednesday.

He played one of Michonne's (center) pet zombies in Walking Dead from 2012 to 2015

From 2012 through 2015, he was Michonne’s pet zombie in Walking Dead. 

Relatives filed a missing persons report on Wednesday after not hearing form him since last Sunday, according to TMZ, which broke the news

According to TMZ who broke the story, relatives filed a missing person report Wednesday. They had not heard from him since Sunday.

Moseley was found in the Hudson Bridge area of Stockbridge, a city on the outskirts of Atlanta

Moseley, who was located in Stockbridge’s Hudson Bridge neighborhood (a suburb of Atlanta), found his family.

Moseley appeared from 2012 through 2015 on Walking Dead. He regularly utilized social media to inform his fans, and share inspirational quotes.

On January 13, he posted on Facebook that “You are at your greatest power when you choose to feel good for nothing.”  

Moseley posted one final Instagram photo on January 21. Moseley wrote: “I’m late. Here’s my #10yearchallenge Instagramgood,” along with two separate photos of himself.

His followers were asked to send a birthday wish to his parents the following day.  

Actor Jeremy Palko played Andy in the AMC series from 2016-17. He posted a pic of himself and Moseley to Twitter on Monday afternoon.

“Heartbroken” to learn of the loss of @MosesMoseley. He was an amazing human being and an absolute friend. #TWDFamily was his last words.

AMC responded on Twitter to Moseley’s suicide with an update about The Walking Dead.

The cable network stated that it was sending its thoughts and prayers to #TWDFamily member Moses J. Moseley.

Avery Sisters Entertainment (Atlanta-based talent agency), posted a video in tribute to Moseley on Sunday night.

Moseley was very active on social media. On his last Instagram post on January 21, he wrote, 'I'm late but here's my #10yearchallenge #instagood,' along with two split photos of himself

Moseley was very active in social media. His January 21st Instagram post included the following: “I’m late, but here’s #10yearchallenge @instagood,” and two photos taken of him.

On January 22, Moseley asked his followers to wish his mother and father a happy birthday

Moseley was asking his friends to wish his parents a happy anniversary on the 22nd of January.

“With heavy hearts, Avery Sisters Entertainment sends our deepest sympathies to the Moseley family. This is truly a terrible loss.

“Moses” was a great actor, appearing in films such as “The Walking Dead”, Queen of the South and “American Soul”. But more than this, he was an amazing person.

“Those who had the privilege of knowing him knew that he was kind and sweet, generous, and a true friend. Your presence will be missed by all of us. 

Moseley was born on the 23rd of December in Aiken South Carolina. 

According to his Facebook Page, he went to Jonesboro High School. From 2010 to 2016, he studied criminal justice in Georgia State University. 

AMC responded to Moseley's death with a post on The Walking Dead's official Twitter.

AMC responded on Twitter to Moseley’s death by posting a message about The Walking Dead.

Actor Jeremy Palko, who played Andy on the AMC show from 2016 to 2017, posted a tribute to Moseley on Twitter Monday afternoon

Actor Jeremy Palko posted a tribute on Monday to Moseley via Twitter on Monday afternoon

According to IMDb his professional credits are back to 2009. His roles included Joyful Noise, which starred Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton and Vince Vaughn, as well as The Internship, which starred Owen Wilson and Owen Wilson.

He was also a part of the TV series Watchmen, Blood Scroll: Horror Stories and Queen of the South. 

Moseley was the star of his greatest role, appearing as Michonne’s favorite zombie on The Walking Dead from 2012 to 2015.

The Walking Dead was shot exclusively in Georgia. 

He was featured on Entertainment Weekly’s cover in August 2012 alongside Danai Gurira.

Moseley's Atlanta-based talent agency, Avery Sisters Entertainment, posted a video tribute to him on Sunday night

Avery Sisters Entertainment in Atlanta, Moseley’s talent agency posted a tribute video to him Sunday night

He appeared on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, along with actress Danai Gurira, in 2012

Along with Danai Gina Gurira and him, he appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s cover in 2012.