Mossad chief in a love triangle: The husband of the spy boss’s mistress is accusing him of leakage of secrets and boasts about his undercover operations

  • Guy Shiker’s husband has accused Yossi Cohen (ex-Mossad boss) of leaking secrets
  • The Claimed Spy chief informed Cohen and his wife, Cohen’s mistress about Operation
  • Mossad reveals how it tracked an Arab leader’s doctor, and how he was recruited
  • Cohen was asked by Shiker to send his assistant to Bangkok and he agreed.

Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen (pictured) has been accused of leaking state secrets and boasting about undercover operations

Yossi Cohen, former chief Mossad officer (pictured), has been accused by the state of leaked secrets and bragging about his undercover operation.

Former Mossad chief flight attendant mistress’s husband has accused him of leakage of state secrets and bragging about his undercover operation. 

Guy Shiker claims that Yossi Cohen (60), was his ex-spy boss and told him, along with his wife, what he did. how he was recruited to the Israeli spy agency, how the organisation had tracked an Arab leader’s doctor and that he often pretended to be an Arab tour guide as cover. 

Cohen revealed he fired six division heads in a ruthless clear out of those who were not loyal to him when he became agency chief in June 2016 and described a 30-hour trip to Chad to New York which took place as then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also visiting the African nation.  

“He shared many stories including one about Mossad… He’s a mad blabbermouth.” Shiker said to Channel 13 that Mossad “sat” on the doctor of an Arab leader. 

Cohen, who was then head of Mossad in 2018 while Cohen was still at the Tel Aviv house, allegedly disclosed the most sensitive information. He was the director of the spy agency from June 2021 to June 2021.  

In a sign that the couple was in love, Shiker requested Cohen to ask the agency for his secretary (a 23-year old woman) and to station him in Bangkok. 

Guy Shiker claimed ex-spy boss Cohen, 60, told him and his then-wife how he was recruited to the Israeli spy agency, how the organisation had tracked an Arab leader's doctor and that he often pretended to be an Arab tour guide as cover

Guy Shiker said Cohen, his ex-spy boss, had told him, and his wife, that Cohen was 60. He also claimed the Israeli spy agency had tracked an Arab leader’s physician and that Cohen often pretended to have been a tour guide in order to cover the truth. 

Shiker said Cohen claimed that he told him that he fired six top Mossad brass members after assuming the role of director in June 2016. 

“He said to me: When I was appointed as Mossad chief I should listen closely, because within 10 days I had fired six [top officials]… because they weren’t loyal to the system. They weren’t good. Their best friend thought they were their best friend, even though we were all equals. When I was appointed, [I fired them]”Without mercy, I will.”

Cohen also reported that Shiker embarrased Cohen when the Mossad deputy director discovered details of Shiker’s spy chief movement.

Cohen agreed to be employed as his personal assistant following the revelation, according to the report.    

Cohen sought out private information on Shiker later, and discovered that the husband of his lover had once sought employment with Mossad. This information isn’t clear. 

Shiker, who is an Israeli financial manager, has been well-known within the Israeli capital market.  

Cohen described a 30-hour trip to Chad to New York which took place as then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 9pictured together) was also visiting the African nation

Cohen related a trip of 30 hours from Chad, New York to Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured together), which Cohen took while Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured together), was visiting the African nation.

After Cohen was found sending messages to Shiker’s wife calling her “my beauty” and “my princess”, their relationship began to fall apart. 

Shiker stated to Cohen that he was warning Cohen about his love for Cohen. 

According to her lawyer’s statement, Shiker’s exwife denied that she had an affair with Cohen. She also dismissed allegations that he disclosed classified information to them.

It said:Our client refutes the allegation that he had an affair in which he was involved with Mr. Yossi. Mr. Cohen didn’t reveal to her or to Mr. Shiker any state secrets or details about the management of the organization headed by him.’

Shiker told Channel 13's investigative program HaMakor he warned Cohen: 'You love my wife, she loves you, you're destroying a family right now'

Shiker said to Channel 13’s HaMakor that he had warned Cohen, “You love my wife, and she loves you. You’re ruining a family right here.”

Cohen retired in June 2021 from Mossad and is now married. He has four children with Aya. 

Israeli officials have condemned Cohen in the wake of Cohen’s allegations. They called Cohen ‘power-crazy’, and claimed that Cohen would be imprisoned for his actions if he was a lower-ranking official. 

Cohen vigorously denied the claims, which first came to light in June. At the time, he told Channel 13: “There is no flight attendant. There is not close relationship. I have not been contacted by the attorney general [about these allegations].”